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Bulk AR 15 Mags: The Ultimate Guide to Stocking Up on Magazines

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Bulk AR 15 mags are a popular item amongst firearm enthusiasts and military personnel alike. The need for large quantities of ammunition during training or tactical situations cannot be overstated, making it important to have reliable and durable magazines on hand.
Whether you're a recreational shooter preparing for your next range day or a member of law enforcement stocking up on supplies, purchasing magazines in bulk offers several benefits that make it an appealing option.

Not only does buying in bulk save you money compared to purchasing individual magazines, but it also ensures that you have enough ammunition readily available without having to constantly restock. Additionally, with the current political climate surrounding gun control laws, obtaining certain types of firearms accessories can become increasingly difficult over time. Therefore, it is wise to stock up while they are still easily accessible.
Read on to discover the advantages of buying bulk AR 15 mags and how this decision can enhance your shooting experience while allowing for greater preparedness in uncertain times ahead.

Bulk AR 15 Mags: Everything You Need to Know

If you're looking for a reliable and affordable way to stock up on ammunition for your AR-15 rifle, buying bulk AR 15 mags is the perfect solution. In this article, we'll go over everything you need to know about bulk AR 15 mags – from their benefits and comparisons to tips for finding the best deals.

What are Bulk AR 15 Mags?

Bulk AR-15 magazines are high-capacity magazines that hold more rounds than standard magazines. They can be made of various materials like aluminum or polymer depending on the manufacturer's preference. Most commonly used in competitions or shooting ranges where rapid fire rates are needed.

The most common capacity of an average magazine is around thirty rounds, while some states have restricted it at ten rounds per magazine as part of gun control measures implemented by law authorities.

While larger capacity means fewer reloads during firing sessions, there are regulations put into place that limit how many bullets can be loaded within specific timespan based on local laws.

Benefits of Buying Bulk

Purchasing in bulk has plenty of benefits aside from just saving money; here are some benefits:

  1. Cost-effectiveness: One obvious benefit is cost savings; purchasing products in large quantities helps reduce costs.
  2. Convenience: With all ammo bought at once, reloading when you run out becomes less frequent
  3. Ready availability: Owning multiple mags allows quick transition when required instead changing individual cartridges.
    4 Storage Efficiency : When storing them properly with modern storage solutions such as mag carriers they take up minimal space compared to boxes upon boxes occupying space

Comparisons between Different Brands

There may be a lot brands offering various models but which one suits your needs depends primarily on personal preferences and requirements however certain factors must not go unnoticed;

Brand Capacity Material
Magpul PMAG 30 round capacity Polymer
ETS Group AR-15 Magazine 30 round capacity Polymer
SureFire High Capacity Magazine 60 round capacity (also available in lower) Aluminum

When it comes to choosing a mag brand, some of the factors to consider include durability, reliability, and compatibility with your weapon.

Tips for Finding the Best Deals

  1. Shop Around: Look around different sellers and compare prices.
  2. Check online stores like Amazon or eBay for seasonal deals
  3. Buy in Bulk: As already discussed earlier bulk purchases offer savings.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you should only purchase from reputable brands and suppliers who are known for providing high-quality products.


Buying bulk AR-15 mags is an excellent way to save money while still ensuring that you have plenty of ammunition on hand when you need it most. By keeping these tips in mind when shopping around, you'll be able to get great deals on top-quality magazines that will work perfectly with your rifle. Remember safety always comes first so follow all necessary precautions when using any firearms equipment regardless of brand or quality!


What are bulk AR 15 mags and what are their advantages?

Bulk AR 15 mags refer to a set of magazines that come in a package containing multiple magazines. Generally speaking, these packages include at least five or more magazines.

One of the primary advantages of purchasing bulk AR 15 mags is cost savings. Buying in bulk allows you to purchase each magazine at a reduced price compared to buying them individually. Additionally, having several extra magazines readily available when you need it offers convenience and peace of mind.

Another advantage is the ability to customize your shooting experience based on your needs or preferences. With multiple mags available, you can easily switch between different types of ammo or use one mag for practice and another for competition shooting.

Moreover, if you belong to an organization that requires regular target practice or training exercises, such as law enforcement agencies or military units, then buying in bulk can be highly advantageous since it ensures everyone has enough ammunition during drills without needing frequent restocking.

How do I choose the right size for my bulk AR 15 mag?

When choosing the right size for your bulks AR 15 mag , some important factors include compatibility with your firearm's model as well as how many rounds it holds per magazine. Traditionally most standard capacity Ar-15 Magazines hold about thirty rounds while some extended ones hold up fifty.

There are also options like Magpul D60 drum which holds up sixty rounds but may not be suitable depending on where they will be used given their increased weight when loaded with ammunition

Overall It's essential first considering whether any local laws restrict certain sizes before taking any major steps in selecting specific sizes ensuring compliance with state gun laws

It’s worth noting that there is no single “right” choice when it comes down to picking out an appropriate-sized magazine; rather than going off personal preference and usage scenario should dictate ultimate selection choices.

Can I modify my own AR 15 mags to increase their capacity?

In the United States, it is illegal to modify your own magazines to increase their capacity beyond what they were originally designed for. Federal laws regulate firearms and firearm accessories, including magazines.

If you’re in need of more rounds per mag or are seeking a higher-capacity magazine than your current one offers (which is common given most standard AR-15 Magazines hold 30 rounds), you can find extended options available on the market. Opting-in for an extended Ar-15 mag or drum-type magazine will typically give higher round count without necessitating any amendments which could cause legal issues.

How do I maintain my bulk AR 15 mags?

Maintaining your bulk AR 15 mags properly can help ensure they work smoothly and remain reliable over time. It's important that after each use, empty out any unused ammunition remaining then clean them with a mild solvent before lubricating all moving parts like springs ensuring general cleanliness within and around the chamber area providing best functionality

When storing these magazines for periods of non-use there are also some tips worth keeping in mind: First make sure they're empty so as not to add unnecessary weight while storing; Then store each bundled separately from other items that could damage them such as heavy-weighted metal objects or abrasive surfaces.

Should I buy polymer or metal bulk AR 15 Mags?

Both Polymer and metal versions of Bulk ar-12 Mags have unique advantages – so it ultimately depends on personal preference.

Polymer options tend to be lightweight but durable enough where dropping may not damage them easily whereas metal variants tend much heavier but offer greater durability when maintaining accuracy during rapid firing sessions

You’ll also want consider individual manufacturer quality standards since both material types vary widely between varied manufacturers . Research into reviews online from trusted sources will provide guidance regarding specific brands known for making high-quality products suited towards intended usage patterns

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