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AR 15 Upper Kit: Upgrade Your Rifle with Our Top Picks

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The AR 15 upper kit is a popular choice for gun enthusiasts who want to customize their rifles. This kit allows the user to modify their firearm by changing the upper receiver, barrel, and other components. The AR 15 upper kit provides more flexibility in terms of design and personal preferences.

Many gun owners opt for this upgrade because it enhances the performance of their firearm. It also allows them to adapt to different shooting styles and activities like hunting or target shooting. The versatility of this product has made it a top choice among military personnel as well.

If you're interested in learning more about how an AR 15 upper kit can enhance your weapon's capabilities, then keep reading! We'll be discussing everything from its parts and features, installation process, potential benefits and drawbacks – all that you need to know before making any purchasing decision.

AR 15 Upper Kit: Everything You Need to Know

The AR 15 is a popular rifle among gun enthusiasts, and for good reason. It's versatile, customizable, and reliable. One of the key components that make up an AR 15 is the upper kit.

In this article, we'll be discussing everything you need to know about the AR 15 upper kit – from what it is to how it works, as well as its benefits and how it compares with other options available in the market.

What Is an AR 15 Upper Kit?

An upper kit essentially refers to all the parts of an AR-15 that sit above your lower receiver. These include:

  • Barrels
  • Handguards
  • Gas blocks
  • Gas tubes
  • Bolt carrier groups (BCGs)
  • Charging handles

These components are crucial in determining your rifle's accuracy and reliability while shooting rounds downrange.

Benefits of Using an AR 15 Upper Kit

There are several benefits associated with using an upper kit on your existing lower receiver:

Customization Options

One of the most significant advantages of using a modular platform like the ArmaLite Rifle Model is its customizability. With various options for handguards and barrel lengths available on different models from manufacturers such as Aero Precision or Palmetto State Armory you can customize your build according to specific needs or preferences easily.

Cost Savings

Another benefit when you use a complete "upper" instead of buying all separate pieces individually? Costs savings! Often buying these parts separately can become expensive over time so investing in quality pre-built kits makes sense at times.

Ease Of Installation

A vast majority of these items come already assembled so installation onto a lower takes only minutes out oftentimes needing no special tools just like building LEGOs!

Overall upgrading or adding another build gives more flexibility especially if one wants their weapon system configured differently than others' builds.

Comparing AR 15 Upper Kits

When it comes to comparing AR 15 upper kits, there are a few key factors to consider:

Barrel Length

Barrel length plays an important role in determining accuracy and velocity of rounds fired. Shorter barrels are more maneuverable, but longer barrels offer greater accuracy at longer ranges.


Handguards come in various lengths and styles: free-floating, M-LOK compatible or picatinny rail?, KeyMod for accessories mounting? They play a significant part on how you hold your rifle as well as the weight distribution.

Gas System

Gas system is responsible for cycling rounds through the gun's action by venting excess gas from firing back into use for operating the bolt carrier group (BCG). Common gas systems used include direct impingement (DI) vs piston systems; DI is simpler but may be dirtier while piston provides cleaner operation and maintenance yet adds extra cost.

Tips for Choosing an AR 15 Upper Kit

With so many options available on market today it can be difficult choosing which one will best serve your needs. Here are some tips that can help make this process easier:

  • Start with research! Determine what type of shooting you'll primarily be doing before making any purchase decisions.

  • Choose quality components that have been tested by other users successfully without issue.

  • Make sure all parts purchased fit together seamlessly when building out/upgrading existing platforms yourself rather than buying pre-built ones separately like PSA or Aero Precision.


Choosing an appropriate Upper kit requires careful consideration of specific preferences such as barrel length, handguard style/lengths along with compatibility issues between lower receivers and BCGs/gas blocks/tubes/handles etc.. With proper research beforehand individual shooters can get their hands-on high-quality products from reputable manufacturers like Palmetto State Armory / Aero Precision who've produced functional parts consistently backed by positive reviews online.


What is an AR 15 Upper Kit?

An AR 15 upper kit is a set of components that are used to assemble the upper receiver of an AR-15 rifle. The kit typically includes parts such as the barrel, gas tube, handguard, charging handle, bolt carrier group (BCG), and muzzle device.

The upper receiver is one half of the gun's action mechanism and contains many essential components that make up the firing system. The barrel attaches to the front end of the receiver while at its rear end it houses several crucial parts like BCG assembly and charging handle.

AR 15 Upper Kits come in different configurations with varying options for barrel lengths, finishes and caliber types. If you are looking for an upgrade or customisation project on your existing rifle or building a new one from scratch then purchasing an AR 15 Upper Kit can be a great option.

What makes up a good quality AR-15 Upper Kit?

A good quality ar-15 upper kit should have high-quality components. The key factors to consider when selecting your kit include Barrel accuracy & length; Handguard design & attachment method; Gas system operation – Piston vs Direct Impingement (DI); Charging Handle strength & design; Bolt Carrier Group construction material & reliability.

Barrel Length: Longer barrels provide better velocity but shorter barrels offer more maneuverability in tight spaces.

Handguards: A free-floating handguard eliminates any influence on accuracy caused by external forces like bipods etc., It also provides additional space for accessories mounting purposes

Gas System Operation: Piston systems run cooler than DI systems because they do not dump hot gases back into their operating chamber leading towards less fouling which means less cleaning time

Charging Handle Design/Sturdiness : A strong charging handle will function smoothly under harsh conditions without bending or breaking off easily

Bolt Carrier Group Construction Material/Reliability: Mil-spec materials like Carpenter steel ensure reliability and durability.

What is the difference between a complete upper kit and a stripped down version?

A complete upper kit comes with all of the components required to build an entire AR-15 except for the lower receiver. It includes parts such as the barrel, gas system, charging handle, handguard, bolt carrier group (BCG), forward assist assembly etc. A stripped-down version will only include certain key components like BCG and Handguards.

With a complete upper kit you have everything that you need to assemble your rifle without having to purchase additional parts separately. The downside is that it can be more expensive than purchasing individual pieces but you may save some money on shipping cost by buying everything from one source at once.

On the other hand, if you only need specific parts then going for Stripped-down versions can be cost effective since they are offered at relatively cheaper prices.

Can I use any AR 15 Upper Kit on my rifle?

AR-15 Upper Kits are not universally compatible with every lower receiver in existence because there are variations in dimensions between different brands or models . Therefore it’s important to ensure that your chosen upper kit matches up properly with your existing lower receiver or vice versa before starting your build project

The safest bet would be sticking to same brand name as well-known manufacturers typically offer compatibility guides for their products – so if possible stick within those guidelines when selecting an ar 15 Upper Kit

Also make sure that your selected caliber type is suitable for desired range of shooting distances as well

Is assembling an AR 15 Upper Kit difficult?

Assembling an ar 15 upper kit requires basic mechanical knowledge & skills along with some tools:

1/2 inch torque wrench
Upper Receiver Vise Block
Punch Set
Armorer's Wrench
Barrel Nut Wrench

Detailed instructions from manufacturer should always accompany every component included in package which makes assembly process clearer.

Watch online tutorials available on various platforms like youtube to get better understanding of the process. With these resources and proper care, assembling an AR 15 Upper Kit should be manageable for almost everyone who is interested.

However, it is important to note that any mistakes made during assembly can lead to safety hazards or cause malfunctions so always double check everything before firing your gun for the first time after assembly.

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