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AR-15 Picatinny Rail Covers: Enhancing Grip and Protection

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AR-15 Picatinny Rail Covers – this is a term that may be unfamiliar to many people. However, it is an important piece of equipment for anyone who owns an AR-15 rifle. The Picatinny rail, also known as a MIL-STD 1913 rail, is located on the top of the receiver and allows accessories to be mounted onto the rifle.

Picatinny rail covers are designed to protect these rails from damage caused by exposure to elements such as dirt or sand. They also serve as a comfortable grip when handling the rifle during extended periods of use. There are various types of Picatinny rail covers available in different sizes and colors that can cater to individual preferences.

If you own an AR-15 and want your firearm's functionality enhanced while ensuring its longevity, then reading on will give you insights into what makes ar-15 picatinny rail covers great additions to rifles like yours.

AR-15 Picatinny Rail Covers: An Essential Accessory for Your Rifle

When it comes to customizing your AR-15, picatinny rail covers are an essential accessory you should consider investing in. These covers offer several benefits that make them a must-have for any gun enthusiast or professional shooter who uses the rifle frequently.

Below are some of the advantages of using AR-15 picatinny rail covers, including comparisons with other accessories and tips on how to choose the best ones for your needs.

What Are Picatinny Rail Covers?

Picatinny rails are standard mounting platforms used on firearms. They allow users to attach different accessories like scopes, lasers, flashlights and bipods onto their rifles without interfering with their accuracy or functionality.

Picatinny rail covers come in various types and materials such as polymer, rubber or aluminum. They serve as protective barriers between the shooter's hand and the hot metal surface of a rifle's exposed rails system.

Benefits of Using Picatinny Rail Covers

Improved Grip

One significant benefit of installing picatinny rail covers is that they provide better grip than bare metal surfaces during shooting sessions. The added texture will increase friction between your fingers and reduce slippage while handling a firearm under challenging conditions such as rain or sweat.

Thermal Insulation

Another advantage is that they offer thermal insulation from high temperatures produced by rapid firing sequences when using full-auto mode firearm models like M4s/M16s which can be uncomfortable if not dangerous when directly touched with bare hands.

Additionally, these attachments also protect against scratches damages sustained on equipment during transport or storage periods helping maintain its value longer term despite frequent use by owners over time.

Customisation Options

AR-15 owners have access to multiple customization options beyond just ensuring maximum firing efficiency; additional pieces can be added according to owner preference ranging from mag carriers up through traditional bolt-on grips & bipods intended for use during sustained fire settings.

Comparison with Other Accessories

While picatinny rail covers offer many benefits, they aren't the only accessory that can improve your shooting experience. Below are comparisons between picatinny rail covers and other accessories to help you make an informed decision on what upgrades to add to your AR-15:


Handstops provide a tactile reference point for the shooter's hand preventing it from slipping off the front of their rifle, similar in function but different in usage patterns than Picatinny Rail Covers which protect against any thermal damage while reducing slippage.

Angled Foregrips (AFGs)

AFGs attach onto a picatinny rail system and allow users to hold their gun more comfortably improving accuracy overall.
However, AFGs do not provide thermal insulation properties or damage protection compared with Picantinney Rail Covers.

Tips for Choosing AR-15 Picatinny Rail Covers

To maximize your investment in these essential attachments here are some tips on how best choose them:-

Choose a Material That Matches Your Needs

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to choosing picatinny rail covers. Different materials have varying pros and cons depending upon user preference such as grip texture.

Polymer is cheap but less durable; rubber offers better shock absorption while aluminum provides both durability along with heat resistance abilities perfect when using high-caliber rifles like .308/7.62mm NATO rounds over long firing sessions.

Consider Colour Options

Picatinney Rails come in various colours allowing owners further customisation options so that preferences can be catered too beyond just functional benefits of stock standard models available everywhere today such as black or gray.

In conclusion, investing in AR-15 Picantinney Rail Cover attachments serves several purposes helping improve overall firearm handling experiences by providing better grip texture against slipping hands alongside thermal insulation capabilities regarding rapid-fire sequences among other benefits discussed above.

Ensure that you select the right options for your needs by considering materials and colour preferences when making this important upgrade.


What are AR-15 Picatinny rail covers?

AR-15 Picatinny rail covers are protective accessories that attach to the Picatinny rails on AR-15 rifles. These rails allow for the attachment of various accessories, such as grips, sights, and scopes. However, these rails can be uncomfortable to hold without any covering or protection. This is where the AR-15 Picatinny rail cover comes in. It provides a more comfortable grip while also protecting your hands from heat generated by extended firing.

Made from a variety of materials including polymer and aluminum, these covers come in different sizes and shapes that fit onto different types of rails available for an AR rifle. The most common size is 1913 Mil-Spec which measures 20mm wide with spaced grooves measuring .394 inches apart.

Picatinny rail covers come in many different colors such as black or tan/brown earth tones to match your rifle's design scheme or personal preference.

Why should I use an AR-15 Picatinny Rail Cover?

Using an AR-15 Picatinny Rail Cover has several benefits. The first one being comfortability; if you have ever held any type of firearm with exposed metal handguards during prolonged firing sessions then you know how painful it can become after a short amount time due to the heat generated by the weapon during operation.
A well-made pic-rail cover will provide extra insulation between your hand and firearm ensuring that you remain comfortable at all times so that extended shooting sessions don't become unbearable due only too hot metal surfaces.

Secondly they protect both yourself and your gear; Rail Covers prevent dirt/dust debris build-up inside Tactical Accessories attached onto them & shield operator’s hands from sharp edges when changing out weapons systems like optics/scopes – keeping things clean thus preventing malfunctions within optics internals / damage caused by rough handling over time

Finally they improve aesthetics; there are countless designs available to match your rifle's appearance or personal preference. Picatinny rail covers are simple and easy to change out so you can get creative with the design of your firearm.

What should I consider when buying AR-15 Picatinny rail covers?

When shopping for AR-15 Picatinny Rail Covers, a few things should be considered. First, make sure that the cover is compatible with your specific type of rail as different types have different dimensions.
Second, consider what material you want the cover made from: polymer or aluminum – both materials have their own advantages and disadvantages such as weight vs durability; it may come down to personal preference.

Thirdly look for features like extra grip texturing which will improve ergonomics if shooting without gloves/on slick surfaces – this is especially useful in wet environments where hands become sweaty/slippy eliminating errors resulting from poor trigger control due lack of traction on firearm accessories.

Last but not least ensure that they meet military specifications (MIL-SPEC) which means they are built tough enough to withstand harsh conditions and abuse while still providing maximum functionality required by our servicemen/women battling overseas everyday

How do I install an AR-15 Picatinny Rail Cover?

Installing an AR-15 Picatinny Rail Cover is a very straightforward process that doesn't require much expertise. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Clean any dust/debris off of the rails using a microfiber cloth
  2. Align the pic-rail cover over top section rails
  3. Slide it into place starting at one end until fully seated & flush against handguard surface.
  4. If needed use hair dryer/heat gun/candle flame softening up edges then pressing down firmly who has trouble sliding them onto their pic-rails due stiffness in material build-up during manufacturing process

When properly installed there will be no gap between accessory & hand-guard surface ensuring proper attachment – giving improved accuracy overall performance demanded by our servicemen/women during use in high stress/pressure situations where every second counts.

How can I remove an AR-15 Picatinny Rail Cover?

Removing an AR-15 Picatinny Rail Cover is just as easy as installing it. Follow these steps:

  1. Locate the end of the cover you want to remove.
  2. Using your fingers, gently pull back on the cover until it disengages from the rail.
  3. Continue pulling until the entire length of cover has been removed.

If you have trouble removing them due to stiffness in material build-up during manufacturing process – apply heat (air dryer/candle flame/hot water etc.) softening up edges then gently pull back ensuring not to break or damage your rails/handguard surface underneath. Once removed clean any remaining debris off with microfiber cloth then repeat installation process if necessary

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