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Blank US Army ID Card: How to Obtain and Replace

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Are you familiar with the term "blank US Army ID card"? If not, don't worry because we will be discussing it in this article. The blank US Army ID card is an essential item for any member of the United States Armed Forces. It serves as a form of identification and provides access to various military facilities.

A blank US Army ID card contains important information about its owner, such as their name, photo, rank and branch of service. It is also used to keep track of the individual's medical records and training history. The cards are issued by the Department of Defense (DoD) and must be kept up to date at all times.

In this article, we will delve deeper into what a blank US Army ID card is all about – including how it can benefit members of the military community. We'll cover everything from its uses to how it's obtained so that you can have a better understanding of why having one is so important for those who serve in our nation's armed forces. So keep reading!

Blank US Army ID Card: What You Need to Know


An official military identification card is a crucial document for service members in the United States Army. It provides access to military installations, serves as proof of identity and affiliation with the armed forces, and is required for various administrative processes. However, there may be instances where a service member needs to obtain or replace a blank US Army ID card. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about blank US Army ID cards.

What Is A Blank US Army ID Card?

A blank US Army ID card is precisely what it sounds like- an empty identification card without any personal information printed on it yet. These cards are typically issued by the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS), which manages all U.S Department of Defense personnel data records.

Blank cards are often given out during initial entry training (IET) or Advanced Individual Training (AIT) and can also be obtained by active-duty service members at their respective Personnel Service Center (PSC).

Why Would You Need A Blank Military Identification Card?

There could be various reasons why you might require a new blank military identification card:

  1. Lost/Stolen Cards
    Misplacing your current Military Identification Card can happen quite frequently; therefore, acquiring a new one would entail obtaining first getting hold of these blanks from DEERS.
  2. Updating Information
    If some essential details such as rank change due date extension have occurred since receiving your previous I.D., then another option would be obtaining a new one that reflects correct updated information.
    3 . New Recruits
    For freshly commissioned officers who’ve recently joined the army – they will receive their first set of blanks during Basic Combat Training( BCT).

How To Replace Your Lost/Stolen Military Identification Cards?

Losing your CAC comes with many consequences besides being denied entry into restricted areas; thus replacing them promptly is critical because leaving them unreported could lead to potential security risks. These are the steps:

  1. Notify your chain of command immediately
  2. Call the ID card office and make a lost/stolen report
  3. Request for an appointment with your Personnel Service Center (PSC)
  4. Bring two valid forms of identification, including a state-issued driver’s license or passport.
    5 . You will then be issued another blank military identification card.

Benefits Of Obtaining A Blank US Army Id Card

Obtaining a blank military ID has several benefits that can help service members streamline administrative processes and access various facilities more easily.

1 . Time Efficiency
If you have possession of a new set of blanks, it allows you to reduce waiting time since pre registered personnel only need new I.Ds printed at installation/deployment centers as they're already in the DEERS database.
2 . Emergency Access To Facilities
Given Manpower shortages during peak seasons often lead to long lines and wait times, having these cards on hand provides quick emergency access when required without delay.
3 . Updating Information Easily
When there is any change that has occurred -rank, name etc., obtaining these blanks would serve highly useful because instead of updating information manually which often takes time-consuming administration work; one can quickly swipe their way through computer systems where all data already exists!


In conclusion, possessing a Blank Military Identification Card is an essential aspect for active-duty service members within the United States Army because it serves multiple purposes ranging from accessing facilities with ease to streamlining administrative processes without delay; therefore getting hold – replacement or newly commissioned recruits- should be done immediately after completing initial entry training (IET) or Advanced Individual Training(AIT).


What is a blank US Army ID card and where can I get one?

A blank US Army ID card is a form of identification issued to active military personnel, retirees, and their dependents. It contains information such as the individual's name, photograph, rank/grade, branch of service, and affiliation status. A blank US Army ID card typically refers to an unissued or unactivated card that has not been personalized with an individual's specific information.

To obtain a blank US Army ID card if you are eligible for one (active military personnel or dependent), you will need to visit your local military installation's Identification Card Section (ID office). You should bring with you two forms of government-issued identification (such as a driver's license or passport) and any other relevant documentation requested by the office.

Can I use a blank US Army ID card for personal identification purposes?

No. Blank military IDs cannot be used for personal identification purposes since they have not yet been activated nor personalized to reflect your own identifying details. Only properly activated military IDs assigned specifically to an individual can be used as proof of identity either on base or off-base in certain situations depending on local regulations.

It is important also worth noting that misrepresenting yourself by using someone else’s official government-issued credentials could result in legal action against you under federal law 18 USC §912 – False Personation Of An Officer Or Employee Of The United States.

How much does it cost for me to obtain my first Military Identification Card?

There are no fees associated with obtaining your first Military Identification Card assuming all necessary documents required are provided during application process which could include Passport(s), Birth Certificates etc.. However there may be some administrative processing fee if further verification steps needs taken before issuing the actual cards due legally mandated background screening procedures varying from different regions/localities/states within U.S.A

You will however have 10 days after issuance date to get your Military ID card activated, which means you need to get it personalized (printed with your information) and activated before the expiration date.

What should I do if my blank US Army ID card gets lost or stolen?

If you have lost or had your blank US Army ID Card stolen, it is important that you report this immediately to the nearest military police station and alert the Identification Card Section (ID office) where you obtained it. They will be able to advise on what steps need taken next in order for a new one can be issued since an unactivated card like a Blank Military identification cards could fall into wrong hands and used for nefarious purposes.

It is also important that when reporting misplaced /stolen items don't forget mentioning any other documents such as passports and credit/debit cards since they may also require cancellation or reissuance as appropriate under different rules depending on local regulations.

How long does it take before I can receive my personalized US Army ID card after submitting my application?

The length of time required before receiving a Personalized U.S. Army Identification Cards varies based on several factors such as how efficiently regional processing centers are working at present times but generally speaking, if all necessary documentation is provided promptly during application process then not more than 10 business days from submission date would elapse until receipt of Personalized U.S. army identification cards in most cases.

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