1. 21 May '13, 1am

    Here is the address & email of United States Navy Seals for all that want to bad mouth the U.S. Military. Write them want you think if you have the guts.

    E: [email protected]
    T: (888) USN-SEAL (888) 876-7325
    F: (619) 437-2873

    SEAL + SWCC Scout Team
    2000 Trident Way, Building #613
    San Diego, CA 92155

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  2. 15 May '13, 2am

    I've noticed a couple people agreeing with this guy. I respect your right to your opinion, but you should respect the men and women who have laid their lives down to defend that right. Should we be in the Middle East? Yes. Should we have gone as far out as we did? No. We got the man who did 9/11 and it should be done with, but its not. So i agree with some points who agree with him, but as for this fat ignorant coward, not a chance. Too stupid for college? In case this guy didnt know, we have nuclear technicians in the military, which by the way im sure even though he went to college he wouldn't know how to handle nuclear energy, and also require PhD's by civilian contractors.

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  3. 04 May '13, 1pm

    Nothing but a Failing Photoshop of damn loser. When it comes to worthying the worthless and glorifying criminals. CNN is FOXNEWS. Before he takes his life and blame Tsarnaeva Brothers for it, Chris Kyle was GUNDOWN by a Beer-Lout while shooting scarecrows of Dixie. Obama said yes right away because this movie project must be funded by Saudi Arabia as Schindler's List or else he will have McCain Germs overthrow the Dying Monarchy of Saudi Arabia. Obama draws a precedent here to show how helpless Muslims’ ill-elders, pregnant-women and sleeping-babies sniperd by contract killers if they ever rebel against Thugocracies. This brings me to Saud Alfaisal when he said: ‘I will chop anybody’s finger if he ever pointed at House of Alsaud’. AMERICAN SNIPER movie sends a powerful message to the world: “that’s OK to kill Muslim’s and make a mockery outta ‘em in Hollywood movies”. Wow that’s Good signal for Taliban to bomb movie houses than marathoners.

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  4. 04 May '13, 1pm

    AMERICAN SNIPER. Now that’s fact on Hollywood played by Bradley Cooper. Steven Spielberg is digging his own grave this time. This Zionist really has gone mad. He lost his mind after directing Schindler's List horsemanure. You must be kidding! Spielberg to dramatize the Biography of Donald Rumsfeld’s TOYBOY Redneck Psycho Mercenary who sported shooting 225 ill-elders, pregnant-women and sleeping-babies in Anbar. Chris Kyle collected his victims’ ears and fingers as trophies to fortify his wins and dole ‘em to Rumsfeld. Rummy loved to use them as dildos to milk his prostate. Steven Spielberg is sick as Rumsfeld. Man! I was always wondered - why Spielberg adored shirtless underage boys on his logos. Chris Kyle stood no chance to sniper a rat in Fallujah - He would be dead long-long before he ever unpacked his shotgun. Nice Mugshot though. Watch Kyle’s Body-Language. Nothing but a Failing Photoshop of damn loser. When it comes to worthying the worthless and glorifying criminals. CNN i

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  5. 03 May '13, 9pm

    Here is a good facebook page that is updated daily on the deaths and sacrifices that our U.S. Troops make and that the papers and the media refuse to show.

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  6. 15 Apr '13, 1am

    Thanks for your support everyone! This is Andrew from the article. Please check out our new documentary project to be used as a tool to keep soldiers a live and well.

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  7. 10 Apr '13, 10pm

    Dude needs to learn to spell first, I mean I'm no grammar nazi but seriously it helps you spell check..if your so flustered while typing that can do it too, is that it Jason were you flustered?, I wonder what made you so mad at our troops...I bet it has to do with your masculinity (or lack there of) did you really say you wouldn't defend your family?... or is it the fact that you can't do what real men do..Oh and the men who were drafted are hero's in my eyes AND it's because it's voluntary is what makes all of them hero's, that's the beauty of America people like you can continue to be whiny little girls, leave the hard jobs for the big boys...If you don't like it there's always a deserted island you can go to.

    -Signed Wife, daughter, grand daughter and daughter in law of a proud Veterans.
    Army, Airforce, Navy AND Marines!

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  8. 10 Apr '13, 10pm

    Look at all the cowards agreeing with this guy..did you all fail basic training or something? it's like y'all are jealous lol.


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  9. 10 Apr '13, 7pm

    it's because he says everyone in the military is too stupid for college and are only good for catching bullets.

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  10. 10 Apr '13, 3pm

    Why he is hated no one was drafted to do any military work in decades so basically anyone that goes I to the military is a stupid optionless loser. No respect for them or the government of the United States. I could live my life the exact same way and may be better but just never tried any place else I wanted to live. Take out his rants and raves about "god" and he is 100% right. The "god" stuff makes him lose credibility because believing in "religion" is a sign of low intelligence and stupidity. Not at all a surprise stupid soldiers thank god and pray. Just funny how dumb this country is.

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  11. 09 Apr '13, 11am

    There's his profile. Have at it!

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  12. 09 Apr '13, 2am

    He became the most hated man - for what? We should NOT have been in the Middle East at all. Don't blame it on 9/11. We were already meddling with their business in the 90's. Murder is murder is murder. There are SO many men and women who came out of the military HATING what they have done. Jason, THANK YOU SO MUCH for saying what many of us also believe. What the troops are doing IS wrong. I absolutely do not support the troops. I understand many people support their country's troops even when they do wrong (example: citizens of Germany during Holocaust). Why are so many people against this man? People to the right have always approved of war. A democrat is president so of course now the left approves of war. It is no mystery why the anti-war protesters are so hard to spot and speak out. It's just the usual, boring, repetitive politics. And the war drags on..
    "We were told we were fighting terrorists. The real terrorist was me. And the real terrorism is this occupation." -Mike Prysner

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  13. 08 Apr '13, 7pm

    Kudos to the Night Dippers! You do us proud!

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  14. 04 Apr '13, 7pm

    Just keeping everyone posted, Dharma retired and I am the proud owner of her. We are now spending every moment with each other in the civilian world.

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  15. 12 Mar '13, 7pm

    Looks like the pressure is finally getting some attention...Lets keep that pressure on. If you have not signed my petition on this yet, please do so: http://petition.317thengineers

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  16. 10 Feb '13, 3am

    RIP brother, you were my inspiration to join, I escaped with my life but my body was tattered; but i'm stil here and your not, I miss you.

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  17. 01 Feb '13, 6pm

    "These men and women put their lives on the line every day to protect the very freedoms we cherish."

    please tell me what freedoms and or rights? or just admit you all fked up and are just murdering people as you do not question orders. we see more and more troops waking up to being human once again. we can only hope more do so.

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  18. 01 Feb '13, 8am

    That's actually funny. When I was in The Marine Corps, '65-'75, serving in Vietnam, it was normal for us to get 'c' rations (little green cans) that had expiration dates of 1942 and 1944 on them. What a crock...

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  19. 31 Jan '13, 7pm

    wtf breakfast is the most inportant meal of the day whats next not haveing guns

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  20. 31 Jan '13, 3am

    As another question, WHY aren't they getting three hots a day? Prisoners do. School children do. Are our troops not worth as much?

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  21. 31 Jan '13, 3am

    While this article is a LITTLE misleading, you all might want to hear the rest of the story. My DIL is an Army Vet. Vets do food inspections. In Afghanistan last year when she was there, a great quantity of food was destroyed because it was outdated. Why? Because it was OUTDATED WHEN THEY GOT IT!!! According to her this isn't unusual and a lot of food the troops wouldn't get at all if they let the outdated food be destroyed. As for the above story being descredited on Snopes. You can't believe a THING that you read on Snopes. Their idea of fact checking is the husband and wife team that owns the sight doing internet searches....without them ever leaving their home.

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  22. 31 Jan '13, 2am

    This article is a little misleading. The soldiers are still getting breakfast, just not a hot one. The link obove explains it.

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  23. 29 Jan '13, 11pm

    Indeed wake up...

    This isn't true.

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  24. 31 Oct '12, 5pm

    How often has something like this happened?? This is unbelievable!

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  25. 24 Oct '12, 2am

    That's kind of scary, actually. Maybe the commander-in-chief of the most powerful nation on Earth needs a refresher on military equipment from his troops.

  26. 22 Oct '12, 4am

    OMG ! Why only in India ? And where do those guys find these giant spiders ?

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  27. 12 Oct '12, 3pm

    When a wise person debates with a fool, the fool rages and laughs, and there is no peace and quiet." Proverbs 29:9

    Only fools will trust you Joe!

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  28. 12 Oct '12, 3pm

    Biden said on multiple occasions "Trust Me". But his words don't match with the truth so why should anyone trust him?

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  29. 11 Oct '12, 7am

    Its Fun and Hard to Play Rugby - but still proud to be part of Afghanistan National Rugby Team ...
    Thanks to all helping and growing rugby in Afghanistan, Mr. Asad Ziar, Mr. Khalil Bik and Mr. Paul Charles :)

  30. 30 Sep '12, 1am

    This article should have identified the man responsible for this happy ending: Clayton Kuhles of Prescott, Arizona. Mr. Kuhles, who discovered 2nd Lt. Lunday's crash site in 2003 and recovered his remains, has been honored by the state governments of Arizona and North Carolina for his humanitarian missions, performed gratis, to bring closure to the families of World War II MIAs lost in the China-Burma-India theater. It's amazing that the Defense Department failed to give him the credit due him in its press release on this burial.

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