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AR 15 Safety Spring: Essential Features and Benefits Explained

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The AR 15 Safety Spring is a crucial part of the AR 15 firearm. This component ensures the safety of the shooter by preventing accidental discharge and helping to ensure that the rifle functions properly. The safety spring works in conjunction with other parts, such as the firing pin and trigger assembly, to provide a safe shooting experience.

Many gun enthusiasts understand that firearms are complex machines, composed of numerous intricate components that must work together seamlessly. The importance of each individual part cannot be understated, especially when it comes to something as critical as safety.

In this article, we will delve deeper into what exactly an AR 15 Safety Spring is and how it functions within an AR 15 rifle system. We will explore its significance for overall firearm functionality and examine why it's so important for every shooter to have a clear understanding of this vital component. So let's get started!

AR 15 Safety Spring: The Key to Ensuring Safe and Reliable Firearm Operation

As a gun enthusiast, you know how important it is to keep your firearms in tip-top condition. One of the essential components of any firearm is the safety spring, especially when it comes to semi-automatic rifles like the AR-15. Without a properly functioning safety spring, your rifle may not fire consistently or even worse – cause accidental discharges.

In this article, we'll take an in-depth look at why the AR 15 safety spring is so crucial and how it ensures safe and reliable firearm operation.

What Is an AR 15 Safety Spring?

Before we dive into why this component matters so much let’s first understand what it actually does. The AR-15 safety spring is a small but critical part located within the lower receiver assembly of your rifle. Its primary function is simple – ensure that your rifle's selector switch operates smoothly while maintaining positive engagement with its corresponding detents.

The selector switch on an AR-15 allows you to choose between various firing modes such as "safe," "semi-automatic," and "automatic." When you move the lever from one position to another, you want clear feedback that confirms which mode has been selected without any ambiguity or hesitation – enter stage right our friend here…the safety spring!

Why Is It Important for Your Rifle?

Now that we have a basic understanding of what this little piece does let's explore why it’s important for every owner out there using their own rifles regularly:

Ensures Smooth Selector Switch Operation

When installed correctly, a quality-made gas piston system will significantly improve both reliability & accuracy since there are fewer moving parts overall compared with conventional direct impingement (DI) systems which tend towards being less consistent due partly because they can be more prone towards carbon build-up over time leading eventually inevitably toward malfunctions caused by fouling up inside due simply having too many moving parts.

Prevents Accidental Fire

The spring also ensures that the selector switch stays in position, preventing any accidental shifts when you don't want them to happen. In some instances, a failing safety spring may cause your rifle to discharge accidentally after firing the first round, leading to disastrous consequences for both you and those around you.

Improves Overall Rifle Functionality

A properly working AR 15 safety spring is also essential for maintaining consistent and reliable firearm operation. This makes it easier for you to shoot accurately since there's no unexpected movement or play in your rifle's selector switch – everything just functions as it should.

Comparison: Low-Quality vs. High-Quality Safety Springs

Now that we understand why an AR 15 safety spring is so important let’s take a moment to compare two different types: low-quality springs versus high-quality ones.

Low-quality springs are cheaply made and often lack consistency in their manufacturing process which can lead inevitably toward malfunctions caused by fouling up inside due simply having too many moving parts – again this problem manifests itself mainly with gas piston systems more than conventional direct impingement (DI)

On the other hand, high-quality springs are made from durable materials like stainless steel or chrome silicon wire with precise manufacturing processes adhered strictly towards tolerances making sure each component fits snuggly together without any room for error while still being able withstand intensive use over long periods of time without losing its integrity under extreme conditions such as heat & cold temperatures.

Tips on Maintaining Your AR 15 Safety Spring

To ensure smooth functioning of your rifle’s selector switch over time hereare some simple tips:

  • Regular cleaning using reliable solvents will prevent carbon build-up from occurring within the internal components
  • Lubrication helps maintain performance by reducing friction between surfaces,
  • Use of quality-made spare parts whenever replacing worn-out components such as worn out triggers or locking pins etc.


In conclusion, the AR 15 safety spring is a small but crucial part of your rifle that requires regular maintenance and replacement. You don't want to risk an accidental discharge or malfunction simply because you overlooked this important component.

Investing in high-quality springs can ensure long-term reliability and peace of mind for both yourself and those around you when handling firearms!


What is an AR 15 safety spring and how does it work?

An AR 15 safety spring is a small but important component of the gun that helps to ensure proper functioning of the firearm's safety mechanism. The spring works by pushing on the detent, which then engages with the weapon's selector lever to enable or disable its various firing modes.

The main purpose of this part is to keep your weapon safe while in use, whether you are at a shooting range or out hunting in the field. Without a properly functioning safety system on your AR-15, there is an increased risk that you could accidentally discharge your firearm when it’s not intended. This would not only be dangerous for yourself but also those around you.

If you need replacement parts for your gun or want to upgrade existing ones, make sure that any parts purchased are compatible with your specific model before making any modifications.

How can I tell if my AR 15 safety spring needs replacing?

Like all mechanical components of firearms, an AR-15’s saftey spring will eventually wear down over time from normal use and require replacement. However ,it may be difficult no notice initially as only minor changes may occur as time goes by.

One common sign that indicates possible damage ,is ifthe selector switch becomes too hard or too easy to move between different positions . Another way tp identify potential issues,is through feeling abnormally mushy resistance when actuating the lever.

It's crucially important always inspecting all elements related with security prior operating any type of weapon.This includes checking each part -including springs-,and ensuring they're working correctly.If unsure about how-to check functionality,referencing manufacturer’s recommendations regarding maintenance should always provide valuable guidance .

Can I replace my own AR 15 Safety Spring?

Yes,you can replace an Ar-15 safty-spring without professional assistance– providing knowledge about how these weapons operate,and having access required tools.
Before starting with any repair, be sure to clear your weapon and ensure it is unloaded.
Begin by disassembling the gun until you have access to the safety assembly and carefully remove spring from its position.Make sure not to lose any additional components that may be loose .
While installing a new spring, inspect all other related parts for damage or excessive wear before beginning. Install new safety ,then slowly apply pressure while reassembling taking care not force anything into place.
As always if there's uncertainty in skills or knowledge,it’s best practice seeking professional assistance as your own personal safety–as well as functionality of weapon- is at stake.

Are aftermarket AR 15 Safety Springs safe?

It depends on a number of factors.For starters, an aftermarket part should be specifically designed for use with your particular firearm model.A quality manufacturer will create springs that are equally strong,durable,and compatible in design.The choice of material used should also match original specifications so no risk for potential breakage or malfunctioning occurs.

Secondly,the reputation of supplier must be taken into account .Look at reviews about their products & services online.In addition verify ensuring they follow standard manufacturing processes ,and adhere industry guidelines.When shopping around for replacement parts,take time comparing pricing from different brands – don’t let low prices tempt you into buying cheap knockoffs .

Ultimately, if replacing vital components within firearm make-wise decisions.Be cautious when choosing replacement parts,opting quality over price tag.Always aim using OEM (original equipment manufacturer) when unsure what option suits needs best.

What other AR 15 Safety Components require regular maintenance?

In order functioning correctly,safety mechanism requires several working-part.One important component are detents which rest inside holes in selector lever.detent springs ensure proper engagement between mechanism component.Detents can become worn out over time requiring them being replaced-similarly like discussed earlier about saftey-spring .

The selector switch itself also requires periodic inspection to ensure there are no cracks, excessive wear or damage that could reduce its effectiveness.Keep in mind too,the trigger assembly is also vital for safety purpose and requires routine maintenance.It’s important keeping the main components of an AR-15 by regularly cleaning,inspecting ,& replacing any worn out parts as necessary.

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