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Extended AR 15 Takedown Pins: Upgrading Your Rifle for Improved Field Maintenance

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Extended AR 15 takedown pins – if you are a gun enthusiast or shooter, you have come across these terms. The extended AR 15 takedown pins are an essential component of the rifle, which allows users to disassemble and reassemble it with ease. These pins offer better leverage for taking down the upper receiver from the lower receiver, making maintenance and cleaning of your rifle simpler than ever before.

The popularity of these components has grown over time because they provide a range of benefits for those who use them. With extended AR 15 takedown pins, field stripping is more convenient and faster than with standard takedown pins. This small but significant upgrade can help improve overall weapon function in crucial moments when maintenance needs to be performed quickly.

If you're interested in learning more about extended AR 15 takedown pins and how they can elevate your shooting experience, keep reading! We'll dive into all aspects related to this vital accessory that plays a crucial role in maintaining an optimized firearm system.

Extended AR 15 Takedown Pins: An In-Depth Review

If you are a gun enthusiast or a firearm owner, then you probably know the importance of maintaining your weapon. One of the most important parts to maintain is the takedown pins. But what if there was an option for extended AR 15 takedown pins? In this article, we will be discussing everything you need to know about extended AR 15 takedown pins.

What are Extended AR 15 Takedown Pins?

Extended AR 15 takedown pins are aftermarket replacement parts that replace the standard factory-fitted takedown pins on an AR-15 rifle or pistol. They are designed to make disassembly and reassembly easier by providing more surface area for your fingers to grip on while taking down your firearm.

These types of upgrades come in various lengths and shapes but essentially serve one purpose: making it easier and faster for users to separate their upper receiver from their lower receiver when field-stripping their firearms.

Benefits of Using Extended Takedown Pins

The benefits of using extended takedown pins go beyond just ease-of-use during maintenance. Here's a list highlighting some advantages:

  1. Easier Maintenance – The extra length added onto these upgraded versions makes separating receivers simple and quick.
  2. Better Grip – Users can operate with gloves or even with wet hands thanks to rounded edges around each pin.
  3. Enhanced Durability – The upgrade from standard steel material improves durability which provides longer-lasting use than original versions.

An additional benefit worth mentioning is that many upgraded options also have custom designs engraved into them, adding aesthetics value without sacrificing any functionality.

Comparison Between Standard Versus Upgraded Versions

Standard factory-fitted versions have been known over time as reliable but bare-bones components that lack any unique features other than being used in firing mechanisms within firearms such as rifles etc.. However, upgrading gives users better control during disassembly/reassembly while also improving the overall aesthetics of their firearm.

Below is a table that highlights some of the differences between standard and upgraded versions:

Features Standard Version Upgraded Version
Disassembly/Reassembly Difficult to grip, tedious process. Quick, easy, and effortless.
Durability Moderate lifespan due to wear from use over time. Longer lifespan with less wear due to better materials used in construction.

Tips for Choosing Extended Takedown Pins

When choosing extended takedown pins for your AR 15 rifle or pistol there are various factors you should consider including design, material quality, price point etc.. Here are a few tips that can help:

  1. Material Quality – Always check what type of metal is being used as this affects durability.
  2. Length & Shape – Make sure you choose an option that fits your gun perfectly since each model requires specific dimensions in both length and shape.
  3. Reviews – Before making any purchase read reviews from previous buyers who have already tested out the product.

By following these tips users will be able to make informed purchases when shopping around for extended AR 15 takedown pins.


In conclusion upgrading standard factory-fitted takedown pins on firearms such as an AR-15 rifle or pistol offers several benefits such as improved ease-of-use during maintenance procedures coupled with enhanced durability over time thanks to better materials being used during construction processes leading up towards longer lasting use than those fitted by factories originally.


What are extended AR 15 takedown pins?

Extended AR 15 takedown pins are components that replace the standard pins in an AR-15 rifle's upper and lower receivers. These upgraded pins have longer shafts, which extend out on either side of the receiver when installed. This modification makes it easier for users to disassemble and reassemble their rifles.

The extended length of these pins can make a significant difference when removing or installing the upper receiver from/to a lower one. The increased size provides more surface area to grip onto, reducing stress on fingers while holding them in place.

Why should I upgrade my AR-15 with extended takedown pins?

Upgrading your AR-15 with extended takedown pins offers several benefits over standard ones:

  1. Easier Disassembly: With normal-sized factory pin sets, disassembling an upper from a lower requires pushing two separate buttons located inside each pinhole simultaneously while pulling apart both halves of the rifle body at once – which can be tricky. Extended TDPs solve this problem by providing more room around those internal mechanisms so they're easier to manipulate without accidentally breaking something off inside there somewhere!

  2. Quick Maintenance: An added benefit is quick maintenance or cleaning sessions since these parts don't require any tools just grab hold and pull apart!

3.Improved Durability: By replacing factory-standard parts with aftermarket alternatives like Extended TDPs you increase durability especially as they are made of high-quality materials such as stainless steel so ensure years worth use

Overall, if you want your gun's handling experience improved upon then upgrading its componentry (including those tiny little details) is always beneficial both practically speaking – making life simple & easy on yourself during usage – but also aesthetically pleasing too!

Are all Extended TDP sizes universal for all models?

Unfortunately not all models will accept any size Internal Diameter (ID) provided by manufacturers; some manufacturers may require specific dimensions to ensure proper fitment. Most modern AR-15 models usually only come in one size, while older ones vary widely in terms of componentry compatibility – so it's always worth checking with your manufacturer before making any purchases.

Most manufacturers on the market are aware of this and have taken steps to provide a range of sizes for their customers depending on what rifle model they own. It's always recommended that you do research into which TDPs will work best for your particular rifle setup or consult with professionals who understand these nuances.

How do I install Extended Takedown Pins?

Installation is relatively straightforward, just like changing out any other components within an AR 15 platform:

  1. First, remove the existing pins from both the upper and lower receivers using a punch tool or similar device.
  2. Insert each new pin by aligning it with its corresponding hole in each receiver then push until seated flush against internal spring mechanisms inside those holes; repeat process opposite side
    3.Test function by moving both halves around ensuring all parts slot together seamlessly without obstruction
    4.Enjoy smoother takedown experience every time!

It is important to note that before installing new extended takedown pins be sure to clean out dust buildup from previous usage as this can affect accuracy if left unattended over time!.

What materials are used to make Extended TDPs?

Extended Takedown Pins can be made from various materials such as aluminum alloy (6061), stainless steel (304/316), titanium, etc., – depending on the manufacturer’s preference.

Aluminum Alloy: These types of pins tend towards being lightweight yet strong enough for most applications but may wear more quickly than other metals especially when exposed frequently harsh conditions outdoors

Stainless Steel: A popular choice due its durability qualities plus corrosion resistance perfect if hunting & shooting sessions happen regularly outdoors where exposure elements could damage internal workings

Titanium : Titanium extended ar 15 takedown pins offer some of the best qualities between both materials mentioned previously having high tensile strength, durability and corrosion-resistant properties but can be more expensive than other options.

Ultimately, your choice will come down to personal preference based on factors such as cost, weight & durability considerations as well as intended usage.

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