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AR 15 Scope with Side Red Dot: The Ultimate Optic System for Accurate Shooting

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Today, we are going to talk about an essential piece of equipment for anyone who enjoys shooting: the AR 15 scope with side red dot. This tool is a must-have item for those looking to improve their accuracy when firing downrange. The AR 15 is already known for its precision, and adding this scope makes it even better.

The combination of the traditional reticle in the scope and a red dot on the side allows shooters to quickly acquire targets at different distances without losing sight of their primary reticle. This versatility is perfect for hunters or competitive shooters alike who need quick target acquisition when transitioning between multiple ranges and situations.

If you're someone looking to enhance your shooting skill set or take your hunting game up a notch, then you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll dive deep into everything you need to know about selecting an AR 15 scope with side red dot that will work best for your specific needs. So read on!

AR 15 Scope with Side Red Dot: Enhancing Your Shooting Experience

If you are a seasoned shooter or just getting started, investing in the right scope for your AR-15 rifle can make all the difference in your shooting experience. And when it comes to choosing a scope that delivers top-notch performance, versatility and accuracy, an AR-15 scope with a side red dot is an excellent option.

What is an AR 15 Scope with Side Red Dot?

An AR-15 scope with side red dot refers to a rifle optic that combines both magnified and non-magnified optics into one compact package. It pairs traditional magnification lenses (usually ranging from 1x to over 10x) as well as an additional small reflex sight on the side of the main tube body for close-range targeting situations.

The reflex sight or "red dot" typically has either a bright red or green LED reticle projected onto its lens and can be illuminated at different brightness levels depending on lighting conditions. This type of setup is especially useful when you need quick target acquisition for fast-moving targets within close range while allowing accurate aiming downrange through magnification.

Benefits of Using an AR 15 Scope with Side Red Dot

Investing in such scopes comes packed full of benefits that would greatly enhance any shooter's ability:

Improved Accuracy

One primary advantage of using this type of setup is improved accuracy due to better visibility even under low light conditions. With both optics mounted together, shooters gain increased flexibility by being able to quickly switch between long-range precision shots using their magnified optic without sacrificing speed during shorter distance engagements by simply bringing up their eye line slightly higher towards the non-magnifying 'red-dot' reticle.

Faster Target Acquisition

Another benefit provided by these scopes lies in faster target acquisition time thanks again to having two sights available simultaneously. By providing greater visual field-of-view than standard iron sights alone – which tend to be slower in terms of target acquisition – shooters can quickly engage targets at all distances, whether they're close-range or far downrange.


AR-15 scopes with side red dots are flexible and adaptable to different shooting scenarios making them ideal for hunting, tactical situations and competition. With the ability to switch between magnification levels, one can easily adjust their sight picture according to the distance of their target.

Tips for Choosing an AR 15 Scope with Side Red Dot

When selecting the best scope for your rifle setup there are some factors that should be considered:


As with any purchase decision you make, price is a major factor. When looking at scopes there's no need to spend more than what you're comfortable with but it's also important not always going too cheap because quality does matter. The market has a range of options available from entry-level beginner models up through high-end professional-grade optics.

Magnification Range

The magnification range determines how much detail you'll see when aiming downrange and helps determine overall accuracy potential based on usage requirements (long-range vs closer quarters). For most hunters or tactical shooters out there, anywhere between 1-8x is perfect.

Reticle Type(s)

When choosing a reticle type it’s important that they suit your specific needs depending on what kind of shooting stance/style as well as personal preference. A red dot reticle provides fast target acquisition but lacks precision when compared against crosshairs while BDCs provide intuitive long-distance holdovers compensating effectively over varying ranges without having any adjustments made manually during shooter movement/positioning etcetera!


In conclusion, investing in an AR-15 scope with side red dot offers great benefits such as improved accuracy and faster target acquisition time along with offering adaptability across various scenarios whilst being relatively budget-friendly. As always though – do take care when choosing which model suits your specific needs as well as always investing in quality equipment for the best results.


What is an AR 15 scope with side red dot and what are its benefits?

An AR 15 scope with a side red dot is a rifle sight system that combines two sights in one. It has a traditional magnified optic on top of the rifle, which provides long-range accuracy for shots beyond 100 yards, and a smaller, more compact red dot sight mounted on the side of the main optic.

This combination allows shooters to acquire targets quickly at close range using both eyes open sighting. The benefits include faster target acquisition and improved accuracy at longer distances since you can use either sight depending upon your shooting needs.

The advantages of having both sights in place are unmistakable – this configuration offers versatility that no other sighting system could provide. One can easily switch between scopes based on different situations like hunting or target shooting while never losing their focus point from any distance.

How does an AR 15 scope with side red dot work?

The way it works is relatively simple; when looking through the magnified optic to shoot long distances; you keep both eyes open while engaging targets within closer range through your peripheral vision where your non-dominant eye sees the red dot without interrupting head position or cheek weld placement.

In other words, if there's something closer than anticipated, all you have to do now Is tilt your head slightly towards that object/tablet/whatever it may be next thing you know…BOOM! You're locked onto what was once elusive prey only moments ago!

Using this type of setup requires practice but provides unmatched flexibility in any scenario imaginable – from quick action during hunting season all year round down to meticulous precision required by marksmen worldwide who insist upon nothing but perfection every time they pull triggers.

What makes an AR-15 Scope With Side Red Dot better than other similar optics systems available?

One significant advantage over standard scopes is versatility: An ar-15 scope with side-red dots allows the shooter to quickly switch between long-range shooting and close-quarters combat.

Another benefit is that it enables the user's peripheral vision to remain open while acquiring targets from a distance, which helps with faster target acquisition. This feature also allows for quick and intuitive target tracking even when operating in high-stress situations.

Additionally, an AR-15 scope with side-red dots has better accuracy than iron sights or traditional scopes. Since it provides both magnification and a red dot sight on one platform, shooters can take advantage of either type of sighting system depending on their situation without having to swap out optics.

What are some limitations of using an AR 15 scope with side red dot?

While there are many benefits associated with this type of setup, there are also some limitations that users need to be aware of before they decide whether or not it's right for them.

Firstly, since the small-sized Red Dot Sight (RDS) is mounted parallel next to the main optic along its lengthier axis; so adjusting focus might be time-consuming despite end-to-end parallax adjustment options available in various models nowadays – you might experience issues getting both reticles perfectly aligned since shifting any point at all affects both sights' position simultaneously due mainly because RDS lenses lack zoom capabilities*.

Moreover; Batteries need replacement periodically but finding compatible ones may become difficult sometimes based upon specific models purchased by customers as per their preferences over brands/models while purchasing these products online through e-commerce platforms frequently used today during pandemic situations worldwide.This configuration requires more space than other types like holographic sights etc.

Lastly – eye relief could be tricky as well so keeping eyes open while observing surroundings becomes necessary if you wish not only shoot straight but see what lies ahead too! So practicing proper eye-relief discipline becomes crucial before anything else!

Are AR 15 Scopes With Side Red Dots compatible with night vision?

AR 15 scopes equipped with a side red dot, are compatible with night vision equipment. However, not all side red dots can be used at night, and it's essential to choose the right model for your needs.

Some side-mounted red dots come with settings that allow you to adjust their brightness based on the available lighting conditions around you. This makes them suitable for low-light or dark environments.

One important thing to keep in mind is that when using a night-vision device along with an AR 15 scope equipped with a side-red dot sight; certain restrictions apply as per federal laws governing usage of such devices/nightscape accessories while hunting/stalking game animals legally within specified zones/decrees issued by respective state governments throughout US geography*.

In conclusion: An AR 15 Scope With Side Red Dot is an excellent choice for those who want versatility and flexibility in their shooting setup. It offers fast target acquisition at close range and improved accuracy over traditional iron sights or scopes while providing users better control under high-stress situations like self-defense applications etc due mainly because of its unique design features mentioned earlier above – This configuration requires more space than other types like holographic sights etc.*

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