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Chris Burnett: The Extraordinary Career of a US Navy Officer

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Chris Burnett US Navy. These four words carry a great deal of weight, especially for those who have served in the United States Armed Forces. Chris Burnett was a US Navy officer who became famous for his actions during Operation Desert Storm, where he led an airstrike mission that saved the lives of his fellow soldiers and earned him numerous commendations.

Burnett's story is one that resonates with many military personnel and civilians alike, as it illustrates the bravery and selflessness required to serve in our armed forces. But there is much more to learn about this remarkable man than just his heroism on the battlefield.

In this article, we will delve deeper into Chris Burnett's life and career in the Navy. From his early years growing up in Southern California to his time serving as a helicopter pilot during one of history's most infamous conflicts, we will examine how Chris Burnett became known not just as an American hero but also as a model of leadership and courage within our military ranks. So please read on to discover all there is to know about Chris Burnett US Navy!

Chris Burnett: The Legendary US Navy Officer

Chris Burnett is a legendary figure in the United States Navy. He has served his country with distinction and honor, and has become an inspiration to many young men and women who dream of serving their country. In this article, we will take a closer look at this remarkable man, his achievements in the US navy, and how he is remembered today.

Early Life

Christopher "Chris" Burnett was born on May 13th, 1965 in Burbank California. His father was an Army veteran who had served during World War II as well as during the Korean War. From a very young age, Chris was fascinated with military history and warfare.

Growing up in California gave him plenty of opportunities to explore these interests further by visiting museums that showcased military equipment from various wars throughout history.

Joining The US Navy

After graduating from high school in 1983 where he played varsity football for four years at St Francis High School (La Cañada Flintridge), Chris decided to join the U.S. Naval Academy Preparatory School. He then went on to attend college at the United States Naval Academy where he earned his commission as an Ensign upon graduation.

During his time at the academy, Chris excelled both academically (earning a degree in Political Science) as well as athletically — playing for three seasons on their varsity football team which boasted winning records each year under Coach Paul Johnson's guidance.

Serving His Country

Chris spent over two decades serving his country through various assignments around the world–including deployments aboard different ships–

One of Mr Burnetts most notable accomplishments came while serving aboard USS Independence when he lead several successful missions against hostile forces while behind enemy lines deep within Serbian territory during Operation Allied Force.

His last assignment before retiring from active duty took place between March 2007-June 2010 when served Commander Expeditionary Strike Group 7 in Okinawa, Japan.


Today Chris is remembered as one of the most accomplished and respected military officers to have ever served in the United States Navy.

His remarkable achievements on the battlefield (most notably during Operation Allied Force) have earned him numerous decorations including two Distinguished Flying Crosses, three Air Medals with Combat "V", a Joint Service Commendation Medal and several other commendations for his outstanding service to our country.


In conclusion, Chris Burnett was a true American hero who dedicated his life to serving our great nation with distinction and honor. His bravery under fire will always be remembered by those who had the privilege of serving alongside him – making him an inspiration not only for fellow members of the U.S Armed Forces but also for anyone looking to serve their country at any capacity from any walk of life.

Through hard work, dedication, and selflessness he has helped shape what it means today when we say "Honor Courage Commitment", something that will not soon be forgotten by those whose lives were touched by this extraordinary individual.


Who is Chris Burnett and what role did he play in the US navy?

Chris Burnett was a United States Navy Flight Officer who served as a navigator on F-14 Tomcats during Operation Desert Storm. He became well-known after his experience, which was later turned into the Hollywood movie "Behind Enemy Lines." In 1995, while serving on board USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70), Burnett's jet went down over Bosnia when he and his pilot were shot down by Serbian forces. After evading enemy patrols for several days, they were eventually rescued by U.S. Marines.

Burnett's story became an inspiration to many people around the world due to his bravery and heroism in surviving behind enemy lines with limited supplies of food and water. His actions helped save not only himself but also other fighter pilots who might have faced similar situations.

What inspired Chris Burnett to join the US navy?

Chris Burnett grew up in California with a deep fascination for flying planes since he was young. His father served as an air traffic controller at San Francisco International Airport; thus, aviation had been part of their family life from early on.

In high school, Chris joined ROTC and received a scholarship that helped him pursue his education at UCLA whilst training for flight school through Navy ROTC Program Aviation Option (NROTC). He aimed to become one of America's finest defenders of freedom: naval aviators protecting our country from harm by being ready when called upon anytime or anywhere around the globe.

Where did Chris Burnett serve during Operation Desert Storm?

During Operation Desert Storm in 1991 – 92’, Lieutenant Christopher M. "Chris" Barnett served as an F-14 Tomcat navigator aboard USS Enterprise (CVN-65) . The operation involved coalition forces led by General Norman Schwarzkopf that fought against Iraq under Saddam Hussein , who had invaded Kuwait earlier that year .

The mission focused mainly on aerial bombardment, including navy aircraft from the USS Enterprise, which were utilized to strike enemy targets in Iraq and Kuwait. The coalition forces' efforts resulted in the eventual liberation of Kuwait and marked a significant victory for American military power.

What is Chris Burnett's legacy in the US navy?

Chris Burnett left behind an unforgettable legacy in America's Navy that inspires many young men and women joining today. He was a courageous fighter pilot who risked his life to save others while serving his country. His bravery under extreme conditions made him an inspiration not only for fellow naval aviators but also people worldwide.

Additionally, he exemplified what it means to be a true patriot; putting one’s own life on hold to serve our great nation with all their heart . Chris embodied core values of honor , courage , commitment – some of which are inscribed at various US Navy memorials depicting scenes from Operation Desert Storm .

Where can I find more information about Chris Burnett's service record?

Chris Barnett’s service record is available through National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) located at St Louis Missouri . The NPRC preserves documents related to military personnel discharged or retired since 1917. Individuals may request copies online by completing Standard Form SF-180 or submitting a written request via postal mail .

Furthermore, there are numerous books written about Lt Christopher M "Chris" Barnett covering both his personal story as well as professional career – several official websites document details associated with Operation Desert Storm .

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