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AR-15 Triggers on Amazon: The Best Deals for Upgrading Your Rifle

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If you are an enthusiast of firearms, then you have undoubtedly heard of the AR-15 rifle. It is one of the most popular and versatile rifles on the market today. The AR-15 platform has been around for decades, and continues to be a favorite among gun enthusiasts due to its customizability and reliability.

One component that can significantly affect your experience with an AR-15 rifle is the trigger. A good trigger will make shooting more comfortable, improve accuracy, and increase overall enjoyment when using your firearm. This is where Amazon comes in – a trusted online retailer that carries many aftermarket parts for firearms such as triggers.

In this article, we will explore some of the best ar-15 triggers available on Amazon right now. We'll take a closer look at each product's features, specifications, pros & cons while giving insights into how they perform in real-life situations – so buckle up!

AR-15 Triggers on Amazon

When it comes to owning an AR-15, choosing the right trigger is crucial for accurate and reliable shooting. The trigger is the main interface between you and your rifle, so it's important to choose one that suits your needs. Fortunately, there are several high-quality AR-15 triggers available on Amazon that can help take your shooting to the next level.

Why Choose an Aftermarket Trigger?

The standard mil-spec trigger that comes with most AR-15s may be serviceable, but upgrading to a high-quality aftermarket trigger can make a big difference in terms of accuracy and overall performance. Aftermarket triggers typically have a smoother pull with less pre-travel and overtravel, which translates into better shot placement.

Another benefit of aftermarket triggers is their adjustability – many models allow you to fine-tune the pull weight or reset distance according to your personal preferences. This means you can set up your rifle exactly how you like it for maximum comfort and precision.

Comparison of Popular Models

Here are some popular models of AR-15 triggers available on Amazon:

Model Pull Weight Adjustability
Timney 667S-ST 3lb Skeletonized Trigger 3 lbs. Yes
Geissele SSA-E Super Semi-Automatic Enhanced Trigger 2.5 lbs. Yes
CMC Triggers Drop-in Match Grade Single Stage Curved Trigger 3.5 lbs. Yes

The Timney Skeletonized Trigger offers fast lock time with minimal overtravel for crisp shots every time while remaining incredibly lightweight due its skeletonized design making this model perfect for competition shooters looking for speed when aiming at multiple targets or distances.

Geissele SSA-E features two-stage operation allowing users precise control while almost eliminating both pre-travel as well as post-trigger-pull travel enabling faster follow-up shots for more consistent hits on target. This model is perfect for those looking to improve their shooting skills or competitive use where accuracy counts.

The CMC Triggers Drop-In Match Grade Single Stage Curved Trigger offers a smooth pull with minimal creep along with a curved trigger shoe that provides an ergonomic feel and comfortable grip reducing strain on your fingers and wrist while allowing both fast follow-up shots as well as precision at longer ranges.

Benefits of AR-15 Triggers

Upgrading to an aftermarket trigger has several benefits, including:

  • Improved accuracy: The smoother pull, crisp break, and less pre-travel can help you achieve better shot placement.
  • Faster follow-up shots: With less overtravel, you can reset the trigger more quickly for faster shooting.
  • Customizability: Many aftermarket triggers allow you to fine-tune the pull weight or other settings to suit your preferences.
  • Increased comfort: A good quality trigger will reduce finger fatigue during long days at the range or in competitions.

Tips When Choosing AR-15 Triggers on Amazon

When shopping for an AR-15 trigger on Amazon, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Consider what type of shooting activity you'll be doing – some triggers are better suited for competition vs hunting purposes
  2. Look out for adjustability options such as pre-travel distance & over travel distance adjustment
  3. Make sure it's compatible with your rifle – not all rifles are built equal so make certain compatibility before purchasing
  4. Read reviews from previous buyers who have experience using them – this could save time by avoiding any potential pitfalls

In summary choosing an Aftermarket Trigger designed specifically for ARs is a great way to improve its performance overall when compared to standard mil-spec versions which only serve their purpose but don't offer much else beyond that.. By researching different brands & models available online like Timney Skeletonized Trigger , Geissele SSA-E Super Semi-Automatic Enhanced Trigger or CMC Triggers Drop-in Match Grade Single Stage Curved Trigger; you can find the perfect trigger for your AR-15 rifle suitable for competitive, hunting or even casual shooting sessions.


What is an AR-15 trigger and why is it important?

An AR-15 trigger is a device that initiates the firing mechanism in an AR-15 rifle. It serves as the primary interface between the shooter and the firearm, controlling when a shot will be fired. The importance of selecting a high-quality trigger cannot be overstated.

The trigger plays a crucial role in accuracy, consistency, and safety while shooting. A good trigger can help improve accuracy by minimizing movement during the pull and reducing stress on your finger for more consistent shots. A poor quality or worn-out trigger can affect accuracy negatively by allowing excess movement or causing jerky pulls.

Safety should always come first with any firearm, making it essential to choose a reliable and trustworthy ar-15 triggers amazon product that will not cause misfires during use.

What are some characteristics to look for when shopping for ar-15 triggers on Amazon?

When shopping for an AR 15 Trigger on Amazon there are several key factors you need to keep in mind:

  1. Trigger Pull Weight – The weight required to pull through each stage of the mechanical operation can vary from brand-to-brand so make sure you find one suitable for your requirements.
  2. Trigger Shape – Finding one that fits comfortably within your hand reduces fatigue from repetitive use.
  3. Adjustability – Some users prefer adjustable triggers which allow fine-tuning based upon personal preferences
  4. Durability & Reliability – Look out for obvious wear indicators like "creep" (movement before break), excessive “take-up” (the distance before engagement), lightweight metals used in construction etc

Choosing an incorrect model could lead to uncomfortable operation over long periods ultimately affecting performance negatively impacting user experience

How much does an average ar-15 trigger cost?

The price range of ar 5 45-triggers available varies widely depending upon specific features like adjustability options; durability material used; replacement parts availability among other things. Generally, you can expect to pay between $40 and $300 for an AR-15 trigger on Amazon.

A trigger like the CMC Triggers AR-15/308 Match Grade Drop-In Trigger Group is priced around $189 while a Timney Triggers Impact Tactical Trigger costs about $149. The price range can be quite significant based on performance requirements, durability needs and reliability expectations among others.

How do I install my ar-15 trigger from Amazon?

The installation of an ar 5 45-trigger following purchase is recommended only if you have adequate knowledge of gunsmithing or access to authorized personnel skilled in this field to avoid issues such as misfires leading to serious safety concerns.

If you decide that installing it yourself is appropriate for your situation, it is important first that all ammunition has been removed from the firearm before beginning the replacement process. Consult your manufacturer's user manual or find instructions via their website (if available) as different models may require unique steps during installation

Ensure all proper safety procedures are followed throughout the process ensuring no components are damaged when replacing old parts with new ones provided by amazon ranging from single stage triggers with minimal take-up and clean breaks making them fast-shooting products great for action shooting competitions placing high value on speed, accuracy & precision through two-stage triggers designed primarily used in long-range shooting..

What are some popular brands of ar-15 triggers sold on Amazon?

Amazon offers a wide array of reputable manufacturers known worldwide within this industry offering varying features catering towards specific users' needs including Geissele Automatics LLC; Elftmann Tactical; Wilson Combat among others

Geissele Automatics LLC provides multiple types geared towards competition shooters which come highly rated such as GEISSELE AUTOMATICS – AR10/SR25 TACTICAL TRIGGER ; , ELFTMANN TACTICAL – ELF MATCH PRECISION DROP-IN OFFSET HAMMER TRIGGER amongst many others to choose from.

Wilson Combat provides some of the most sought after AR-15 triggers, including its best-selling model TTU (Tactical Trigger Unit). These come standard with a 4-pound trigger pull weight and lock-time enhancing technology known for reducing pre-travel time, making them very responsive when firing.

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