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Explore Camp Carlson Army Recreational Area: 9210 US-60 Muldraugh KY 40155

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Camp Carlson Army Recreational Area, located at 9210 US-60 Muldraugh KY 40155, is a military-run facility open to active duty and retired military personnel. It offers various recreational opportunities and activities for individuals or families looking for some outdoor fun.

The Camp Carlson Army Recreational Area boasts of its picturesque location amid scenic views of Kentucky's countryside. Visitors can rent cabins that come fully equipped with all modern amenities like air conditioning, cable TV, kitchen supplies etc., making it an ideal place to spend quality time with family while enjoying the beauty of nature.

If you are planning a vacation or just want to take a break from your hectic routine life, this article will provide you with detailed information about Camp Carlson Army Recreational Area. From facilities available at the campsite to nearby tourist attractions around Muldraugh area – we have got everything covered! So read on and find out more about this wonderful recreational area exclusively for military personnel!

Camp Carlson Army Recreational Area 9210 US-60 Muldraugh KY 40155: A Hidden Gem for Military Personnel

Overview of Camp Carlson Army Recreational Area

Camp Carlson Army Recreational Area is a hidden gem in the heart of Kentucky, USA. It offers military personnel and their families a chance to enjoy nature, relax, and bond with each other away from the stresses of everyday life. The recreational area covers over 300 acres and is located at 9210 US-60 Muldraugh KY 40155.

The camp has plenty of outdoor activities for its visitors including fishing, boating, hiking trails and archery to name a few. The camp also boasts numerous amenities such as an outdoor pool, cabins for hire or RV park that makes it possible to stay overnight making your experience more enjoyable.

History Of Camp Carlsom

Camp Carlson was established in the early days of World War II as an ammunition storage facility but later transformed into what it's known today –a recreational area offering numerous leisure activities while preserving historical structures that were used during wartime.

During WWII there was a significant need for ammunition storage facilities within close proximity to Fort Knox which led to the creation of Camp Carlson army base. As time passed by after WWII ended and there were no longer any immediate threats on Kentucky soil; this soon became evident when storing weapons in such large quantities proved less necessary than before leading towards transforming this place into what we now know today -an ideal location where military personnel can unwind after long periods spent serving our country far away from home .

Features And Facilities At Camp Carlsom

There are plenty features at camp carlson army recreation center designed specifically to cater towards active wars fighters who require activity even outside war zones.Their list includes :

Cabins For Hire

If you're looking for an alternative accommodation option instead staying inside barracks or dorms then you might want to try out Camp Carlson's cabins. They're fully equipped with essentials such as a kitchenette, dining area and bathroom facilities making your stay comfortable.

RV Park

For military personnel who own an RV or motorhome, the camp offers an RV park that provides hookups for water and electricity. The park is located close to the recreation center so visitors can easily access all of its amenities without any hassle.

Outdoor Pool

The outdoor pool at Camp Carlson is perfect for those hot summer days when you just need to cool off after enjoying all of the activities offered by this recreational area. It also has lounge chairs available beside it so you can relax while watching over your children playing in the water.


Camp Carlson Army Recreational Area 9210 US-60 Muldraugh KY 40155 provides military personnel with a chance to take time off from their busy schedules and enjoy quality time together with family or friends away from work commitments.
It's not only ideal for active-duty soldiers but retired veterans plus their families too! You'll find all-time favourite holiday destinations such as fishing, swimming in pools , hiking trails etc.. This place has everything one would ever want coupled up with breathtaking views every corner . It's definitely worth checking out if you get a chance!


What is Camp Carlson Army Recreational Area located at 9210 US-60 Muldraugh KY 40155?

Camp Carlson Army Recreational Area is a military recreation area that offers a perfect getaway for families, groups or individuals. The campsite spans over an area of approximately 65 acres and features scenic views, modern amenities and countless recreational opportunities. Located on the southern border of Fort Knox in Kentucky near Muldraugh, it's accessible via Highway US-60.

The facility accommodates both active duty and retired military personnel as well as their guests. It boasts enough space to accommodate RVs and tents; the campground also features cabins for rent with kitchenettes, heating/AC units, bathrooms with showers/baths etc., making it an ideal setting for all outdoor enthusiasts.

What are the facilities available at Camp Carlson Army Recreational Area?

Camp Carlson has plenty of facilities that cater to different types of visitors including outdoor adventurers wanting nothing more than untouched natural landscapes or those seeking modern amenities amidst nature's beauty.

Visitors can take advantage of numerous activities offered such as fishing in Otter Creek which flows through the campgrounds; swimming in one-of-a-kind saltwater pool; hiking trails which offer majestic views overlooking rolling hillsides dotted with deer grazing fields along nearby streams – just to name a few!

Other notable amenities include free Wi-Fi access throughout camping areas (perfect for workaholics who want to stay connected while enjoying outdoor adventures), playgrounds where children can enjoy hours playing outdoors safely under parental supervision or horseback riding among other things.

Can civilians visit Camp Carlson Army Recreational Area?

Yes! Civilians are welcome at Camp Carlton. However, they need sponsorship from someone who holds an authorized ID card from any branch service (military identification). Guests will be allowed upon submission of required documents needed during registration procedure such as valid driver’s license along with vehicle registration tags proving ownership of the vehicle being brought on base.

How do I make reservations for Camp Carlson Army Recreational Area?

To make a reservation at Camp Carlson Army Recreational Area, visitors must visit their official website and choose from available types of accommodations. A credit card is required to secure the reservation. The visitor will receive an email containing all necessary details regarding their booking including confirmation number, check-in/check-out time etc.

It's important to note that the campsite fills up fast so it's advisable to book as early as possible especially during peak seasons such as summer months when demand is high.

What are some nearby attractions close to Camp Carlson Army Recreational Area?

There are plenty of attractions in this area that guests can explore within driving distance after enjoying what Camp Carlton has to offer. Some notable ones include Mammoth Cave National Park which offers incredible underground cave tours; Kentucky Bourbon Trail where visitors can sample whiskey or other locally brewed spirits; Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park – home of America's 16th president and Civil War Museum among others things just minutes drive from campsite providing an opportunity for history buffs alike!

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