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AR-15 Side Charger: The Ultimate Guide to Efficient Weapon Charging

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The AR-15 Side Charger is a popular modification to the classic AR design that has been gaining in popularity over recent years. This modification, which replaces the traditional charging handle on the rear of an AR-15 with a side-mounted charging system, offers a number of benefits for shooters looking to enhance their rifle's performance and ergonomics.

With an AR-15 side charger, users can enjoy faster and easier access to their weapon's charging mechanism without having to take their eyes off the target or reposition themselves awkwardly. Additionally, this modification allows for smoother operation and reduces wear and tear on internal components over time.

If you're interested in learning more about this innovative upgrade for your AR platform rifle or are considering installing one yourself, then keep reading. In this article we'll explore everything you need to know about the Ar-15 side charger from what it is exactly down to its features and benefits.

AR-15 Side Charger: What You Need to Know

If you are a gun enthusiast, then you must have heard of the AR-15 rifle. It is one of the most popular rifles among firearm enthusiasts in America. The rifle is versatile and customizable, making it perfect for all sorts of shooting activities.

One feature that makes the AR-15 stand out from other rifles in its category is the side charging handle. With this unique feature, users can easily charge their weapons without having to remove their eyes from the target or change their firing position.

Understanding The AR-15 Side Charger

The side charger on an AR-15 rifle refers to a bolt carrier group (BCG) that comes with a charging handle located on its left-hand side instead of at the rear end like most conventional firearms. This innovative design allows shooters to easily charge their weapons without having to move too much or change positions drastically.

Having a side charger means that you can keep your weapon steady and maintain sight picture while reloading quickly and efficiently when needed. Compared with traditional top-mounted chargers which could get snagged or catch clothing during use, this design offers more freedom for manipulation under stress conditions.

Benefits Of An Ar 15 Side Charging Handle

Now let's discuss why an ar 15 side charging handle might be beneficial:

Improved Ambidexterity

Left-handed shooters typically face problems using traditional right-side chargers since they have limited access due only being able to use one hand comfortably while aiming down sights; however, with an ambidextrous alternative such as this one – those issues become nullified altogether!

Increased Speed

The speed at which you can reload your weapon is essential when it comes down range time competition where seconds count! Utilizing efficient movements such as those provided by an ar 1s5cside charging handle could make all difference between hitting targets accurately versus missing them entirely due delays associated loading magazines manually.

Easier Access

Another advantage of utilizing a side charger is that they are much easier to access than their top-mounted counterparts. This means that you can quickly and easily manipulate the charging handle with just one hand, allowing you to stay on target without compromising accuracy or safety.

How Does It Compare To Top Mounted Charging Handles?

When it comes to reloading an AR-15 rifle, there are two ways of manipulating the charging handle – either by using a traditional top-mounted method or by using a side charger. For years, many firearms enthusiasts have debated which method is superior. Let's compare both methods below:

Top Mounted Charging Handle

The conventional way of handling an AR-15 involves reaching back over the receiver and pulling back on the bolt carrier group's rear end while manually inserting rounds into magazines as necessary. While this may appear simple enough for some users at first glance, it requires additional movements which could be challenging during high-stress situations such as in competition events where every second counts.

Side Charging Handle

Alternatively, with an ar 15 side charging handle installed onto your rifle – users can charge their weapons more efficiently by keeping their eyes fixed on targets downrange while reloading quickly without disruptions whatsoever due its left-hand positioning instead having move around unnecessary positions limiting your capabilities in certain situations when seconds matter most.

Tips On Using The Ar 15 Side Charger

If you've decided to install an ar 14 side-charging handle onto your weapon platform – congratulations! You've made a wise choice! Here are some tips for getting started:

  1. Make sure that you choose a high-quality manufacturer: Look out for reputable brands who produce robust designs built from durable materials such as aerospace-grade aluminum alloy or hardened steel alloys.
  2. Practice makes perfect: Before heading out into actual range conditions – try practicing different scenarios throughout dry firing exercises until comfortable under various stress conditions!
  3. Consider adding accessories like enhanced triggers, optics or other upgrades to improve your performance.


In conclusion, if you are looking for a more efficient way of reloading your AR-15 rifle without compromising accuracy and safety, then an ar 15 side charging handle might be the right choice for you. Its left-hand position allows shooters to keep their eyes on the target while also maintaining a steady hold on their weapon. Additionally, it is faster and easier to manipulate than traditional top-mounted charging handles.

When choosing an AR-15 side charger, make sure that you choose a high-quality manufacturer who offers reliable designs made from durable materials. And remember – practice makes perfect! With some training and practice under different conditions in situations requiring quick reloads using this type of bolt carrier group could save precious seconds down range!


What is an AR-15 side charger and how does it differ from a traditional charging handle?

An AR-15 side charger is a variant of the AR-15 rifle that features a modified upper receiver with the charging handle located on the left-hand side. This modification allows for easier access to the charging handle, especially for users who prefer to shoot from their non-dominant shoulder or those using large optics or other accessories that can obstruct traditional charging handles.

The most obvious difference between an AR-15 side charger and a traditional one is in its placement. While both types of rifles require pulling back on the rear bolt carrier group (BCG) to chamber rounds, conventional models rely on a standard T-handle located at the rear of their upper receivers. In contrast, side-charging models feature an extended lever jutting out slightly above and forward of where you would typically find its predecessor.

Thanks to this design modification, proponents argue that it's faster and easier to operate than our classic under-mounted friends since there’s no need for additional movements such as twisting your hand around awkwardly just so you can reach something that isn't quite in front like usual!

What are some benefits of using an AR-15 Side Charger Rifle?

One major benefit offered by these rifles has already been mentioned: easy accessibility – whether shooting left-handed or right-handed! Another advantage gained through changing up design elements lies with ejection port redirection making them ideal candidates if looking into suppressed shooters who don't want waste flying directly back at them during high volume firing sessions

Another compelling reason why someone might opt for this rifle relates directly towards increased accuracy potential thanks partly due improved ergonomics across different positions but also because even small changes made could lead directly towards potentially better groups overall too!.

Finally, if customization options matter then shooters have yet another reason why they might consider switching over: many aftermarket parts designers offer unique upgrades catering specifically towards this platform – everything from bolt carriers to handguards designed with side chargers in mind.

What are some downsides of using an AR-15 Side Charger Rifle?

While there are many great benefits to using a side-charging AR-15, it’s important to note that there are also some downsides. For starters, these rifles tend to be pricier than their conventional counterparts as they require more complex manufacturing processes and often utilize higher quality materials.

Additionally, because of the less common design features (such as ejection port redirection), not all accessories may fit or work properly with these rifles without specially made mountings. This can limit your available options when it comes time for upgrades or modifications.

Finally, while the charging handle on a side charger rifle is generally easier and more ergonomic than its traditional counterpart, it can still lead to complications in certain scenarios. For example, if you need to manipulate the charging handle while wearing gloves or other bulky gear such as body armor that restricts movement around the shoulder area this could potentially cause problems.

Can I convert my existing AR-15 rifle into a Side Charger model?

The answer is Yes! There are many companies offering conversion kits for standard upper receivers which allow you transform your classic configuration into something similar instead – no need purchase entirely new firearm altogether just swap out components via kit installation process!

Conversion kits usually involve replacing parts like T-handle or cover plate receiver extension tubes so new ones compatible perfectly with rest weapon platform where necessary too – providing an easy path towards upgrading firearms investments already own rather than investing thousands dollars purchasing entirely new products outright!.

Are there any legal restrictions regarding owning an AR-15 Side Charger Rifle?

As long as you live in a state where owning an "assault weapon" isn't prohibited then chances are good that owning one won't be illegal either! However we do recommend checking local laws especially if traveling across different states since regulations may vary significantly between jurisdictions – it's always better safe than sorry!

That being said, there are certain restrictions on AR-15 rifles in general which apply to side-charging models as well. For example, these firearms cannot be sold or transferred without a federal background check under the National Firearms Act (NFA), and many states also have additional regulations such as waiting periods or limitations on magazine capacity for rifles classified as "assault weapons".

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