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AR-15 Magazine Decals: The Ultimate Customization Guide

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AR 15 Magazine Decals are an essential accessory for firearm enthusiasts who want to add a personal touch to their AR 15 rifle magazines. These decals come in various styles, colors, and designs that allow gun owners to customize their firearm magazines according to their personal preferences.

If you own an AR-15 rifle, then you know how important the magazine is when it comes to reloading your weapon quickly and efficiently. With the help of these decals, not only can you personalize your magazine but also make them easily identifiable from other similar caliber firearms during hunting or shooting events.

In this article, we will explore different types of AR 15 Magazine Decals available in the market today. We will discuss how they can be applied easily on any standard magazine size and cover options for both polymer and metal magazines. So keep reading if you are interested in discovering more about this exciting trend among gun enthusiasts!

AR 15 Magazine Decals: Add Style and Functionality to Your Firearm Collection

If you own an AR-15 or other firearms, you know how important it is to keep them in top-notch condition. One way to do that is by adding magazine decals. Not only do they add a touch of style, but they also serve as functional aids for different purposes.

What are AR-15 Magazine Decals?

AR-15 magazine decals or stickers are small vinyl graphics that adhere directly onto your firearm's magazines. These stickers come in various shapes and sizes and can have different designs, such as camouflage patterns or logos of popular brands.

Benefits of Using Magazines with Decals

Magazine decals offer several benefits for gun owners who want their firearms collection to look stylish while still being functional:

Quick Identification

Magazine identification has never been easier with the use of custom-made magazine decals. You can easily identify which caliber your magazines contain without having to take them out from storage.

Easy Customization

Customizing your firearm collection is always fun! With a wide variety of colors, prints, designs and styles available from many manufacturers online now offer customization options so you can personalize any aspect according to what suits your needs best – this includes adding unique stickers onto magazines!

Increased Durability

Vinyl adhesive layering makes these little labels durable enough even when used under harsh conditions like rain or high humidity levels – perfect if hunting trips often bring challenging weather!

Comparing Magazine Decal Options

When it comes down strictly on price alone there really isn't much differentiation between the various decal options on the market today since most companies sell sticker packages at similar rates regardless if sold from physical stores versus online retailers; this means pricing should not be a significant factor when choosing which company offers better deals over another one based solely off cost alone unless loyalty programs exist (then compare rewards programs). Instead consider what features matter most when selecting the best sticker for your magazine, such as:

  • Water resistance
  • Durability
  • Customization options

Tips for Applying Magazine Decals

Applying decals onto firearm magazines is a simple process that you can do yourself. Here are some tips to help you achieve the best results:

  1. Clean Magazines Thoroughly: Make sure to clean your magazines with soap and water before applying any decals.

  2. Measure Accurately: Measure your magazine's dimensions carefully so that you get a decal of the right size.

  3. Use Heat Gun or Hair Dryer: If the surface area where you are applying stickers is cold or damp, use a heat gun or hair dryer to dry it off before application – this step will ensure better adhesion quality!

  4. Avoid Bubbles: Apply slowly and make sure no bubbles form under the decal – these can cause peeling over time if not removed properly during initial installation.


In conclusion, AR 15 magazine decals offer many benefits for gun owners in terms of style customization as well as increased durability and functionality features; they're easy enough even beginners could start using them today! With various options available on both physical stores like Cabela's and Bass Pro Shops along with online retailers like Amazon offering competitive pricing deals coupled without compromising quality considerations should help guide selection processes based upon individual needs/preferences ultimately ensuring satisfaction guaranteed in end product outcomes too!


What are AR 15 magazine decals and how do they work?

AR-15 magazine decals are vinyl stickers designed to fit onto the sides of your AR-15 magazines. They come in a variety of designs and colors, allowing you to customize your magazines with different patterns, flags, symbols or logos. The purpose of these decals is not only aesthetic, but also practical: they serve as an aid for quick identification and differentiation between different types of loaded magazines.

For example, if you have several identical-looking mags that contain different types of ammo loads (e.g., ball ammo vs hollow points), applying different color-coded stickers can help you grab the right mag quickly without having to stop and read labels. Additionally, magazine markers can be used for tactical purposes in training scenarios or competitions where keeping track of your own mags in a group setting is important.

The installation process is straightforward – simply clean the surface area on both sides first with rubbing alcohol or degreaser solution before peeling off the backing paper from the decal sticker itself. Then apply it firmly against one side so that there are no air bubbles trapped underneath before repeating on another side.

Are all AR 15 Magazine Decals made equal?

No! There's actually quite a bit variation among brands when it comes to quality standards such as material thickness/ strength (measured in mils) adhesiveness level (either permanent or removable), durability against elements like UV fading/ water damage etc., ease-of-application (due to bubble-free design).

Some companies use cheaper materials that may peel off easily after a few uses; others may not print their designs at high enough resolutions so images appear blurry once transferred over onto curved surfaces like mag bodies; still others may require special tools like heat guns / razor blades just get them lined up straight without wrinkling during install stage..

To ensure you get good quality ones look for reputable manufacturers who offer warranties / customer service feedback and have been around for a while. Stick to brands that use high-quality materials, have positive customer reviews online, and offer easy-to-use designs with clear instructions.

Can AR 15 magazine decals damage my magazines?

The short answer is no. Magazine decals are not known to cause any harm or damage to your magazines. However, it's important that you choose the right type of decal material when applying them on metal or polymer surfaces so they don't interfere with the texture or grip of mag bodies.

Using high-quality vinyl will ensure that there's no peeling off due to heat/ moisture exposure over time which could lead to adhesive residue left behind by poor quality stickers potentially interfering with feeding operations.

Nevertheless it's always best practice double-checking compatibility between your chosen brand and model before applying as some variations may be too thick/ thin for specific mag dimensions / curves leading unintended consequences like bubbling up at edges during installation stage etc..

How do I remove old AR 15 magazine decals?

Removing old magazine markers is actually quite simple – just gently peel them off starting from one corner until you can grab hold of entire sticker in a single piece without tearing apart (if possible). Then use rubbing alcohol or similar solvent-based cleanser on remaining sticky residue left behind after removing decal itself; this should clean up most leftover gunk without damaging underlying finish surface area if used properly.

If there are still stubborn adhesive spots remaining after trying rubbing alcohol solution try using a soft-bristled toothbrush dipped into hot soapy water instead; scrubbing lightly across affected areas usually does job in combination agitating moistened glue making it easier lift away from surface.

Be careful not scratch/damage coating underneath while removing applied pressure since some finishes may be more susceptible than others scratching/scuffing quickly with repeated forceful contact – this holds true particularly older military surplus mags made out aluminum body parts many decades ago now highly collectible among enthusiasts.

Where can I buy AR 15 magazine decals?

AR-15 magazine decals are widely available from a number of online retailers and brick-and-mortar gun stores. Many major firearms accessory brands offer their own lines of mag markers with various color-coded designs, flags or symbols to choose from.

When it comes to shopping for these stickers, you'll want to compare prices between different vendors before making a purchase. Look for offers like free shipping on orders over certain dollar amount or bulk discounts if you're planning on buying more than one set at once.

It is important also consider customer service feedback prior choosing which company/site get them through as some may be known provide faster delivery times /better return policies in case there's problem with item received during transit. Additionally verify that any website you intend to use is secure and has all necessary security protocols enabled so your personal financial information stays safe during checkout process.

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