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AR-15 Scope with Red Dot: The Perfect Combination for Accurate Shooting

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AR 15 scope with red dot on top is a popular combination that has been used by hunters, competitive shooters and military personnel. It provides accuracy at varying ranges while enabling quick target acquisition and improved sighting capabilities. The AR 15 rifle is renowned for its flexibility in terms of customization, which enables attachments such as the red dot sight to be mounted on top of the scope.

The AR 15 rifle has become an iconic firearm in modern times with widespread use across various fields. As a result, it's important to optimize its performance through appropriate accessories such as the AR 15 scope with red dot on top. This combination enhances situational awareness and allows for lightning fast decision-making under high-pressure situations.

Read on to discover more about how this configuration can revolutionize your shooting experience by providing you with unparalleled precision, speed and versatility when using an AR-15 rifle!

AR 15 Scope with Red Dot on Top: A Comprehensive Guide

A rifle scope is a crucial piece of equipment for anyone who wants to shoot accurately and precisely. For an AR-15, the right optic can make all the difference when it comes to target acquisition and hitting your mark. One of the most popular options for AR-15 enthusiasts is an AR 15 scope with red dot on top.

In this article, we will explore what exactly an AR 15 scope with red dot on top is, how it compares to other optics in terms of performance and price, as well as some tips for using one effectively.

What Is An AR 15 Scope With Red Dot On Top?

An AR 15 scope with red dot on top combines two different types of sights into one compact package. The main body of the optic functions like a traditional riflescope – you look through it downrange at your target while adjusting focus and magnification settings until you have a clear sight picture.

The "red dot" part refers to a smaller aiming point located above or beside the main lens that provides quick sighting capability without having to use traditional iron sights or aligning multiple crosshairs. This type of sighting system goes by several names including "reflex", "holosight", or simply "red-dot".

How Does AnAR-15Scope With Red Dot On Top Compare To Other Optics?

AR scopes come in many shapes and sizes – from fixed power scopes which are budget-friendly solutions but offer limited versatility, up through variable powered tactical scopes designed specifically for range shooting sessions where precision accuracy counts above all else.. However there are few options that offer such versatile functionality from close quarters combat (CQB) engagement distances out past several hundred yards:

Comparisons Between Different Sights

Iron Sights

Traditionally speaking iron sights are still used by many shooters around due their simplicity but they do have limitations especially when it comes to quickly acquiring targets at closer ranges. While proper trigger discipline and breathing patterns can overcome these issues, an AR 15 scope with red dot on top offers advantages in speed of acquisition and accuracy under pressure.

Holographic Sights

Holographic sights are a similar type of sighting system as the AR 15 scope with red dot on top but tend to be more expensive and not always as durable. They also require battery power which could be an issue in certain situations.

Magnifying Scopes

Magnifying scopes offer great range for those who need long-range accuracy but they can limit close-quarters effectiveness, with focusing at longer distances being slower than other types of optics. This makes them less ideal for tactical scenarios or hunting where quick target acquisition is crucial.

Why Choose An AR-15 Scope With Red Dot On Top?

AR-15 scopes have many features that make them popular among shooters – including magnification settings, reticles designed specifically for ballistics calculations depending on the caliber you are using, adjustable focus points that allow greater clarity over varying distances.. But why choose one with a "red-dot" sight attached?

The answer lies in versatility mainly; one does not have to spend time adjusting their rifle's optic between two different modes (iron sights + magnified) based upon distance. Instead you just simply move your eye up slightly from looking through the main lens and acquire your target using reflexive aiming point that doesn't require precise centering before pulling the trigger.. Additonally they are lightweight and compact compared to separate iron sights plus traditional riflescope setups which means less added weight atop your firearm making it easier carry all day out hunting or during extended range sessions without fatigue setting early..

Tips For Using AnAR-15Scope With Red Dot On Top

When using an AR 15 scope with red dot on top there are several tips that will help you get the most out of this type of optic:

Know Your Zero

Before you hit the range or head out into the field make sure that your rifle is properly zeroed-in. This means you need to find a distance that works for both your primary scope and red dot sight alignment (usually 25 yards or more) with bullet impact at these ranges matching point-of-aim seeing through both optics.. Take some time to get this right, so you can trust that each shot will be on target.

Use The Right Batteries

If your red dot requires batteries, always make sure they are fresh and full before heading out. To avoid getting caught in a situation where your battery dies unexpectedly carry spares with you just in case.

Be Mindful Of Eye Relief And Parallax Issues.

While most quality AR scopes offer plenty of eye relief , it is still important to maintain proper positioning behind all optic lenses especially if using magnification power as parallax issues may arise over varying distances leading towards inaccurate shots..


An AR 15 scope with red dot on top offers versatility, speed, accuracy under pressure and lightweight compact design compared many other types of sights allowing quick acquisition of targets at closer ranges without compromising long-range capabilities when needed.. Just keep our tips in mind while using one!


What is an AR 15 scope with red dot on top and how does it work?

An AR 15 scope with red dot on top is a hybrid optic designed to provide shooters with both magnification and reflex sight benefits. The system consists of two parts: a magnified scope and a Red Dot Sight (RDS) that sits atop the main tube.

The idea behind this design is to give gun enthusiasts the best of both worlds. A traditional rifle scope offers excellent accuracy at long ranges, but can be slow when acquiring targets in close quarters combat situations. On the other hand, RDS are designed for rapid target acquisition, but they lack magnification power.

By combining these two technologies into one platform, gun owners benefit from improved flexibility in various shooting scenarios. The shooter has access to fast sight acquisition at close range distances thanks to the RDS while also having solid precision targeting capabilities at longer rang using their main rifle scopes.

What makes an AR 15 Scope With Red Dot on Top stand out against other optics?

One of its advantages over other optics is that it allows shooters more flexibility than any single optic system could offer alone since you have both options available without needing to swap-out between two different scopes or sights constantly.

Additionally, with technological advancements over time, many hybrids now feature improved reticles which make them easier/more intuitive aiming devices than before – specifically those which use BDC (Bullet Drop Compensation) reticles like some Trijicon models do.. This technology takes into consideration ballistics data such as bullet weight/velocity/distance etc., making it possible for shooters like hunters or competitive marksmen who want reliable shot placement every time they pull trigger regardless of distance or conditions.

How do I choose the right AR-15 Scope With Red Dot On Top?

Choosing an appropriate hybrid optic will depend mainly on what type(s) of shooting you plan doing most often – hunting vs tactical vs competitive etc. Depending on which category you fall into, your needs and preferences may vary when it comes to magnification power, reticle style or the type of RDS that's mounted on top.

For example, a hunter might prefer an optic with lower magnification (less than 6x) and quick acquisition reflex sight for fast target acquisition at short ranges.

Meanwhile, a competitive shooter will want an optic that has higher magnification (8-12x) for long-range shooting. In this case they would need a scope with accurate turrets and BDC reticles in order to compensate for windage/elevation holdover distances etc., while also having access to the RDS portion of their hybrid optic should any close range targets come up during competition.

Can I add an AR-15 Scope With Red Dot On Top onto my rifle myself?

Yes! These optics are designed specifically so users can install them easily without professional assistance. However, certain models may require specific mount types so its important you choose one compatible with your rifle platform before purchasing it. Once you have figured out if the mount is compatible all thats left is mounting procedure itself – typically done by attaching rings/bases/screws onto receivers picatinny rail or other applicable accessory rails depending on design model being used.

What are some of the best brands that make AR 15 Scopes With Red Dot On Top?

There are many manufacturers who produce hybrids today such as EOTech Vudu Armasight Burris Leupold Aimpoint Bushnell among others but currently Trijicon ACOG series stands out as one most respected in market thanks its reputation durability reliability accuracy ease-of-use low light capabilities..

When considering options available keep eye features like lens coatings which increase clarity brightness contrast eyepiece relief fog resistance shockproofing waterproofing recoil resistance warranty policies customer service support availability parts accessories price point budget etc..

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