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Cavalry Scout in US Army: Roles, Training and Requirements

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Cavalry Scout US Army – these words might not mean much to someone who isn't familiar with the military world. But for those who have served or are serving in the United States Army, this keyword holds a lot of significance. A cavalry scout is a soldier trained to gather and report information on enemy forces, terrain, and weather conditions in order to assist their unit's commanders with tactical decisions.

Being a cavalry scout in the US army requires extreme physical fitness and mental toughness. These soldiers must be able to operate independently while also working effectively within their team. They are experts at using advanced reconnaissance techniques such as aerial surveillance, ground-based patrols, and electronic sensors.

In this article, we will learn more about what it takes to become a cavalry scout in the US army: from training requirements and job duties to equipment used on operations. We will also explore some of the unique challenges faced by these soldiers on active duty. So if you're ready for an inside look at one of America's most elite military units – read on!

Cavalry Scout US Army: The Elite Reconnaissance Experts

A cavalry scout is a highly skilled soldier in the United States Army who specializes in reconnaissance and surveillance missions. They are responsible for providing vital information to commanders on enemy positions, movements, and tactics.

In this article, we will take an in-depth look at what it takes to become a cavalry scout in the US army. We'll explore their training, responsibilities, benefits of serving as one and tips to help you succeed if you're interested in pursuing this career path.

What Is A Cavalry Scout?

The role of a cavalry scout is critical during combat operations since they provide frontline reconnaissance to commanders. Scouts operate as part of armor or Stryker brigade teams but can also work alongside infantry soldiers or special forces units.

Cavalry scouts receive advanced individual training (AIT) at Fort Benning after completing basic training. Their 16-week course includes intense tactical exercises that push them both physically and mentally.

Upon graduation from AIT school, scouts are assigned to various combat units such as armored brigades or Stryker brigades where they undergo additional specialized unit-level training before deployment overseas.

Responsibilities Of A Cavalry Scout

As mentioned earlier on the role played by these experts is crucial during military combats; let's dive deeper into their responsibilities;

Reconnaissance Missions

Cavalry scouts use advanced equipment like unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), ground sensors along with visual observation techniques while patrolling enemy territories undetected. These missions allow them not only collect battlefield intelligence but also determine potential threats that could jeopardize friendly forces' safety beforehand.

Surveillance Missions

Scouts conduct remote surveillance using high-tech electro-optical/infrared cameras mounted on UAVs which enable troops' early warning against surprise attacks.

Direct Action Operations Support

When conducting direct action operations like raids against enemy logistics infrastructure sites or troop concentrations -that require swift execution-, scouts offer detailed information about the area of operation to help the mission planners and executioners make informed decisions.

Cavalry Scout Training

To become a cavalry scout, one must first complete Basic Combat Training (BCT) followed by Advanced Individual Training (AIT). The training is conducted at Fort Benning, GA. In AIT, soldiers learn:

  • How to operate and maintain a variety of reconnaissance equipment such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), ground sensors, long-range surveillance systems.
  • How to conduct mounted and dismounted patrols in hostile environments
  • Tactical map reading skills
  • Use of camouflage techniques for concealment from enemy forces

Upon graduation from AIT school, scouts will then be assigned to various combat units where additional specialized unit-level training is provided before deployment overseas.

Benefits Of Serving As A Cavalry Scout

Serving as a cavalry scout in the US army comes with numerous benefits that include;

Career Growth Opportunities

Cavalry Scouts have an opportunity for career growth within their field or even outside it. They can diversify their careers within related fields like special operations or intelligence gathering..

Education Tuition Assistance

The US Army offers tuition assistance programs for its personnel who wish to further their education while still on active duty.

Healthcare Coverage

As part of the army benefits system healthcare coverage comes hand-in-hand with serving as a cavalry scout. It covers not only yourself but also your family.

Retirement Benefits

After completion of service terms; retirement benefits come into play which may include pension funds depending on service years thus far.

Tips For Succeeding As A Cavalry Scout

If you're interested in becoming one -Here are useful tips tailored just for you!

  1. Stay Mentally And Physically Fit – Being physically fit enables you to perform your duties efficiently while mental fitness helps retain cognitive functions during high-pressure situations encountered regularly during missions.
  2. Develop Strong Analytical Skills – Cavalry scouts must analyze information to make informed decisions when conducting reconnaissance or surveillance operations.
  3. Pay Attention To Detail – Missions can go either way depending on small details that may have been overlooked during the planning stage.
  4. Stay Alert At All Times– The key to successful scout missions is constant vigilance.


Becoming a cavalry scout in the US Army is no small feat, but it comes with numerous benefits for those who are up to the challenge and persevere through rigorous training exercises. Their role as frontline reconnaissance experts provides invaluable support for combat units by providing vital information used in decision making during military operations. If you're interested in joining this elite group of soldiers, we hope this article has provided useful insights into what it takes to become one and tips on how best you can succeed once deployed!


What is a cavalry scout in the US Army?

A cavalry scout is a member of the United States Army who serves as an integral part of the reconnaissance and surveillance team. They are responsible for collecting and reporting critical information about enemy forces, terrain, and weather conditions to assist commanders in making informed decisions on the battlefield.

Cavalry scouts operate in small teams known as "cavalry teams" which include fellow scouts, infantrymen, medics and engineers. They use various tools such as binoculars, night vision devices or unmanned aerial vehicles to identify targets from long ranges. Cavalry Scouts also rely on their physical fitness abilities to move swiftly through difficult terrains while keeping themselves hidden from enemy observation.

To become a cavalry scout in the US army requires rigorous training that includes marksmanship skills with various weapons such as rifles or machine guns alongside learning how to operate radios used for communication during reconnaissance missions.

What are some duties performed by a Cavalry Scout?

The primary duty of any Cavalry Scout is conducting battlefield reconnaissance operations using advanced technological means along with stealth movement through rugged terrain surrounding hostile territories under any weather conditions.

Cavalry scouts perform their duties both dismounted (on foot) or mounted (using armored vehicles), depending upon tactical needs based on mission requirements.

Their specific duties may include identifying enemy troop movements; recognizing key landmarks that can be used by friendly forces; providing up-to-date intelligence information such as aerial photographs taken using drones; assessing trafficability across different terrains like rivers bridges etc.; establishing observation posts around key positions held by friendly troops among other things.

What kind of training do you need to become a Cavalry Scout in the US Army?

Becoming an enlisted soldier serving within one of America's most highly skilled military units requires exceptional physical fitness levels along with proficiency handling various weapons systems including light assault rifles and heavy machine guns.

Candidates must meet basic entry requirements for enlisting in the army, including being between the ages of 17 and 34 years old; possessing a high school diploma or GED, and passing both physical fitness and aptitude tests.

The training to become a Cavalry Scout is rigorous. Training for Cavalry Scouts occurs at Fort Benning, Georgia as part of the Initial Entry Training (IET) program. The first step involves completing Basic Combat Training which lasts ten weeks – after that trainees move into Advanced Individual Training (AIT) which lasts an additional fourteen weeks.

During AIT, cavalry scout candidates learn how to conduct reconnaissance operations on foot using equipment such as binoculars alongside operating Light Armored Vehicles (LAVs), M1 Abrams tanks etc.; they'll also be trained on weapons systems like rifles & machine guns while learning basic radio communication skills.

What kind of equipment do Cavalry Scouts use?

Cavalry scouts utilize various types of equipment when conducting reconnaissance missions to ensure tactical superiority over enemy forces.

Some essential pieces are:

  • Unmanned Aerial Systems – drones used for aerial surveillance
  • GPS mapping devices
  • Communication gear such as radios or satellite phones
  • Night vision devices that allow them to see in complete darkness
  • Standard personal protective gear like helmets, ballistic vests etc.

Additionally these soldiers may carry other items depending upon their specific mission requirements; some may carry things like water supplies/more ammunition with them based on expected duration during a mission.

How can you become successful as a Cavalry Scout in US Army?

Success within this particular field requires exceptional physical fitness levels along with proficiency handling various weapons systems including light assault rifles and heavy machine guns.

To become successful requires self-discipline across all areas from maintaining personal hygiene standards while deployed overseas where resources might be limited through showing up prepared physically every day ready to tackle whatever challenges come your way during training exercises domestic or abroad alike.

Working well within teams is also critical because of the high level of coordination required between units conducting reconnaissance operations on the battlefield. Cavalry scouts need to be quick thinkers who can make split-second decisions in high-pressure scenarios.

Finally, a passion for serving your country and putting yourself in harm's way actively to keep others safe is key, along with a strong sense of duty towards one's responsibilities as an enlisted member within the US army.

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