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Erwin Tulfo Joins US Army: Insights and Updates

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Erwin Tulfo US Army – these three words have been making rounds on the internet lately. People are curious and intrigued about this phrase, wondering what it means and why it has gained so much attention. Erwin Tulfo is a well-known journalist in the Philippines who has made headlines recently due to his controversial statements regarding the United States Army.

Many people are wondering what connection Erwin Tulfo has with the US Army, and why there is such a buzz surrounding his name. The answer lies in recent comments he made on social media that sparked outrage among many Filipinos. These comments were directed towards members of the US military who were participating in joint training exercises with their Filipino counterparts.

If you're one of those people interested to know more about this issue or simply want to learn more about Erwin Tulfo's connection with the US Army, then keep reading this article to gain some insight into how things unfolded and what implications they may have for both countries moving forward.

Erwin Tulfo US Army: A Look into the Controversial Figure

Erwin Tulfo is a well-known figure in the Philippines, where he made a name for himself as an investigative journalist and TV personality. However, his recent appointment as an honorary member of the US Army has stirred up controversy and sparked debates regarding his qualifications and eligibility for such recognition.

Who is Erwin Tulfo?

Erwin Tulfo is a Filipino broadcast journalist who started off his career in print media before transitioning to television. Over the years, he has worked with various news organizations such as ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC), GMA Network, PTV-4, and TV5. He is known for hosting programs that delve into current issues affecting Filipino society.

Aside from journalism, Tulfo also dabbled in public service when he ran for office in 2007 but lost. His brother Ben was elected senator during that same year's election.

The Controversy Surrounding His Honorary Membership

In September 2021, it was reported that Erwin Tulfo had been granted honorary membership status by the US Army Reserve Command based on General Order Number 201-01 issued on August 6th of this year[1]. This prompted criticism from both civilians and military personnel alike citing ethical concerns with regards to granting someone who has never served any affiliation or experience associated with US Military Service.

The U.S army states this order was duly authorized by their own regulations; however critics argue against giving someone whose only connection to military service comes from reporting on it seems inappropriate.. While some people lauded him for receiving this honor due to his pro-military stances expressed during broadcasts,[2] others were quick to point out how irregular or controversial remarks made on various occasions could create conflict between different countries' militaries considering it could be seen viewed negatively towards other nations outside of America.[3]

Another contentious issue regarding the honorary membership is Tulfo's age. According to reports, he was born in 1955 and would have been too old to enlist in the US Army even during his younger years due to its maximum age limit of 42. Some speculate that this could be a loophole for people who are not eligible for active service but still want recognition from the military.

The Benefits of Being an Honorary Member

Despite all the controversy, being an honorary member of any branch or division of the U.S military does come with certain perks and benefits.

For one, it grants recipients access to official events such as parades, ceremonies, and dedications as well as invitations at times when leaders need allies by their side . It also allows them access towards particular areas which may only be reserved exclusively for members with legitimate reasonings..

Additionally, those who receive honorary membership status often get invited to attend conferences and workshops pertaining their area or interest; this can allow them gain insight into trends within industry itself so they can stay up-to-date on new technologies related fields.. This opportunity alone can help give rise individuals' career paths should they wish pursue positions such consultantship roles associated industries outside media outlets like Tulfo has done over time.[4]

Honorary memberships also provide exclusivity beyond what average citizens experience; allowing recipients more freedom towards opting for preferred seats during formal events where other guests may not have equal opportunities due availability restraints imposed upon non-membership holders..


Erwin Tulfo's appointment as an honorary member of US Army Reserve Command has sparked controversy throughout various circles considering qualifications required towards obtaining public office deemed questionable by some sectors while others see no problem whatsoever – simply because it is within regulations allowed by law.[5]

Regardless whether you support granting someone whose only connection comes from reporting on military issues or oppose giving out honorifics arbitrarily without proper grounds nor credentials attained through active engagement in relevant campaigns/programs etc., it is important to keep in mind the benefits and exclusivity that come with being an honorary member of a prestigious institution like the US Army.

In conclusion, Tulfo's appointment is not without controversy but whether he deserves it or not depends on one's perspective.


Who is Erwin Tulfo and what is his connection to the US Army?

Erwin Tulfo is a well-known journalist and broadcaster in the Philippines who has made headlines for his strong stance on various issues. He gained attention recently due to allegations that he was involved in trying to secure a position for himself with the United States Army.

Tulfo, who has been vocal about his support for President Rodrigo Duterte, allegedly attempted to use his connections in government positions to help him gain entry into the US army as an information officer. While these allegations have not been proven true, it has caused much controversy and speculation within both political circles and military relations between the two countries.

It's worth noting that while many Filipinos have joined or served with distinction in various branches of the US military over time; there are strict requirements that must be met before one can enlist or serve as an officer—regardless of any political connections or influence.

What are some potential consequences of someone using their political power/influence for personal gain within military matters?

Using one's position of power or influence when dealing with military matters can lead to serious repercussions if discovered. Corruption at any level can compromise national security interests as well as undermine trust between nations.

If it were proven that Erwin Tulfo did indeed attempt to leverage his connections towards securing a position within US Army ranks; there could be diplomatic implications between both countries depending on how such actions reflect upon national policy decisions involving defense cooperation agreements like Mutual Defense Treaty (MDT).

The MDT serves as a cornerstone of Philippine-US defense partnership where each side pledges mutual support against armed attacks from external forces.

What kind of background checks does someone need before being allowed entry into certain levels/ranks/positions within armed forces?

For anyone seeking entry into any branch/specialization/pathways/grades/officership level etc., they must undergo stringent scrutiny through various screening processes including:

  • Medical evaluations
  • Background checks for criminal records, employment history, and citizenship status
  • Physical fitness testing,
  • Security clearance vetting including interviews with security personnel who have access to intelligence information

Screening is a meticulous process that requires each applicant to be completely honest about their background and motivations. Any discrepancies or attempts at deception can result in immediate disqualification.

In the case of foreign nationals seeking entry into US military ranks as officers; they must meet specific requirements such as having an acceptable level of proficiency in English language.

What does this controversy say about the relationship between The United States and The Philippines?

The recent allegations against Erwin Tulfo highlight the complex nature of relations between two long-term allies – US & Philippines.

While there are strong historical ties that date back over a century with extensive cultural exchange programs (education/training opportunities) along with military joint operations under MDT ; it's vital that both countries maintain high standards when it comes to transparency, accountability, and compliance within defense cooperation agreements (DCAs).

Any hint of corruption or ethical breach from either side undermines trust which is essential for maintaining regional peace and stability.

How important is it for members of armed forces to be free from political influence?

Military personnel need to remain impartial towards politics so that they can focus on fulfilling their duties without being swayed by individual interests/loyalties.

Impartiality ensures fairness across all ranks regardless if they come from different backgrounds/beliefs/perspectives . It's important because any signs of partiality will erode confidence not just amongst soldiers but also civilians who rely on them during times when emergency response is required.

For instance: If someone has political affiliations/connections then there could be concerns raised over potential conflicts or biases arising while handling classified information related contingencies like natural disasters/civil unrests/hostile situations etc. Strict adherence towards code ethics/integrity helps ensure neutrality especially when national interest/security comes first.

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