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Extended Bolt Catch AR 15: The Ultimate Upgrade for Improved Performance

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Extended bolt catch AR 15. These four words may not mean much to those outside of the gun community, but for avid firearm enthusiasts and professionals, it can make all the difference. An extended bolt catch is a vital component that enhances one's shooting experience with an AR-15 rifle.

With its extended length, this type of bolt catch makes it easier for shooters to operate their weapon by providing more surface area to press against when releasing the bolt forward. This small yet significant feature can help speed up reload times and improve overall accuracy during a shoot.

In this article, we will delve into everything you need to know about an extended bolt catch in your AR-15 rifle – from how it works and why you might want one installed on your firearm, down to the best brands available in the market today. So without further ado, let's dive in!

Extended Bolt Catch AR 15: A Comprehensive Guide

If you're an AR-15 enthusiast, you know how vital the bolt catch is to your rifle's functionality. An extended bolt catch turns a crucial component into an even more useful feature. The extended bolt catch, sometimes known as the bolt release or bolt lock, allows easier access and manipulation of the charging handle.

In this article, we'll dive deep into everything about extended bolt catches for AR-15s. We'll discuss what it is and its benefits over traditional ones. Additionally, we will be talking about how to install one on your rifle and offer some recommendations.

What Is An Extended Bolt Catch?

The standard AR-15's design makes it difficult for users with smaller hands or those using gloves to reach the small button that releases the chambered round from a locked position in place by depressing their trigger finger upwards against a small button located just above where they would typically grip behind each magazine well opening while shooting prone.

An extended release lever improves upon this design by increasing its length beyond that point where fingers can still comfortably depress them upward without having them slip off due to insufficient dexterity or pressure under duress during execution under stress (such as when firing rapidly).

Besides making it easier for people with smaller hands or gloves' bulkiness to engage their weapon more quickly than traditional designs allow; these modified parts also improve overall handling comfort levels too which translates into better accuracy at longer distances since shooters can now keep both eyes open during engagement rather than squinting downrange through iron sights alone!

Benefits Of Using An Extended Bolt Catch

There are several benefits of using an extended bolt catch on your rifle:

  1. Improved Accessibility: One of the most significant advantages of using an extended version over traditional types is added accessibility when manipulating firearms efficiently without requiring undue forceful maneuvering techniques necessary if relying solely upon default options available today out there in typical markets online or offline.

  2. Enhanced Speed: Another significant advantage is increased speed during reloading while under duress. Extended releases allow shooters to drop the bolt catch without shifting their grip, which speeds up magazine changes and gets you back on target quicker.

  3. Better Ergonomics: Lastly, extended bolt catches provide better ergonomics for people with smaller hands or those wearing gloves by creating a larger surface area to work with when manipulating their firearm's controls comfortably!

Types Of Extended Bolt Catches

There are many types of extended bolt catches available in the market today that cater to different needs and preferences:

  1. Standard Release Buttons – These are an excellent option for anyone looking to add an extended release lever but not necessarily wanting anything too fancy or complicated beyond what is necessary.

  2. Ambidextrous Release Options – These types of modifications offer both left-handed and right-handed users equal access points when manipulating firearms efficiently without requiring undue forceful maneuvering techniques necessary if relying solely upon default options available today out there in typical markets online or offline.

  3. Tactical Release Levers – This type offers a more tactical look/feel/functionality than other models currently on offer across multiple platforms (including AR-15s).

How To Install An Extended Bolt Catch

If you're confident enough about your gunsmithing abilities, installing an extended bolt catch should be straightforward:

  1. Field Strip Your Rifle
    The first step in installing any new part is field-stripping your rifle so that all its internal workings can be accessed easily without causing damage accidentally while working around them later down the line during installation procedures themselves!

2.Install The New Catch
Once you've got everything apart from each other safely stored away within reach (and no missing pieces), remove the old catch by pushing it out from behind using something like a small screwdriver until it pops free entirely before replacing it with your new model following manufacturer instructions carefully supplied within packaging itself for this specific purpose.

  1. Reassemble Your Rifle
    Lastly, reassemble your rifle and make sure that everything is back in its proper place before test firing.


The extended bolt catch AR-15 is a great addition to your rifle, providing better accessibility, enhanced speed during reloading under duress and improved ergonomics. Several options cater to different needs and preferences regarding installation procedures themselves – including standard release buttons or tactical release levers with more of a tactical look/functionality than others currently on offer across multiple platforms (including AR-15s). Remember always to follow manufacturer instructions carefully supplied within packaging itself whenever modifying or adding new parts onto firearms!


What is an extended bolt catch AR 15 and why do I need one?

An extended bolt catch for an AR 15 is a modification that adds length to the standard bolt catch. This allows the shooter to more easily manipulate the bolt catch, especially when using a scope or other optic that may be obstructing their view of it. The added length provides greater surface area for your finger or thumb to engage, making it easier and faster to lock back your rifle’s bolt.

The benefits of an extended bolt catch are clear: increased efficiency in locking back and releasing the charging handle without compromising your grip on the rifle. You won't fumble around trying to locate a small button, which could save you valuable time in high-pressure situations like hunting or self-defense scenarios. An extended bolt release can also reduce malfunctions during competitions where speed counts.

How do I install an extended bolt catch on my AR 15?

Installing an Extended Bolt Catch requires some basic gunsmithing skills but can generally be done by most people with minimal effort if they follow instructions carefully. There are several models available from various manufacturers with different features such as ambidextrous levers, enlarged buttons or slightly different shapes.

Before installation make sure you have all necessary tools on hand including screwdrivers (flathead and Phillips), punch set (to remove pins), pliers (to hold springs) etc… Carefully read manufacturer's instructions before proceeding since each product might have its own specific requirements for installation procedures such as assembly order or torque specs for screws.

As always when working with firearms take care not damaging any parts while disassembling them because this could result in malfunctioning later down line! If unsure about certain steps consult professional gunsmith instead attempting yourself if possible!

Will installing an Extended Bolt Catch affect accuracy at all?

Installing any aftermarket part can potentially affect accuracy but typically not enough noticeable difference compared potential advantages gained like ease use improved functionality. The extended bolt catch is no exception to this rule since it doesn't alter the rifle's barrel or trigger, which are the most critical components affecting accuracy.

However, installing an extended bolt catch can potentially affect reliability if not done correctly. It is essential to follow manufacturer's instructions carefully during installation and testing procedure after completion because failure could result in malfunctions such as failure feed rounds properly or eject spent cases from chamber when needed.

Can I use an Ambidextrous Extended Bolt Catch on my AR 15?

Yes! An ambidextrous extended bolt catch is a popular modification that allows both left- and right-handed shooters to easily lock back their rifles’ bolts using either hand without having switch positions their hands grip on rifle. An ambidextrous design typically features two buttons (one each side) connected by linkage that runs through receiver so they both control same mechanism inside gun works regardless which button pressed.

When choosing an ambidextrous model consider how much additional weight might be added firearm, whether you prefer larger or smaller buttons and how easy it will be for your fingers reach them quickly when shooting under stress situations like competitions where speed counts!

What kind of materials are used for manufacturing Extended Bolt Catches?

Extended bolt catches can be made from a variety of materials including steel, aluminum alloys, polymer composites etc… Different manufacturers might use different materials depending upon their manufacturing processes but steel remains one of most common choices due its strength ease machining into complex shapes required for these parts work properly in firearms applications.

Steel also provides excellent wear resistance properties that won't degrade over time as some other less durable options might do so faster than expected meaning you'll get more life out investment before needing replace worn-out parts again!

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