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Forward Assist AR 15: Enhancing Rifle Functionality for Optimal Performance

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Forward assist AR 15. These four words carry a lot of weight in the world of firearms and military enthusiasts. If you are someone who is passionate about guns or has an interest in military history, then it's highly likely that you have heard these words before.

The forward assist AR 15 is an important mechanism that can be found on many rifles. This mechanism was designed to help soldiers during intense combat situations by allowing them to manually force a round into the chamber if the bolt fails to close properly due to dirt or fouling. It may seem like a small detail, but this simple feature could mean the difference between life and death out on the battlefield.

If you want to learn more about forward assist AR 15 and its significance in military history and modern-day firearms, then keep reading! In this article, we will dive deeper into this topic while exploring its origins, purpose, function, as well as how it can be used effectively today.


The AR-15 is an incredibly popular rifle used by military and civilian alike. It's a versatile weapon that can be customized in many ways to suit different needs. One of the features that some people choose to add is the forward assist.

What Is A Forward Assist?

A forward assist is a device on the side of an AR-15 rifle that allows you to push the bolt carrier group into place if it doesn't go forward all the way when you release it. This feature was added during Vietnam War, where soldiers had issues with their rifles in harsh conditions.

Benefits Of A Forward Assist

There are several benefits of having a forward assist on your AR-15:

Improved Functionality

The primary benefit of a forward assist is improved functionality. When shooting in dusty or sandy environments, debris can get into your gun's chamber and prevent it from closing properly. The forward assist gives shooters peace of mind as they ensure their gun functions properly every time they shoot.

Increased Safety

Another benefit to using this device is increased safety while firing your weapon – particularly when hunting dangerous game such as big cats or bears – because any failure could prove catastrophic for both hunter and prey!

Faster Reloads

When reloading, cartridges may not always feed smoothly into position requiring you manually move them one-by-one until seated correctly under spring tension which wastes valuable time during critical moments like competition events or home defense scenarios; however adding this modification makes fast reloads possible again ensuring optimal performance when needed most!

Comparisons With Other Modifications

The Forward Assist isn't only modification available for an AR 15 Rifle; there are other customizations available too, including:

  1. Ambidextrous Charging Handle
  2. Bolt Catch Release
  3. Extended Magazine Release Button
  4. Tactical Sling Points

While all these modifications offer some unique advantages over each other depending upon individual choices & preferences but where reliability & safety are a concern, Forward Assist AR 15 is the most crucial modification over all other accessories.

Tips When Using A Forward Assist

Here are some tips to keep in mind when using a forward assist:

Don't Use It Too Often

The forward assist should only be used as-needed, meaning that it's best not to use it every time you shoot your rifle. Overuse can damage your gun and cause malfunctions.

Keep Your Rifle Clean

As previously mentioned, debris in the chamber can cause issues with the bolt carrier group. Keeping your weapon clean will reduce the need for using this device while ensuring proper functionality.

Train Properly

Before implementing any modifications to your firearm, ensure that you're adequately trained on how they work; otherwise improper usage may lead to severe consequences like misfires & jamming which could result in injury or death – especially if training is neglected!


Adding a forward assist AR-15 modification is an excellent investment for those who want increased reliability and safety when shooting their weapon. Not only does it improve functioning during critical moments but also provides peace of mind knowing everything will work correctly without fail under these conditions; however remember never compromise proper maintenance at any cost!


What is a forward assist on an AR-15 and how does it work?

A forward assist is a feature found on many AR-15 rifles that allows the shooter to manually push the bolt carrier group (BCG) forward into battery when it fails to do so automatically. The BCG is the part of the rifle that houses and moves ammunition through its firing cycle, and sometimes, due to dirt or other debris in the chamber, can fail to fully lock into place. This can cause jams or misfires during shooting.

The forward assist mechanism typically consists of a button located near the ejection port on the right side of an AR-15's upper receiver. When pressed, this button pushes against a cam pin inside of the BCG which then engages with corresponding notches in both sides of rifle's upper receiver. Once engaged, pushing down on this button will force both parts together until they are secured into place.

While some shooters may never need or use their rifle's forward assist function during regular range practice or hunting scenarios, it provides peace-of-mind for those who rely heavily on their firearm for home defense applications where any failure could be life-threatening.

Can I install a Forward Assist onto my existing AR 15?

Yes! If your current setup does not have one installed already you can easily add one by purchasing either an individual kit from your preferred manufacturer or acquiring one as part of an upper receiver assembly kit.

If installing yourself – note that adding such features requires appropriate tools like punches & start blocks as well as specific knowledge about gunsmithing practices; consult experts before embarking upon these tasks if unsure what actions need taking beforehand!

Are there any disadvantages to having a Forward Assist equipped?

There are no major downsides when using this feature under normal circumstances; however some individuals claim extra weight being added within certain configurations makes handling feel cumbersome compared without them installed.

Additionally while rare instances occur where applying force to a misfiring round can be detrimental, these situations are uncommon and highly unlikely when proper maintenance is carried out just as with any other firearm.

How often should I use the Forward Assist on my AR 15?

The forward assist mechanism should only be used in instances where the bolt carrier group fails to fully lock into place after chambering a new round of ammunition. Ideally, this feature will never need to be utilized if your rifle is kept clean and properly maintained.

It's important not to abuse or overuse the forward assist either, as it could potentially cause damage or unnecessary wear-and-tear on your firearm. Utilize it only when necessary during shooting and focus more heavily on preventative maintenance rather than reactionary fixes.

Do all AR-15 manufacturers include a Forward Assist in their rifles?

While virtually every modern-day manufacturer offers this feature as standard equipment – there may still exist some variations that do not possess such components depending upon legacy designs or custom configurations created by manufacturers themselves (as opposed/compared against off-the-shelf models). It's always best practice for buyers to review product specifications before making final purchase decisions if one desires this particular function included.

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