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AR-15 Manufacturers: Ranking the Best to Worst of 2021

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When it comes to choosing an AR-15, one of the most important decisions you will make is selecting the right manufacturer. With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to know where to start. That's why we've put together this guide on ar-15 manufacturers best to worst.

In this article, we'll take a closer look at some of the top manufacturers in the industry and evaluate them based on factors such as quality, reliability, and customer service. Whether you're an experienced shooter looking for a new rifle or a beginner just getting started with firearms, our guide will provide valuable insights into what makes each manufacturer unique.

So if you're ready to discover which AR-15 manufacturers are truly worth your time and money, then keep reading! We'll break down everything you need to know about each brand so that you can make an informed decision when purchasing your next rifle.

AR-15 Manufacturers: Ranking the Best to Worst


The AR-15 is one of the most popular and versatile rifles in the world. It has become a favorite among gun enthusiasts due to its customizable features and ease of use. However, with so many manufacturers out there, it can be overwhelming to decide on which one to choose.

In this article, we will be ranking the best AR-15 manufacturers from best to worst based on various factors such as quality, reputation, customer service, and price. We will also provide insights into each manufacturer's strengths and weaknesses.

Best Manufacturers

1. Colt Defense LLC

Colt Defense is known for producing some of the most reliable firearms in history. Their AR-15 models are no exception as they are well-built with high-quality materials that make them durable and long-lasting.

Moreover, Colt's dedication towards customer satisfaction has earned them a great reputation over time.

However; all these benefits come at a cost – their products tend to be more expensive compared with other brands.

2. Daniel Defense Inc.

Daniel Defence has built its name around producing high-end firearms aimed at law enforcement agencies or military purposes; however this does not mean that their civilian rifles aren't up-to-par either!

Their attention-to-detail during manufacturing process ensures consistent quality throughout every product line they offer including accessories such as magazines or scopes making Daniel Defence an excellent choice for those who demand accuracy combined with style (and deep pockets).

3. Bravo Company Manufacturing (BCM)

When it comes down reliability vs cost ratio BCM may just top our list simply because it offers both! The company focuses primarily on building weapons solely designed for military applications meaning any firearm you purchase from BCM is going perform under harsh conditions without fail while maintaining affordability compared other premium competitors like DD or Colt’s defense llc..

Despite being relatively new in industry BCN popularity continues rise thanks loyalty shown by users who appreciate their high-quality firearms.

4. Smith & Wesson

Smith and Wesson has been producing firearms since mid-19th century; making them a staple in the American gun industry. Their AR-15 models are well built with durable materials that make them reliable and long-lasting.

In addition to reliability S&W offers excellent customer service, which is an essential element for those who value the longevity of their firearms as well as receiving excellent support when needed after purchasing.

Average Manufacturers

5. Ruger Firearms

Ruger Firearms is known for producing quality rifles at an affordable price point, but this comes at a cost – sometimes there are issues of inconsistency in quality control during manufacturing process that ultimately makes guns less dependable than other brands on our list

Even though they may have some flaws compared to top tier manufacturers like Colt or Daniel Defense Inc., Rugers still offer great value for money products which can be appealing especially if you’re looking to break into world of AR-15 ownership without breaking bank..

Worst Manufacturers

6. Bushmaster Firearms International LLC (Remington Outdoor Company)

Bushmaster used be considered one of leading manufacturers when it came down building high end rifles meant serve military purposes however recent years have seen drop quality reputation standards from this once trusted brand,.

Furthermore; following bankruptcy restructure under Remington Outdoor Company ownership has lead significant decline customer satisfaction towards product offerings from Bushmaster with many experiencing poor build overall performance despite premium prices charged during sales transactions..


When it comes down to choosing which manufacturer produces best ARs, there's no definitive answer: each person must weigh up personal preferences against what they can afford..

However based on our research done above we believe that colt defense llc offers most consistent quality alongside good reputation followed closely behind by companies such as Daniel Defense inc., Bravo Company Manufacturing(BCM) and lastly Smith& Wesson .

Ultimately, it’s important to do your own research so you can make an informed decision that suits your needs and budget. Remember to always practice safety when handling firearms!


What are the best AR-15 manufacturers in the market?

When it comes to finding the best AR-15 manufacturers, there are several factors you need to consider. These include quality, reliability, accuracy, durability, availability of accessories and parts as well as affordability. Here are some of the best AR-15 manufacturers in no particular order:

  1. Colt – This is one of the oldest and most trusted names in firearms manufacturing. They have been producing excellent firearms for over a century.

  2. Aero Precision – This is another top-rated manufacturer that produces high-quality rifles at reasonable prices.

  3. Daniel Defense – Known for their innovation and exceptional attention to detail when it comes to production quality control.

  4. FN America – With years of experience supplying firearms to military personnel worldwide their products are known for being top-notch 5-star performance weapons

  5. BCM (Bravo Company Manufacturing)- they pride themselves on making battle-tested guns designed with input from professionals who operate them daily.

6). Smith & Wesson M&P series – this line-up includes some great models including MP10 which gives competition-level shooting within an affordable price range.

How do I determine if an AR-15 manufacturer produces good quality rifles?

The simplest way is through research on online forums where people exchange reviews about different models they’ve had experience with or by checking expert blogs that rate different gun makers based on various criteria such as accuracy level or recoil management features etc.. To make sure you’re getting reliable information search online using keyword modifiers like “AR 15 Manufacturer Reviews” etc…

You should always look out for companies that regularly update their products so stay relevant with modern trends while maintaining traditional style systems making sure your rifle would not become obsolete anytime soon. Checking customer feedback also helps but be cautious because not all feedback can be trusted especially those posted anonymously without any documented proof.

Why does brand reputation matter when choosing an AR-15 manufacturer?

Brand reputation is everything in this industry. It matters because it can determine the quality of the product you receive and how long it will last. A good brand name always means a company that has invested years into research and development, testing, refining its production methods to produce high-quality firearms which are reliable when you need them most.

For example, Colt has been around for over a century; they have experienced dozens of wars and conflicts in that time period so they know what works when it comes to military weapons design while FN Herstal's extensive history supplying arms to NATO forces speaks volumes regarding their reliability.

Is price an indicator of quality when choosing an AR-15 manufacturer?

Price isn’t always an indicator of quality, but usually better products come with higher prices. You shouldn't always go for the most expensive rifle in your budget range – there are several reasonably priced guns from excellent manufacturers out there too!

Choose wisely based on your needs and preferences rather than just focusing on cost alone since many factors contribute towards pricing including Research & Development investments or advertising budgets etc… However, rifles priced too low should also be approached with caution as often times compromises have been made somewhere along manufacturing process at such low prices.

What should I look for in terms of warranty and customer service from my AR-15 manufacturer?

Warranty coverage is important because if anything goes wrong during normal use within warranty period -and warranties differ between brands-, then repairs may be covered by repair policies provided by some reputable companies like Aero Precision’s Limited Lifetime Warranty which specifically covers workmanship defects only (not wear & tear). Some manufactures take pride offering 1-year warranty while others extend up-to 10 years depending upon model type.

Customer service plays a vital role especially if things go awry concerning firearm usage because you might require assistance on various aspects including installation or assembly issues. Look at reviews online how previous customers found their experiences dealing with support/help teams, or check how well the company communicates with its client base through email or phone correspondence. It is always wise to choose a manufacturer that has an easy-to-reach customer support line so your faith in their product can be justified by after-sales services offered.

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