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AR 15 M Lok Rail Covers: Protect Your Weapon with Top-Quality Accessories

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AR-15 M-LOK Rail Covers have become a popular accessory for gun enthusiasts looking to add some personal flair to their rifles. These covers provide an additional layer of protection and added grip for the shooter, making them a valuable asset in any situation where accuracy is key. The AR-15 M-LOK rail system has been around for a while now and has proven its worth on the battlefield, but these rail covers take it to the next level.

The AR-15 M-LOK rail system was designed with modularity in mind, allowing users to easily attach various accessories such as lights, lasers or grips without having to permanently modify their rifle's handguard. With this kind of versatility comes different options when it comes to selecting which rail covers are best suited for your weapon. But fear not! In this article we will explore everything you need to know about AR 15 M-Lok Rail Covers and how they can improve your shooting experience.

If you're looking at purchasing some new accessories for your rifle or just want some more information on what AR 15 M-Lok Rail Covers are all about then keep reading! We'll dive into the different types of materials used in manufacturing these products as well as their benefits when it comes down range time.

AR 15 M Lok Rail Covers: A Comprehensive Guide

If you're a gun enthusiast or someone who loves to shoot, chances are you know what an AR-15 rifle is. It's one of the most popular rifles in the United States and around the world because of its versatility, accuracy, and durability. But beyond that lies a whole world of accessories that can be added to enhance your shooting experience.

One such accessory is the AR 15 M Lok rail covers. This article will take an in-depth look at everything you need to know about them.

What are AR 15 M Lok Rail Covers?

AR-15s have a Picatinny rail on top of their receiver which allows for easy attachment of optics or other accessories like lights and lasers. However, this rail can get hot during prolonged use which makes it uncomfortable to hold or touch.

Here's where M-Lok comes into play – it’s another mounting system much like Picatinny rails but with some key differences. One being they allow for direct attachment without additional hardware unlike Picatinny rails providing more flexibility when mounting gear onto your firearm.

The purpose behind creating these covers was mainly for comfort as well as providing better grip while handling firearms under extreme conditions such as rain or oil-soaked hands which may decrease your griping capability while performing operations.

So basically they are plastic (sometimes rubber) inserts that cover up those sharp edges and provide improved gripping surface so users could set-up attachments effortlessly without worrying about snagging themselves from jagged edges present on free-floating handguards.

Comparisons between different types/brands

There are various brands available in the market offering different types/qualities regarding material usage (plastic/rubber), texture (smooth/grit pattern) etc., all catering towards specific customer needs whether be performance-wise or aesthetically pleasing options.

Brand Type Material Texture
Magpul M-Lok Type 1 Rail Covers Polymer Smooth
BCM (Bravo Company Manufacturing) M-Lok Rail Cover, 5 Pack, Black or FDE6" Cover LengthLow Profile Heat Shields*: *M-LOK Slots Must Be Cut Into Your Handguard For Proper Installation! Nylon-Polymer Composite with Wire Loom Heat Shielding Insert for Maximum Durability and Protection Against Extreme Operational Conditions. Polymer composite material with heat shielding insert. Gritty texture to provide a better grip surface.
Strike Industries – Enhanced Ultimate Gun Rails Covers Grip & Comfortable Low Profile Design Latest Model – Flexible & Durable One Size fits All: Six Piece Kit – Reduces Slip on Scope or Magnifier – Great Mix of Full and Half MLOK Coverage — Improved Handling — Easy Install – Multiple Color Options Available! – Proprietary Anti-Slip Material that is Flexible, Stronger than Rubber + Resists Oils/Solvents/UV Rays/Temperature Extremes etc.. – Propriety anti-slip material

Benefits of AR 15 M Lok Rail Covers

Now that we have discussed what they are and how they differ from other rail covers let's talk about their benefits:

  1. Improved grip: The primary benefit of using an AR 15 M Lok rail cover is improved gripping surface which allows users to set-up attachments effortlessly without worrying about snagging themselves from jagged edges present on free-floating handguards.

  2. Comfortability : AR-15 rifles tend to get hot during prolonged use which makes it difficult to hold the rifle in certain positions without getting burnt but by adding these covers over the rails it helps decrease discomfort.

  3. Protects your gun: Plastic/rubber inserts act as a barrier between your firearm's receiver and any accessories mounted onto them helping prevent wear-and-tear on your rifle.

  4. Aesthetics: M-Lok covers come in different colors and patterns which may enhance the appearance of your firearm.

Tips for Installing AR 15 M Lok Rail Covers

When it comes to installing AR 15 M Lok rail covers, there's not much you need to worry about as they are just inserts that snap onto the rails themselves. However, here are some tips that might help:

  1. Make sure you purchase the right size cover for your rail
  2. Clean any dirt or debris from the mounting surface before installation
  3. Apply slight pressure when putting on snaps to ensure a secure fit
    4.Check if they restrict access to other attachments before purchasing/installing them.


AR 15 M Lok rail covers provide an excellent solution for those looking for comfort during prolonged use of their firearms while also improving gripping surface and providing a barrier between accessories mounted onto them with receivers preventing any possible damage/scratches caused by attaching/detaching frequently.
There is no one-size-fits-all option available in this market since everyone has different preferences but after going through all these points I hope that you can choose one best suited according to your needs!


What are AR-15 M Lok rail covers?

AR-15 M Lok rail covers are accessories that attach to the M-Lok handguard of an AR-15 rifle. These covers help protect the rails from damage and provide a more comfortable grip for the shooter. The M-Lok system is a popular attachment method used by many modern rifles, including the AR-15. The system uses slots on the sides and bottom of a handguard to allow for easy attachment of various accessories, such as rail sections or these protective covers.

M Lok rail covers come in different materials such as polymer and aluminum which can be customized by adding colors or textures according to your preference. They add style while also serving their functional purpose.

Many shooters prefer using AR-15s with these rail covers since it makes holding onto them more comfortable, which in turn can lead to improved accuracy during shooting sessions.

Why do I need AR 15 m lok Rail Covers?

AR 15 m lok Rail Covers serve several purposes, but two primary ones: protection and comfort.

The first purpose is protection – attaching these rail guards lessens direct contact between metal-on-metal surfaces when attachments like bipods or foregrips are attached directly onto your gun's rails over time this will result in scratches making it difficult for you to mount new attachments easily without having them wobble around

On comfort – installing an ar 16 m-lok cover gives you extra grip especially when handling your rifle under extreme weather conditions where sweating increases chances slipping off from your hands while handling

How Do You Attach an Ar 16-mlok Cover on Your Rifle?

Attaching an Ar 16-mlok cover is relatively straightforward:

Step one: Remove any attachments positioned at specific points on that given gun’s top surface.
Step two: Slide each piece into its corresponding slot (or slotted space) present along either side lengthwise across both sections until they fit securely (no movement) between the side walls of your gun rails.
Step three: Make sure that the rail covers are locked in place by pushing them down on both sides, ensuring they don't come out.

It's essential to ensure that each cover is placed securely. Loose or poorly attached covers can move around and affect accuracy when shooting.

What Are The Best Materials for AR 15 M Lok Rail Covers?

The best materials for these rail covers are those made from durable materials such as polymer, aluminum, rubber and carbon fiber. Polymer is lightweight and affordable while aluminum offers more durability but at an additional cost.

Carbon fiber though may be expensive compared to other material options it has excellent shock absorption properties allowing you to use your AR-15 for long periods without feeling any discomfort caused by recoil when firing while also offering decent protection levels against heat build-up during extended usage sessions

Are there any Downsides associated with using Ar 16 m-lok Rail Covers?

One downside associated with using ar 16 m lok rail guards is the added weight they offer. It becomes especially noticeable if you add too many accessories on different locations along your rifle’s length might make it challenging to handle comfortably

Another potential issue is that poorly fitted or low-quality AR-15 M Lok rail guards might wobble after installation which could impact accuracy if not adjusted correctly before shooting. Therefore, it's vital to install high-quality pieces from reputable brands only.

Overall though quality brands of Ar 16-mlok guards provide a fantastic option in terms of functionality since they protect against scratches on sensitive points along rifles’ top surfaces making attaching new attachments relatively easy while providing a comfortable grip even under extreme weather conditions

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