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Exploring the Uses and Benefits of a 37mm Flare Launcher for AR-15

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The 37mm flare launcher for AR-15 is an accessory that has gained immense popularity in the military and law enforcement communities. This unique flare launcher is designed as an attachment to your standard AR-15 rifle, making it a versatile and useful tool in various situations.

With its ability to launch flares up to 100 yards away, the 37mm flare launcher for AR-15 can be used as a signaling device during emergencies or rescue operations. It can also be utilized during training exercises or even hunting expeditions. Its compatibility with standard ammunition gives users flexibility when choosing cartridges for their specific needs.

As we delve further into this article, we will explore the features of the 37mm flare launcher for AR-15 and how it enhances firearm functionality. We will discuss its benefits, drawbacks, and applications in different scenarios. So read on to discover more about this fascinating accessory that has captured the attention of many gun enthusiasts!

37mm Flare Launcher for AR-15: An Ultimate Guide

Are you a survivalist, prepper or outdoor enthusiast looking for the best 37mm flare launcher that fits your AR-15? Look no further! In this guide, we will introduce you to everything you need to know about the 37mm flare launcher for AR-15. We will also compare different models and provide tips on how to use them.

What is a 37mm Flare Launcher for AR-15?

A 37mm flare launcher is an attachment that can be mounted on an AR-15 rifle with some minor modifications. With this attachment, you can launch flares into the sky. A typical flare gun fires only one type of round while a 37 mm launcher gives versatility in launching different types of rounds such as flares, smoke bombs and other non-lethal rounds.

Comparing Different Models

There are many brands and models of the 37 mm flare launchers available in the market today. A few popular options include:

Brand Model Price
Spike's Tactical Thumper Series Barking Spider MK12 Mod0-A Canister Style Muzzle Brake/Suppressor Mount/Launcher System – Smooth Bore (Black) $629
X Products LLC X-Five SBR V2 Launcher – Black $567
M203PI "Classic" by Lewis Machine & Tool Company (LMT) M203PI "Classic" $1,459

The above table compares three popular brands offering unique features at their price points.

Spike's Tactical Thumper Series: This model comes with suppressor mount features giving it added functionality than just being just another smooth bore system as it allows attaching cans from various manufacturers.

X Products LLC X-Five SBR V2: The X-five model has taken the launcher game to another level by developing a semi-automatic 40mm launcher. It can fire both 37 mm and 40mm munitions, making it one of the most versatile flare launchers in the market.

M203PI "Classic" By Lewis Machine & Tool Company (LMT): This model is designed for maximum performance, with barrel-mounted sighting that helps you aim precisely at your target. However, this model may require modification to your AR-15 receiver.


A 37 mm flare launcher offers several benefits that make it a great addition to any survivalist or outdoor enthusiast's gear:

  1. Versatility: With different types of rounds available such as smoke bombs and flares, a single device can serve multiple purposes.
  2. Signalling: In an emergency situation if you are lost or stranded signaling for help is crucial, a brightly colored signal in the sky will be easily visible from afar.
  3. Self-Defense: Though not lethal like firearms they still offer some firepower providing options against predators.


When using any type of flare gun or launcher follow these tips carefully-

  1. Always check local regulations before using this equipment on public property.
  2. Practice aiming and firing before taking it out on field trips
  3. Make sure all rounds loaded correspond with your intended purpose
    4.Use proper ear protection


In conclusion investing in a good quality attachment such as Spike's Tactical Thumper Series Barking Spider MK12 Mod0-A Canister Style Muzzle Brake/Suppressor Mount/Launcher System – Smooth Bore (Black) will give you an edge when dealing with unexpected situations while outdoors; whether during camping trips or hostile territory where sending signals could mean life vs death.

Every outdoorsman should have their own set of tools that fit their specific needs and environments; finding reliable equipment ensures safety for both themselves and others around them especially during unexpected events.


What is a 37mm flare launcher for AR 15, and how does it work?

A 37mm flare launcher for AR 15 is an attachment that can be added to your rifle's barrel. It allows you to fire flares, smoke grenades, bird bombs, and other types of signaling devices from your weapon. These attachments are typically made with aluminum or steel construction and are coated with a corrosive-resistant finish.

Launching a flare from an AR-15 equipped with the 37mm flare launcher involves loading the device onto the end of the rifle barrel (after removing any muzzle brakes). Once installed correctly, you insert rounds into it as directed by its accompanying instructions. When ready to fire your chosen signal device – such as a bright red emergency signal – simply aim at an open space where no obstacles or people may be present within hundreds of yards.

Is it legal to own a 37mm flare launcher for AR-15?

Yes! While some states may require permits or licenses before owning one based on state laws regarding weaponry usage outside standard hunting safety protocols (such as in California), owning this type of non-lethal attachment on your firearm is completely legal in most US states without any additional paperwork needed.

It's important though always double-check local regulations before purchasing one due differing rules across different jurisdictions nationwide; there might also restrictions related importation/exportation these items too depending upon country-specific laws applicable around firearms sales/ownership policies globally

Can I shoot live ammunition through my Flare Launcher?

No! The use of live ammunition in a Flare Launcher designed primarily for signaling devices would not only damage both equipment but could also create unsafe conditions if used improperly while firing projectiles down-range measuring less than lethal caliber sizes allowed under federal law enforcement agent guidelines (i.e., small game hunting).

The primary purpose behind using these types accessories often involves creating awareness about emergencies like lost hikers that send up distress signals like flares or smoke grenades that aid in fast rescue operations. As such, Always ensure to only use the correct type of ammunition as per manufacturer specifications.

What other types of signaling devices can I fire with a 37mm flare launcher for AR-15?

Besides flares, 37mm flare launchers are designed to shoot signal devices such as smoke grenades and bird bombs. Smoke grenades disperse colored smoke into the air which can be helpful in getting attention during emergency situations or marking locations during military missions.

Bird bombs create loud explosions that frighten birds away from crops or runways without harming them; these also work great for scaring large animals off your property Humanely too while avoiding lethal force against threatened species whenever possible contributing positively towards conservation efforts globally

Can a 37mm Flare Launcher damage my AR-15 rifle barrel?

No! The attachment is designed so it won't cause any permanent damage and has been tested by its manufacturers on multiple occasions to ensure safety standards are met while using this product responsibly. However, note that always following instructions provided by every device maker is essential when installing anything new onto your weapon systems – even though most modern firearms have been engineered with durability in mind already ensuring longevity around normal usage conditions over time

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