1. 26 Feb '14, 8am

    wow wish i could be there! god bless!

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  2. 26 Feb '14, 8am

    one sick b-tch get rid of the scum!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. 20 Feb '14, 3am

    Jason Holman
    12700 Indian School Rd NE Apt 102
    Albuquerque, NM 87112
    (505) 948-1912
    [email protected]

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  4. 13 Feb '14, 4am

    He lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Owns Dreambig productions!!

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  5. 12 Feb '14, 9pm

    irresponsible, disrespectful, low-life piece of shit he is. he wants to throw God into the mix, God not only created us equal he created this world and the way it turned out to be WAS HIS PLAN. so if he has an issue with God's plans.. he needs to take that up with him in private, not through a social media site just for the attention. he can talk a big talk but when he's standing before God and has no answers as to why he wasted the life God blessed him with, i hope he is cast to hell to burn for all eternity.

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  6. 12 Feb '14, 8pm

    my boyfriend is currently serving in kuwait and whoever this stupid fuck is needs to do a serious self and life check. he's just embarrassed that he IS NOT A HERO OR SOMETHING GREAT nor will he EVER have or get the respect that the men and woman fighting for our country have. he's gotta bring down the ones who are actually doing something with their future and risking their lives for the safety of HIM, HIS FAMILY and HIS LOVED ONES because he's too lazy to fulfull his future and is just a waste of space life and seems like a waste of God's time. he needs a crucial reality check, and when it happens, which it will, i hope he suffers as he eats those harsh words he was so tough to WRITE . God did create us equal, but not everyone fulfills the potential God put in us, and the moron who wrote this is most definitely one of those people who will die never knowing what his ever was. so again, don't make him famous that's not the potential God invested his time in for that self-less, irrespon

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  7. 09 Feb '14, 3am
    being that he went and deactivated his facebook

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  8. 01 Feb '14, 4am

    savages killing savages win win!

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  9. 01 Feb '14, 4am

    love love love it when the savages kill eachother and not us!

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  10. 01 Feb '14, 3am

    50 years in slammer!

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  11. 27 Jan '14, 12pm

    He just isnt hated in America there are people who in Australia looking for him on facebook....

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  12. 27 Jan '14, 4am

    love to open a used car lot there! buss is booming!

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  13. 27 Jan '14, 4am

    just another sunni shiite day in good old downtown baghdad!

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  14. 27 Jan '14, 4am

    no big deal here just savages killing savages! sure would like to open a used car lot there. sales are booming!

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  15. 26 Jan '14, 8pm

    Wow, this guy is stupid asshole. How you can call us dumb asses? We have more education than you!! We have Doctors, Nurses, Engineers, Pilots, all kind of professionals that have more dedication and love for this country than you!! I volunteer because I want to serve not because I couldn't get in college. I did got in college and served too. Probably more than you can say. You need to get your information from a real source not from your ass(^%&^&^%(**_(.

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  16. 24 Jan '14, 9pm

    Fuck you Jason Holman and to the UN American cocksuckers who agree with him. I've earned 2 degrees and a Masters from Texas A&M been in the USN for 10 years and going strong.
    There is plenty of room in hell for all of you fucking disgusting pathetic human beings you call Americans, do me a favor before your trip to hell stop by Texas and meet the end of my friends Ruger, Smith and Wesson and Mr. AK himself.

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  17. 29 Dec '13, 5am

    From first hand experience I know Toxic or weak Senior Leaders ignore Toxic Subordinate Leaders. The Army has a big problem and Odierno is trying his darn to fix it.
    Toxic Leaders come in all forms and great subordinate Officers pay the toll of the Army's failure to weed them out. I have seen BN Commanders live through IG complaints from an entire BN Staff only to be promoted all while the staff were given bad OER's as reprisal, they just walk. I know of the same BN Commander that hand picked personnel to do his leader surveys because his own BN destroyed him on a previous leader survey. Toxic leader come in the forms of sexist, racist, obnoxiously aggressive, and down right pigs. Toxic leaders must be weeded out now to protect the careers of great subordinates who have stood up for what's right and report them for their callous actions.
    The Army is cutting thousands of Officers, many who have been wrongly evaluated by Toxic Leaders.

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  18. 12 Dec '13, 4am

    Actually, Veterans are entitled to study abroad at the full rate.

    An important point the article got wrong.

    thanks, Nile.

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  19. 30 Nov '13, 4am

    this is such a sick and wrong thing to do! unless you are barack insane obama soon to be the first muslim grand mufti of america! shamex99999999999999999999999!

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  20. 30 Nov '13, 4am

    war is hell! "stuff" happens, we should never have gone there in the first place! give karzai one goat and get the hell out of there asap!

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  21. 25 Sep '13, 6am

    Thanks to God
    The siege is over and life is likely to return to normal again.
    May the wicked never see peace

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  22. 25 Sep '13, 6am

    Iam surprised to note that the US military allows tattoos
    It's never been allowed in most armies including that of my dear country Nigeria
    It's related to necromancy as recorded in Leviticus 19:28
    This is a welcome decision by the US army

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  23. 13 Sep '13, 6am

    I am one of the "harassing neighbors" and I made a video response telling my side of the story that can be seen here

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  24. 21 Aug '13, 2am

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  25. 01 Aug '13, 9pm

    The Communist sympathizer Hanoi Jane says " Get a life" ??? Interesting choice of words considering her trip to visit the enemy might have cost many "Life's". Because she did not pull the trigger does not mean she is innocent. She has blood on her hands in the view of people like my WWII veteran father. He wanted her tried for treason and instead she has lived a life of luxury in the country she spits on. She is a traitor..and obviously unrepentant...."Get a life???" Really ? I thought she apologized...Not so much huh? Sign our petition and tell her she is not blameless and tell Hollywood they just made another movie Americans will not waste their time and money viewing.

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  26. 28 Jul '13, 12am

    The Government of India, supposedly such a strong "military partner" of the US, has been amazingly uncooperative with US efforts to recover the remains of the estimated 400 American military airmen lost on Indian territory during World War II. Despite the fact that the Indian Government committed in principle in 2008 to allowing recoveries, and that the crash sites of almost 200 American aviators have already been discovered in India by a single American civilian - Clayton Kuhles - recovery operations have not been allowed by the Indian Government since the end of 2009. Some partner !

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  27. 23 Jul '13, 8am

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  28. 08 Jul '13, 1am

    Hey, this guy has a problem with Soldiers. I'm willing to bet that his girlfriend or wife had their ass tore open by a Marine home on leave. This puke could also be upset cause his fat ass was turned away.

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  29. 06 Jul '13, 10pm

    @RevJoeASondrup: The producers really screwed this one... She has no business playing such a classy First Lady, or any lady!

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  30. 10 Jun '13, 6am

    I think that this is being a little sensationalized. The NOTAM simply says that they don't want Airmen accessing CLASSIFIED files on an UNCLASSIFIED network. You never put red files on the green network. There was nothing in there about not being able to access those stories from other networks... just not NIPR. NIPRNET is rarely the sole source on internet that is available. Commonly the MWR has a completely separate network, and they can access that stuff from there... especially the Air Force. Those guys are always near developed areas. It's not like the Soldiers and Marines that are out in the suck, with no access to anything.

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