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Disconnector AR 15: Everything You Need to Know

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Disconnector AR 15. These three words may not be familiar to everyone, but for gun enthusiasts, they are an integral part of the AR-15 rifle. The disconnector is a small but crucial component that helps ensure the proper operation of this popular firearm.

In simple terms, a disconnector is responsible for disconnecting the trigger from the hammer after each shot fired. This allows for a semi-automatic firing mechanism that quickly reloads and fires another round with each squeeze of the trigger. Without this critical piece in place, your AR-15 would fail to fire or jam frequently.

Whether you are an avid shooter or just starting out with firearms, understanding how every part of your weapon works is essential to ensuring its longevity and optimal performance in any situation. In this article about Disconnector AR 15s, we will explore everything there is to know about this vital component and why it matters so much when it comes to your firearm's overall reliability and accuracy. Read on!

Disconnector AR 15: An Essential Component of Your Rifle

As an AR 15 owner, you are aware that it is one of the most versatile rifles that can be customized for any shooting requirement. The modularity and compatibility options have made it a popular choice among amateurs as well as professionals. One essential component that needs to be in your arsenal is the disconnector.

What is a Disconnector?

The disconnector in an AR 15 rifle controls the firing process by disconnecting the hammer from the trigger after each shot. It ensures that only one round gets fired per trigger pull, thus making your rifle safe for use and avoiding any accidental discharge.

Types of Disconnectors

There are two types of disconnectors – standard and match-grade.

Standard Disconnector

The standard disconnector comes pre-installed on most rifles and requires no tweaking or adjustments. They work great for casual shooting or self-defense scenarios where accuracy does not play a significant role.

Match-Grade Disconnector

Match-grade disconnectors, on the other hand, require fine-tuning to reduce creep, overtravel and improve trigger pull weight consistency. These features make them ideal for competitive shooting events where precision plays a huge role in scoring points accurately.

Benefits of Using A Quality Disconnector

A quality disconnector provides several benefits:

  • Improved Accuracy: By reducing creep during trigger pull and minimizing over-travel time between shots, you will experience drastically improved accuracy.

  • Customizability: You can customize your rifle's performance by choosing different types of connectors based on specific requirements like competition levels

  • Safety Features: Accidental misfires due to multiple rounds getting fired with just one trigger pull can lead to hazardous situations; hence reliable disconnectors ensure safety during usage.

  • Smooth Trigger Pulls: Fine-tuned match-grade connectors provide consistent smooth pulls every time you fire your weapon.

Tips When Choosing A Disconnector

When choosing a disconnector, keep in mind the following tips:

  • Match your usage: Choose the right type of connector based on your shooting requirements. For example, if you're a competitive shooter, go for match-grade connectors.

  • Brand Reliability: Always choose reputable brands that have been tested and proven to deliver quality products.

  • Compatibility: Ensure that the connector is compatible with your rifle's make and model before purchasing. Miss-matching can lead to malfunctions or accidents during usage.


In conclusion, investing in a quality disconnector is crucial for any AR 15 owner who wants to improve their shooting accuracy and safety. With multiple options available on the market today catering to varying needs like competition level shooting or casual shooting events, it's essential always to do your research before making any purchase decisions.

Choose wisely when it comes time for purchasing this essential component of an AR 15 rifle because taking care while selecting will ensure better performance results whenever you use it!


What is a disconnector in an AR-15 rifle?

A disconnector is a small mechanism that plays an important role in the functioning of the AR-15 rifle. It works by catching and holding onto the hammer during firing, allowing it to reset after each shot. This allows for semi-automatic fire, where pulling the trigger repeatedly will result in successive shots being fired until there are no rounds left or until you release your finger from the trigger.

The disconnector works together with other parts of the AR-15's firing system such as springs and triggers to ensure proper functioning. The timing between these components must be perfect for safe and reliable operations.

Why is it important to have a quality disconnector on my AR-15?

Having a quality disconnector on your weapon ensures its reliability when you need it most. A poorly made or damaged connector can cause misfires or even complete malfunctions that could put you at risk.

Moreover, having a quality connector installed can also improve accuracy by reducing trigger slack while improving overall precision when shooting rapidly. The best way to ensure this level of performance is by investing in high-quality connectors from reputable manufacturers like Geissele Automatics LLC, CMC Triggers Corp., Timney Triggers Inc., ALG Defense, among others.

Can I replace my own DisConnector on my ar 15?

Replacing your own DisConnector should be done with care as any mistakes could compromise both safety and functionality; therefore we recommend seeking professional gunsmithing services if you're not confident about doing this yourself..

If you do know what you're doing however, replacing these parts usually involves removing pins securing them into place then replacing them before reassembling everything back together again properly without causing damage anywhere else along its path through which bullets travel before being expelled out towards targets..

Also note that some states may require special licenses depending upon what type (semi-auto/full auto) firearms they regulate so make sure you are in compliance before making any changes to your rifle.

What are some of the best disconnector ar 15 brands available?

There are several brands that produce quality connectors for AR-15 rifles. Among these, Geissele Automatics LLC, CMC Triggers Corp., Timney Triggers Inc., ALG Defense have built a solid reputation through their consistent production of high-quality connectors.

The Geissele Automatics Super Semi-Automatic (SSA) Trigger is a standout product and has been popular with enthusiasts due to its crisp break and clean reset. Another good option is the Drop-In Match Grade trigger manufactured by CMC Triggers Corp which delivers minimal takeup with no grittiness when firing thanks to its finely finished surfaces.

Other notable options include the Velocity Trigger's MPC Drop-in trigger kit, which features an adjustable pull weight between 3lbs – 4lbs and comes equipped with complete installation instructions along with all required parts needed for proper fitment on most AR-15 models currently available on the market today!.

How do I know my DisConnector needs replacement?

Like other parts in any firearm, disconnector wear can occur over time resulting from various factors such as frequency of use or improper maintenance routines. Some signs that your disconnector may need replacing include misfires or failure-to-fire incidents where pulling back on trigger produces no response whatsoever even after checking ammo supply levels; when shooting rapidly without accuracy (grouping) being maintained; increased slackness felt while maintaining tight hold onto weapon during recoil phase etc..

If you notice any issues like this developing it's important not only to replace faulty components but also seek professional gunsmithing services aimed at restoring rifle's reliability & performance characteristics back into optimal condition!

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