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Cleaning AR 15 Gas Tube: A Step-by-Step Guide for Optimal Performance

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Cleaning AR 15 gas tube is a crucial part of maintaining your firearm. The gas tube plays an essential role in the functioning of your AR 15 rifle, and any blockage or obstruction can cause serious malfunctions. Therefore, it's imperative to keep the gas tube clean to ensure that your weapon functions smoothly and reliably.

A dirty or clogged gas tube can lead to several problems such as failure to cycle properly, reduced accuracy, and increased recoil. This makes cleaning the AR 15 gas tube an important task for gun owners who want their firearms in top-notch condition at all times. In this article, we will take you through some helpful tips on how to clean AR 15’s gas tube effectively.

So if you're wondering how best to get rid of dirt buildup inside your AR-15's small but critical passageway then read on!

Cleaning AR 15 Gas Tube: A Comprehensive Guide

If you're an avid shooter, it's essential to keep your AR 15 gun clean and well-maintained. One of the critical parts that require regular cleaning is the gas tube. The gas system in an AR 15 is responsible for cycling rounds through the chamber, and a dirty gas tube can lead to misfires or malfunctions.

In this article, we'll take a comprehensive look at how to clean your AR 15 Gas Tube. We'll cover everything from tools needed to step-by-step instructions on how to do it correctly.

Why Clean Your AR 15 Gas Tube?

The primary reason for cleaning your gas tube is reliability. Carbon buildup inside the tube can restrict airflow and disrupts proper functioning of the rifle’s operation cycle resulting in decreased performance or outright failure.

Additionally, carbon deposits inside any firearm are prone to rusting which eventually causes corrosion that eats away at metal surfaces over time. To ensure longevity of use out of your firearm, it's important you maintain cleanliness throughout its life-cycle.

Tools Needed

To get started with cleaning your gas tube properly, there are some tools you will need:

  • Gun lubrication
  • Bore brush
  • Cleaning rod
  • Brass scraper tool
  • Solvent cleaner
  • Copper brush

Step by Step Instructions On How To Clean Your Ar-15 Gas Tubes

Step One: Disassemble Your Gun

Before starting any work on cleaning guns including disassembly procedures always be sure firearms are unloaded before beginning any maintenance procedure(s). If possible refer back manufacturer’s owner manual on assembly/disassembly information as each brand may have specific requirements beyond standard expectations.

Step Two: Remove The Handguard

Next up remove handguard which covers most piston systems used with all modern firearms including rifles such as M16/M4 carbines (AR-variant models).

Once removed inspect contents within opening for any signs of damage issues; ie cracks, rusting, breaking down of seals or fastenings. If found repairs and/or replacements should be addressed immediately.

Step Three: Remove The Gas Tube

After handguard is removed locate the gas tube. It will require unscrewing the screws that hold onto your rifle’s upper receiver and can generally be removed by pulling back on it.

Generally speaking when cleaning your gas tube you will only need to remove the portion closest to its connection with barrel but in order to do this it's necessary that you completely remove all attachments from firearm including buffer springs/buffers if using AR-15 type platform models.

Step Four: Clean The Gas Tube

Now that we have our gas tube separated from the rifle, we can start cleaning it up.

Using a bore brush or copper brush work through stiff areas within chamber until clean residue-free surface visible throughout entirety of length.

Take caution when working inside small spaces as there may be buildup present which could cause injury if accidentally dislodged due too much force being applied during scrubbing process (make sure not wiggle around too much).

From here use solvent cleaner with brass scraper tool getting into tight spaces for more thorough cleaning procedure(s). This approach allows for even further access/coverage thereby ensuring quality performance output long-term usage out firearms equipment regardless whether military application(s), range practice or self-defense.


In conclusion, properly maintaining an AR 15 gun involves regular care and attention towards its individual parts like its gas tube. Keeping this part clean ensures better performance over time and prevents malfunctions during critical moments.

With proper knowledge on how to clean an AR 15 Gas Tube along with adequate tools at hand anyone can accomplish this task safely without damaging their firearm in process thereby enhancing longevity/usefulness over-time while also keeping cost low on maintenance expenses overall.

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What is an AR-15 Gas Tube?

An AR-15 gas tube is a small but essential part of the rifle. It acts as a passageway for the high-pressure gases produced when firing, which cycle back and power the bolt carrier group to reload the next round. This process is what makes semi-automatic rifles like AR-15s so popular among gun enthusiasts.

The gas tube runs underneath or on top of your barrel towards your upper receiver where it connects to your bolt carrier group, playing an important role in regulating how much gas reaches this area during each shot fired. Over time, carbon buildup can clog up and obstruct this area making it less efficient in transferring gases from one end to another resulting in malfunctions.

Why Clean an AR-15 Gas Tube?

Cleaning an Ar 15 gas tube keeps it working properly and ensures that there are no blockages or obstructions within its passageway that may cause malfunctions while using your rifle. Carbon deposits accumulate inside the tube over time due to accumulated shooting residues making them difficult for air passage resulting in malfunctioning.

A clogged up or obstructed Ar 15 gas tube can restrict airflow leading to poor cycling thus affecting accuracy and reliability during operation resulting inaccurate shots or worse case even complete system failure.
Maintaining clean Ar 15 tubes will prevent any potential failures while maintaining consistant accuracy letting you fire safely without worries reducing wear on other parts thus prolonging their lifespan also helping you avoid costly repairs since most issues arise from poor maintenance habits such as not cleaning out carbon buildups regularly.

How Often Should You Clean Your AR-5 Gas Tube?

In general, it's recommended that you clean your Ar 5-Gas-tube after every use with oil solvent designed specifically for firearms cleaning purposes along with other maintenance procedures such as wiping down exterior surfaces after use too since these areas get dirty easily .

If you're someone who uses their firearm frequently, you might find yourself cleaning the gas tube more often than once per use. Carbon and other residues can accumulate much faster depending on how hard or frequently you shoot your firearm.

Keep in mind that all firearms are different, and some may require less maintenance than others while some users may prefer to clean their guns after every few uses just to be safe.

How Do You Clean an AR-15 Gas Tube?

To effectively clean an Ar 15 gas tube, a solvent designed specifically for firearms cleaning is required. It's highly recommended not to use harsh chemicals as it can cause damage thus rendering the gun useless.

Start by disassembling your rifle carefully removing any dirt debris or dust from surrounding areas of the gas block before proceeding undetaching it from its position.
Saturate a piece of cloth with solvent then insert it into one end of the gas tube working slowly through until covering both ends repeating several times using fresh cloths each time until no more deposits or residues come off.
Once done wipe down gently wiping away excess solution remaining inside before re-assembling back onto its original position.

It’s important that all parts are wiped down properly as leftover solvents could become hazardous upon firing since most solvents used in firearm cleaning contain harmful chemicals if ingested which tend to stick around even after general maintenance procedures so care should be taken when handling these substances during cleanliness activities.

What Happens If You Don't Clean Your AR-15 Gas Tube?

The consequences for not routinely maintaining your Ar 5-Gas-tube within good condition range from poor performance to safety issues when shooting leading up systems failure.
Carbon build-up accumulation inside restricts airflow making cycling difficult affecting accuracy reliability overall operation leading up inaccurate shots at best case scenario given worst-case scenario system will completely fail compromising safety standards altogether creating potentially dangerous situations while handling firearms.

In addition, failing to maintain regular cleanliness habits only leads eventually too costly repairs resulting in wear and tear to other parts since they have to work harder when the gas tube is not functioning correctly. The best way to prevent these problems is by making sure your AR-15 Gas Tube stays clean and well-maintained at all times.

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