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Enhance Your AR-15 Performance with Bumpski Stock: A Comprehensive Guide

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The AR 15 Bumpski Stock is a term that every firearm enthusiast and gun owner must be familiar with. The bump stock has been gaining popularity among the shooting community, especially since its use was approved by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) in 2010.

This innovative accessory allows for rapid-fire without having to modify or alter the internal mechanics of your firearm. This means that whether you're an experienced shooter or just starting out, using this device can give you an edge when it comes to target practice or hunting game.

If you're interested in learning more about this revolutionary accessory and how it works with your AR 15 rifle, then keep reading our article as we dive deeper into what makes a bumpstock so unique.

AR-15 Bumpski Stock: A Comprehensive Guide

The AR-15 is one of the most popular rifles in America. It's no surprise that many gun enthusiasts are always looking for ways to enhance their shooting experience. One way to do this is by using a bump stock, which allows you to fire your rifle at a faster rate.

In recent years, the bumpski stock has become increasingly popular among AR-15 owners. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at what it is, how it works and its benefits.

What Is a Bumpski Stock?

A bumpski stock is an attachment that can be added onto the back of your AR-15 rifle. Essentially, it replaces the standard buttstock with one that has a hinge mechanism attached to it.

The hinge mechanism enables you to push forward on the rifle with your support hand while pulling backward on the foregrip with your firing hand; this creates enough force for each shot's recoil impulse when releasing pressure from both hands simultaneously causes another round chambering automatically.

This automatic firing makes shooting easier and quicker than traditional methods of manual cycling through rounds by moving individual components manually between shots such as trigger pull or manual slide action made possible only by more experienced shooters who have mastered these techniques over time spent practicing them frequently before going into battle situations themselves where speed would be necessary should things escalate quickly without warning!.

How Does It Work?

Bumping stocks work based on trigger manipulation technique called "bump-firing." This technique involves holding onto your firearm but not gripping tightly enough so as not impede movement during rapid-fire sessions though doing so could cause harm making sure there was space between fingers and grip panel allowing free play once fully extended outwards then applying slight forward pressure from non-trigger hand while simultaneously pulling backwards using finger or thumb resting above trigger housing interfering control rod holding bolt carrier group controlling flow cartridges being fed chambered fired ejected from within rifle's barrel.

The bumpski stock facilitates this technique by providing a hinge mechanism that allows you to push forward on the rifle with your support hand while pulling backward on the foregrip with your firing hand. This creates enough force for each shot's recoil impulse, allowing for automatic firing as described earlier.

Benefits of Using a Bumpski Stock

Using a bump stock has several benefits, including:

  1. Improved Shooting Experience: The bumpski stock makes shooting easier and quicker than traditional methods of manual cycling through rounds by moving individual components manually between shots such as trigger pull or manual slide action made possible only by more experienced shooters who have mastered these techniques over time spent practicing them frequently before going into battle situations themselves where speed would be necessary should things escalate quickly without warning!.

  2. Increased Firepower: The automatic firing enabled by the bumpstock increases firepower in a short amount of time, making it an excellent option for self-defense and other tactical scenarios.

  3. Better Accuracy: With less strain exerted onto one’s body leading up to taking aim after continuous rapid-fire sessions lead fatigue resulting poor performance can sometimes make impossible even hitting target areas ordinarily since shaking hands could affect aiming trajectory ruining chances scoring points anyways; however using this particular attachment reduces stress level experienced keeping aim steady throughout whole process thereby increasing odds achieving desired outcome every single time fired!

AR-15 Bumpski Stocks Comparison

There are many different types of bumps stocks available on the market today; here are some options worth considering:

Brand Model Price
FosTech Outdoors Echo AK Trigger Gen II $479
Slide Fire Solutions SSAK-47 XRS $369
CMC Triggers Corp AR-15 Tactical Single Stage Trigger Flat Bow Drop-In Kit (4LB)

FosTech Outdoors' Echo AK Trigger Gen II is an excellent option for those looking to enhance their shooting experience. It features a binary trigger that can fire one round as soon as the shooter pulls the trigger, and another when it's released.

Slide Fire Solutions' SSAK-47 XRS is also an excellent option. It has a sleek design and provides fast, accurate firing.

CMC Triggers Corp's AR-15 Tactical Single Stage Trigger Flat Bow Drop-In Kit (4LB) offers a clean break with minimal overtravel, providing better accuracy than other bump stocks on the market.

Tips for Using an AR-15 Bumpski Stock

Here are some tips to help you make the most of your bumpski stock:

  1. Practice: Before using your bumpski stock in any tactical scenario or self-defense situation, make sure you've practiced with it enough beforehand!

  2. Safety First: Always remember that firearms are dangerous; use them responsibly!

  3. Know Your Local Laws: Make sure you're aware of any local laws regarding ownership and usage of bumpstocks before purchasing one

Final Thoughts

The AR-15 Bumpski Stock is an excellent attachment to enhance your shooting experience if used safely while adhering legal regulations imposed by state government agencies regulating firearm control measures maintained nationwide against potentially risky behavior leading up incidents involving firearms without proper preparation previously done taking necessary precautions minimize risks taken handling weapons involved training oneself become competent handling situations arise putting people danger way unnecessarily while having fun more difficult now due increased scrutiny being given whenever something goes wrong making headlines news outlets around country regularly nowadays!.


What is an AR 15 Bumpski Stock?

The AR 15 Bumpski Stock is a rifle stock designed to be used with the popular semi-automatic weapon, the AR-15. It's a type of bump fire stock that allows the shooter to shoot more rapidly without compromising accuracy, thanks to its unique design. The bump fire technique involves holding down the trigger and using recoil from each shot fired to "bump" or push against the firearm so that it fires again without having to release or reposition your finger on the trigger.

The Bumpski stock takes this concept further by utilizing an extended slide mechanism that makes rapid firing easier and safer for shooters of all skill levels. This unique sliding mechanism allows users to easily control their rate of fire while maintaining accuracy over long distances.

How does an AR 15 Bumpski Stock work?

An AR-15 Bump Fire system works by harnessing the natural recoil impulse created by firing a round in order to increase your rate-of-fire as you shoot through your magazine. When installed properly onto your rifle, you'll press forward on it so as engage with it at an angle which then eliminates any gap between finger & trigger.

The key element in making this happen is being able have sufficient contact between your body and gun; specifically – through use of rubber pads located where they meet up against one another during use (shoulder). Once in place – simply hold back onto both sides while maintaining stable aim downrange; now squeeze off shots at speeds higher than one would normally experience w/o such modification!

Is an AR-15 Bumksi Stock legal?

While there have been attempts made in recent years within Federal bureaucracies aimed at restricting ownership rights via regulation changes under ATF oversight authority relating directly towards these types accessories there has yet been no rulings put forth affirming legality concerns may exist regarding usage thereof outside those states already enacting restrictions upon their ownership.

The legality of using an AR-15 Bumpski Stock is ultimately determined by the individual state laws and regulations. In many states, bump stocks are legal to own and use on your weapon. However, it's important to note that there are several states where they have been banned altogether including CA, CT, DC., FL., HI., IA., MD,. MA,. NJ.. NY,, OR,. RI . And WA.

How do I install an AR 15 Bumpski Stock?

Installing a Bumpski stock on your AR-15 can be done with just a few simple steps. First you must locate the release mechanism for your current stock so as remove it from rifle (typically located at rear of lower receiver or within buffer tube). Next – slide the new bump fire assembly over this without obstructing any existing spring tension devices within internal workings; tightening down appropriate screws provided in kit (make sure they're snug but not too tight) until secure fit achieved allowing for proper co-witness with sights/optics used during shooting exercises!

Can I use an AR 15 Bumpski Stock for hunting?

This largely depends upon which state one resides as well as individual preference towards style & usage factors relating directly towards specific hunting applications intended undertake while carrying firearm devise thus equipped.
It should be noted that some hunters may find that using a bump fire system makes their rifles less accurate or more difficult to control when firing in rapid succession; therefore it's always best practice test out any modifications before heading out into field environment.

For safety reasons many jurisdictions will require special certification training programs prior issue permits granting usage rights involving such accessories alongside full disclosure regarding intentional application thereof beforehand being granted approval through permitting processes established under local ordinances governing firearms activities within area listed under legal jurisdiction therein residing!

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