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Explore the Rich History of US Army Ordnance Museum: A Guide to Exhibits and Collections

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US Army Ordnance Museum is a phrase that invokes images of history, bravery, and technological advancement. The museum has been a source of inspiration for many people who are fascinated by the US Army's past and present. It houses an extensive collection of military artefacts that reflect the evolution of weaponry from primitive times to modern-day warfare.

The US Army Ordnance Museum is more than just a place to learn about weapons; it's also a tribute to the men and women who have served in the US Armed Forces throughout history. Visitors can explore exhibits showcasing uniforms, medals, documents and photographs which provide insights into their stories. The museum provides an immersive experience where visitors get to witness firsthand what soldiers experienced on battlefields around the world.

So if you're interested in learning about one of America's most important museums dedicated entirely to military weaponry then read on! In this article we will delve deeper into its vast collection covering everything from small arms like pistols & rifles up through heavy artillery pieces used during World War II & beyond – all while keeping focus solely on the amazing US Army Ordnance Museum!

US Army Ordnance Museum: A Historical Treasure Trove

The US Army Ordnance Museum is a fascinating and informative museum that showcases the evolution of military technology through the ages. Situated at Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland, it offers visitors an opportunity to witness the history of weaponry and engineering developed by the United States Armed Forces.


The museum was established in 1919 as part of Aberdeen Proving Grounds, with a mission to preserve and exhibit ordnance materials used by American soldiers throughout history. It has since expanded its collection to include over 3,000 items including weapons, artillery pieces, tanks and vehicles.


Visitors can explore indoor exhibits covering various wars such as World War I & II Korea War Vietnam War Gulf Wars among others. The exhibits are presented chronologically from earliest times in which human beings started using weapons for hunting purposes up until modern-day advanced technologies used by today’s military units.

Weapons ranging from primitive club-like objects made out of stone or sharpened wood all way up to firearms made using advanced manufacturing processes are on display here too! There is literally something for everyone interested in warfare technology!

One particularly intriguing piece on display is “the Little David”, an enormous mobile mortar used during WWII that could fire shells weighing one-tonne over three miles away!

Public Talks

In addition to self-guided tours available daily except Christmas day; there are scheduled talks given regularly every month where guest lecturers – usually retired senior members of our armed forces – share their experiences or expertise about topics related to ordnance matters. These public talks provide vital context around historical events while also highlighting new developments in defence technologies.

If you have any questions about specific items within the collection or wish further information on how these machines work feel free participating actively during these public lectures: they’re fantastic educational opportunities!

Aside from classroom instruction being provided at various schools across America regarding historical events, the museum is an excellent place for educators of all levels to bring their students and encourage hands-on learning.


The benefits of visiting a military-oriented museum such as this are numerous. For one, you get to see cutting-edge technology up close and personal. It’s not just about admiring the beauty of these machines but also understanding how they functioned on the battlefield.

The exhibits showcase how technologies have evolved over time in response to changing warfare tactics that persist till today! These displays capture what it meant to be soldiers in some of America's past conflicts and highlight sacrifices made by those who served our nation!

Visitors can learn more about fighting wars from a strategic perspective while gaining insights into technological advancements – no wonder so many people find it so fascinating!


In conclusion, The US Army Ordnance Museum at Aberdeen Proving Ground is a must-visit if you’re interested in military history or advanced weaponry. From primitive stone tools used thousands of years ago right through modern-day drones equipped with missiles – there is something here for everyone!

By exploring this historic treasure trove, visitors will gain invaluable knowledge concerning American defence capabilities throughout history which has impacted world affairs positively foreshadowing better days ahead.


What is the US Army Ordnance Museum?

The US Army Ordnance Museum situated in Aberdeen, Maryland, was a museum dedicated to the history of the United States Army's Ordnance Corps and its role in American military conflicts. It showcased more than 3,000 ordnance artifacts including tanks, artillery pieces and other weapons systems used by American soldiers throughout history. The museum also highlighted the importance of science and technology throughout military history.

The museum first opened its doors on May 12th, 1924 but it was finally closed to visitors after nearly nine decades on July 28th, 2018 due to budget constraints.

Despite this closure though many of these artefacts are still available for public viewing at various other museums across America such as Fort Lee Quartermaster Museum located in Virginia or even online through virtual tours offered by organizations like Google Arts & Culture.

Can you visit any part of The US Army Ordnance Museum today?

Unfortunately no. As mentioned earlier due to financial constraints faced over time; however some artefacts from this iconic collection have been relocated elsewhere that are accessible for visits today!

Although these items may be seen less frequently now than they were when they were all housed under one roof at Aberdeen Proving Grounds (APG), there's still plenty worth seeing in person if you're interested enough about ordnances used by Americans during their past wars!

Some examples include M16 assault rifles utilized in Vietnam War era along with Civil War era Springfield rifles among others which showcase how far weaponry has come since those times making it a fascinating experience for anybody who wants an up close look at how warfare has evolved over time.

Are there any specific rules or requirements I need to be aware of before visiting The US Army Ordnance Museum?

As previously stated unfortunately you can't visit "US army ordnance museum" as it is currently closed down; having said that being mindful of local restrictions and rules is always a good idea.

In addition, if you do visit any other museum where some artefacts from the original collection are kept on display, it's important to treat them properly. Respectful behaviour towards exhibits is imperative and it is highly recommended not to touch any artifacts without permission or supervision by museum staff as these artefacts might be fragile or even dangerous in some cases.

Where else can I learn about American military history?

A wide array of museums around the United States houses valuable collections related to American military history. The National Museum of Military History in Kissimmee, Florida boasts an extensive collection including more than 6,000 pieces highlighting America’s wartime involvement dating back centuries.

Another notable destination for anyone interested in US military heritage would be Arlington National Cemetery located just outside Washington DC which is home to a wealth of historic sites such as JFK’s eternal flame which sits next door to Robert E Lee Mansion among others!

Other prominent destinations include Fort Benning Infantry Museum located in Georgia & National Museum Of The Marine Corps situated at Triangle Virginia both offering extensive exhibits showcasing American combat achievements during various conflicts.

How can I contribute towards preserving The US Army Ordnance Museum?

Although the original facility at APG has been closed down due financial constraints there are still initiatives taking place aimed at preserving this iconic collection for future generations.

One key way you could help support these efforts would be by donating funds directly towards organizations dedicated solely towards preservation activities. Another option includes volunteering time and resources through groups who work closely with institutions responsible for maintaining historic collections like ones seen here!

In conclusion exploring "US army ordnance museum" may not currently be possible but there are still ways fans of American military heritage could learn more about pivotal moments throughout country's past!

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