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AR-15 Rifle Cost: How Much Should You Expect to Spend?

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How much do AR 15 rifles cost? This is a question that many gun enthusiasts and potential firearm owners ask themselves. With its popularity among civilians, the AR 15 has become one of the most sought-after rifles in recent years. But with so many variations in the market today, it can be hard to pinpoint an exact price range for these firearms.

The cost of an AR 15 rifle can vary greatly depending on several factors such as brand, model, caliber type and modifications or upgrades made to it. Some dealers may offer pre-built options while others allow customizations which can also affect its price point. In this article, we will delve deeper into these factors and discuss what you should consider when shopping for an AR 15 rifle.

If you are considering purchasing this iconic firearm but are unsure of how much it costs or where to start your search then read on! We have gathered all relevant information needed to help guide you through the process of choosing the best option available in your budget range without compromising quality or functionality.

How Much Do AR-15 Rifles Cost?

If you're considering purchasing an AR-15 rifle, one of the first questions you may have is how much it will cost. The answer to this question depends on several factors, including the manufacturer, model, and features of the rifle.

Factors That Affect AR-15 Rifle Prices

One of the main factors that affect the price of an AR-15 rifle is its manufacturer. Some manufacturers are known for producing high-quality rifles with premium features, which can drive up their prices. For example, a Colt or Daniel Defense brand rifle may cost more than a similar model from a less well-known brand.

Another factor that can affect prices is whether or not you purchase your rifle new or used. Used rifles are often less expensive than new ones but may come with wear and tear that affects performance.

The type and quality of accessories included in your purchase also impact how much money you need to spend on an AR 15 gun package deal. Some retailers bundle in scopes or red dot sights among other must-have accessories while others require buyers to make separate purchases after getting their firearm.

Entry-Level Prices for New Rifles

Entry-level models typically start at around $500-$600 range making them affordable even for those watching every penny spent closely when shopping online gun stores selling firearms like and .

These lower-cost rifles usually lack some higher-end components such as upgraded barrels made out stainless steel instead chrome molybdenum steel , adjustable stocks , aftermarket triggers systems etc .

For example,

Brand Model Price
Smith & Wesson M&P Sport II 5.56mm NATO/.223 Remington Semi-Automatic Rifle $649
Ruger Ar556 5.56 Nato 16" Barrel Black Adjustable Stock Magpul Moe Sight Rail Handguard Semi-Auto Rifle $799
DPMS Oracle 5.56mm NATO/.223 Remington Semi-Automatic Rifle $549

These entry-level rifles will still shoot accurately at distances of up to around 300 yards but may not perform as well over longer ranges compared to higher-priced rifles.

Mid-Level Prices for New Rifles

Rifles in the mid-price range typically cost between $700 and $1200. Most of these options are similar in terms of accuracy and precision with more quality components than their cheaper counterparts.

For example,

Brand Model Price
BCM RECCE-16 KMR-A Carbine, Caliber: 5.56 X45MM Nato, Barrel Length: 16", Twist Rate:1:7" , Weight unloaded (w/Modular rail):6 lbs.,7 oz., Weight Loaded w/USGI Mag :6 lbs.,13 oz. $1299
Noveske Gen III Recon AR-15 Rifle, Color – Black,Caliber – .556 NATO $1999

Mid-level priced AR-15s generally have better barrels and trigger systems which results in superior performance over shorter ranges (<800 yards). These firearms can also handle a wider variety of ammunition making them ideal for hunters who frequently use different types rounds while out on hunts or competitions.

High-end Prices for New Rifles

If you're looking for the absolute best rifle on the market when it comes to long-range shooting or even tactical situations then you should expect prices upwards from approximately $1800-$2000 range.

For example,


    • Price Range :$3948
  • Daniel Defense Delta Five Bolt Action Repeater Chambered In .308 Winchester

    • MSRP:$2,999

These high-end rifles come equipped with the most advanced technology, such as precision triggers, adjustable stocks and top-of-the-line scopes. They are also customizable to your specific needs making them an excellent investment for those in need of the best possible performance.

Buying a Used Rifle

If you're looking to save money on an AR-15 rifle purchase , buying a used one might be worth considering. Before making any deals ensure that gun is not stolen or have been involved in any criminal activities because owning illegal firearms could land you serious charges.

While there are risks with purchasing a used firearm, it can be cheaper for people on tight budgets who still want quality weapons at reasonable prices. Be sure to examine all parts before purchasing including any included accessories if applicable.


In conclusion, how much do AR 15 rifles cost? It depends on factors like brand reputation(known brands tend to be more expensive) , certain components(e.g., barrels and trigger systems) and whether or not they come bundled with other must-have accessories among others listed above .

By doing research before making purchases including getting recommendations from expert shooters or gun enthusiasts then comparing prices from sellers ensures better chances of getting good deals while keeping within budget confines when shopping online retail stores like .


What is an AR-15 rifle, and why is it so popular?

An AR-15 rifle is a semi-automatic firearm that was originally designed for military use. It has since become a very popular gun among civilians and law enforcement agencies alike. The popularity of the AR-15 can be attributed to several factors, including its customization options, reliability, accuracy, ease of use and versatility.

The basic design of the AR-15 allows for the attachment or modification of many different parts such as scopes or sights to improve its accuracy at long distances. Additionally, upgrades can be made such as adding flashlights which make it ideal for various situations like home defense.

Another reason why people are drawn to this type of firearm is due to how user-friendly it is; one could easily customize their own weapon without any professional help.

How much does an average AR 15 cost?

The price range on an average Ar 15 varies depending on quality, style preference with most models ranging from $500-$1500 USD.
A lower-end model could cost around $500 while high-end rifles often exceed $1500.US dollars

In general terms cheaper alternatives will have less features than more expensive models but still falls within government regulation parameters.

Additionally when purchasing these firearms there may also be additional fees such as background check fee per purchase depending on location & local laws.

What types of accessories are available for my Ar 15?

There are hundreds if not thousands accessory options available in today’s market catering towards customers looking into personalizing their Ar 14s with no shortage in choices.
Some common modifications include installing various optics (like red dots), adding bipods/tripods/handguards/slings/magazines/flash lights/grips/barrel shrouds etc..

Upgraded barrels come pre chambered which improves efficiency and helps increase effective distance ability making your shots more accurate at longer ranges .

When choosing accessories ensure compatibility matches with your Ar 15s platform.

What are the different types of AR-15 rifles?

There are many variations and brands available within the AR 15 platform, below highlights a few popular models.

M4: This variation is modeled after military M4 carbines used by the US military featuring a lightweight design and tactical rails for attachments.

Pistol: Another sub type usually less than 16 inches in length ideal for short range shooting or self-defense situations which restrict any shoulder firing as it does not have buttstocks.

Long Range Precision Shooting Builds: This build focuses on precision shooting with distance aiming for long-range shots capable of hitting targets over half-mile away distance

Are there age restrictions when purchasing an Ar-15 rifle?

Age restrictions vary depending on jurisdiction. For example, in most states within USA you must be at least 18 to purchase an Ar-14 from licensed firearm dealer whereas some other states may differ regulations including age requirements such as legal adulthood (21+).

Additionally laws may also require background checks prior to purchasing firearms if buying from licensed dealer.

In conclusion, owning an AR-15 is not only a matter of passion but responsibility that comes along with being able to handle what's known as one of America’s favorite rifles carefully & legally. When making purchases ensure all local laws have been taken into account before making final decision on brand & model selection while keeping possible accessories upgrades in mind.

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