1. 18 Sep '12, 2am

    BMC(SW) Jerry Ramos Ret. it was my HONOR to have served on both of the great US ships. Great memories and great sailing thru rough seas..

  2. 12 Sep '12, 4am

    I am a volunteer firefighter II & Basic EMT at state level. I want to enlist as 12M in Army reserve. Would I be able to enlist as anything above E-1?

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    03 Sep '12, 9pm


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  4. 20 Aug '12, 10am

    We had the privilege of photographing the 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards christmas party. Jamie was the life and soul of the event getting everyone involved in the group photos making it a night to remember. Our thoughts are with his family & friends, may he rest in peace.

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  5. 12 Aug '12, 9pm

    That just goes to show how much they appreciate the Troops for their freedoms...oops they don't. NBC don't do us any favors by embedding your reporters in with us. We will stick with CBS, FOX News and CNN

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  6. 29 Jul '12, 2pm

    Sounds to me like A LOAD OF OLD BOLLOCKS!

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  7. 09 Jul '12, 6am

    That link is dead. But the link to the original article is here:

  8. 08 Jul '12, 4pm

    The American people must ask themselves:

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  9. 07 Jul '12, 3pm

    Having spoken during the 2008 primaries of the existential threat to the U. S. presented by radical Islam, Romney most recently opined in a debate " a very few number of families are paying the price of freedom in America".

    It concerns me deeply that a man with not one, not two or three sons, but five sons of military age who chose not to serve the country during a time of urgent calling desires to be president. Five sons that, during the sustained engagements of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan chose not to serve on active duty or in in Reserves - not even in the National Guard. Five sons, not a one. Yet, while he is unable to call those gathered around his dinner table to service of their country, he aspires to lead as commander-in-chief those who do sacrifice.

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  10. 07 Jul '12, 4am

    Oh my God. This was my post on imgur/Reddit.

  11. 02 Jul '12, 11am

    There is more to the story though. The boots that were issued to me in Afghanistan cost MORE than the price quote for American made tan boots at Schofield Barracks and Fort Shafter in HI. The company who sold the Chinese boots did make some incredulous claims "2 to 3 pounds" lighter than an American boot. This claim is false and could be easily dispelled.
    Even more compelling is the Berry Amendment with the $150K minimum. My military organization in Hawaii purchased 150 pairs of boots from China for over ten thousand dollars which is illegal. Previously, a complaint was made from American servicemen about boots made-in-China. Here is the link:
    Please contact me at [email protected]

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  12. 28 Jun '12, 11pm

    I Was there. Last Co. L hole next to first Co. A hole. Remember it like it was yesterday. No one else left.

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  13. 06 Jun '12, 5am

    The tide of Zionist financial incentive must have risen high to have driven this rat from hiding, witness the deluge of publicity, from the same Zionist owned media machine that decries 911 truth, that accompanied his elevation from Zero to Hero!

    He was an electrician in a Polish shipyard, who received massive media attention, after he organized a strike on behalf of a list of grievances, against the Polish government of the day, then in the hands of a Zionist sponsored hireling!

    Who deserted his post in the military to dabble in politics, similarly at the behest of Zionist coin .. A Polish Jew was Pope, and Lech Walesa made political speeches under an icon of the Virgin Mary, while abortion decimated the Polish population over and again,

    And the Polish national resource became the property of foreigners - It appears to trouble Lech Walesa not, that the 911 attacks were the work of Jews, and unjust war has been sustained against everyone else, on behalf of the same Jews ever since!

  14. 11 Apr '12, 3am

    Ovbiamente, la Nueva generación del Navío

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