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Butzbach Germany US Army Base: History, Location, and Current Status

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Butzbach Germany US Army Base, a phrase that invokes memories of a bygone era when the city was home to thousands of American soldiers and their families. This base was once an integral part of the United States Army Europe (USAREUR), a military command responsible for all US Army activities in Europe. The Butzbach military community provided housing, schools, shopping centers, and other amenities to soldiers stationed there.

The Butzbach Germany US Army Base holds significant historical importance as it played an essential role during the Cold War period. It served as one of several sites where American troops were deployed across West Germany to deter Soviet aggression. Today, this former base is home to several German businesses and organizations.

If you're interested in knowing more about the history and significance behind Butzbach Germany US Army Base read on!

Butzbach Germany US Army Base: A Comprehensive Guide

Butzbach, a small town located in the state of Hesse, Germany, is home to one of United States' military bases – the Butzbach Germany US Army Base. The base has been in operation for several years and has contributed immensely to the mutual relationship between the two countries. This article serves as a comprehensive guide that provides all necessary information about this military installation.

History of Butzbach Germany US Army Base

The history of this army base dates back to post-World War II when American troops were stationed across various regions in Europe. In 1952, after acquiring land from German authorities, construction began on what is now known as Butzbach Military Community (BMC). It initially served as an ammunition storage facility before evolving into a full-fledged army community.

Over time, BMC became an integral part of U.S. forces' global presence and played significant roles during conflicts such as Operation Desert Storm and more recently fighting against terrorism around Europe.


Located approximately 25 miles north-east from Frankfurt am Main (the fifth-largest city in Germany), Butzbach sits strategically within close proximity to major transportation infrastructure such as highways and railway lines that run throughout central Europe making it an essential location for logistical operations.

Butzhbach's strategic location also helps facilitate quick deployment options for US troops deployed overseas or those returning stateside via nearby commercial airports located within minutes drive away from BMC like Frankfurt International Airport.

Role & Importance

As mentioned earlier on BMC plays important logistical roles with regards to supporting mission-critical operations both locally or globally including:

  • Providing safe storage facilities
  • Supporting supply chain management
  • Transportation services
  • Maintenance support
    and much more…

But about 5% or less than half its population includes American soldiers who are provided housing units along with their families while they serve here plus other amenities such as shops, restaurants, and leisure activities that are built within the community itself.

How to get to Butzbach Germany US Army Base

Getting to Butzbach Military Community is relatively easy as it sits just off the A5 motorway running from north-to-south. There's also a major railway station located in town which makes it easy for troops traveling from other parts of Europe.

Alternatively, if flying into Frankfurt International Airport (the closest airport) or other nearby airports like Wiesbaden Airbase or Ramstein Airbase then take a taxi or rent car service towards BMC.

Living on base

For those who will be stationed here long enough they can opt for living quarters either on-base or close by off-base where there’s several different housing options provided including:

  • Single-family homes
  • Duplexes
  • Modern apartments
    All equipped with modern amenities expected of military personnel and their families.
    the community has its own stores selling groceries, clothing, sporting goods among others plus an excellent medical facility just in case one ever needs medical attention.


In conclusion,
Butzbach Germany US Army Base plays a vital role as far as America's global military presence is concerned especially when dealing with logistical matters around central Europe.
With its strategic location near major transport infrastructure including highways and rail lines coupled up with first-class amenities offered both on-base and within town itself no doubt anyone who finds themselves here will feel right at home both professionally & personally.


What is the history of Butzbach Germany US army base?

Butzbach Germany US Army Base, also known as Lucius D. Clay Kaserne, has a rich history dating back to World War II. The base was constructed by the German military in 1937 and used to provide training for German soldiers. During World War II, the base was seized by American forces and used as a prisoner-of-war camp.

After the war ended, Butzbach Germany US Army Base served as an important logistics hub for American troops stationed in Germany during the Cold War. In 1951 it became home to various units including artillery battalions and engineer companies.

The importance of Butzbach grew during Operation Desert Storm when it served as one of several bases that processed soldiers returning from combat operations in Iraq before sending them back home.

Today, Butzbach Germany US Army Base continues its role as an important hub for logistical support within Europe with both military and civilian organizations operating on site.

What units are stationed at Butzbach?

Currently based at Lucius D. Clay Kaserne are offices responsible for mission support activities such as finance management operations, human resources services along with postal service functions supporting other installations across Europe.

In addition there are tenant organisations onsite who lease space from U.S Army Garrison Wiesbaden which include Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) ,the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA),the United States Air Force’s 469th Combat Support Group (CSG),and physical therapy clinics supporting active duty personnel.

How does one get to & around Butzback?

Located some twenty miles north east of Frankfurt airport this well-connected location can be easily reached via major roadways or trains connecting to cities all over Europe.The nearest Train station is located just outside main gate where passengers can connect onwards into Frankfurt city center or further outlying areas.

For personnel and vehicles, there is an easily accessible visitor center located at the main gate which should be your first stop when entering the installation. Once on base a shuttle service operates as well as other forms of transport for those who have access to them.

What amenities are available on Butzbach Germany US army base?

Butzbach Germany US Army Base has a range of amenities designed to support military personnel and civilian staff working at the facility. Onsite you will find military housing complex, chapels,civilian employment opportunities,parks & recreational facilities ,a commissary for groceries along with multiple dining options supporting both dine-in or take-away orders.

Additionally there is healthcare services providing medical care to eligible beneficiaries making sure their wellbeing is taken care off while they serve.

How can I find out more about living quarters on Butzback?

Living quarters are managed by housing services who maintain an extensive information database that prospective tenants can use to determine availability,reservation policies,rates amongst other details.Get in contact with Housing Services office prior arrival as it's common for wait-lists requiring pre-planning before moving day arrives.

The waiting list varies depending upon rank, time of year so it’s advisable that once assigned here one should liaise directly with Housing Services Office during your PCS move process.

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