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Guitar AR 15 Case: The Ultimate Protection for Your Firearms

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Guitar AR 15 case is a unique combination of two completely different things. At the first glance, they may seem unrelated, but for those who know their worth, these are two most valuable items to be protected at all costs. A guitar is perhaps a musician's soulmate and AR 15 rifle, an essential tool for survival in many parts of the world.

The concept of combining the two into one may sound unusual or even impossible to some. However, with technological advancements and innovative ideas coming forward every day- nothing seems impossible anymore. In this article, we will explore how guitar AR 15 cases can provide unparalleled protection to both your beloved instruments – whether musical or military.

So if you're someone who values their music as well as firearms equally and desires them to be secure while traveling around – then you've come to the right place! Read on further as we dive deep into this fascinating topic that blends music and defense together in an exciting way!

Guitar AR 15 Case: Protect Your Gear with Style

Are you tired of hauling your guitar and AR 15 rifle separately to the range or gigs? Do you want to combine both of your passions into one transport solution? Look no further than the Guitar AR 15 Case. This innovative piece of gear offers a stylish and practical way to carry your musical instrument and firearm in one package.

What is a Guitar AR 15 Case?

A Guitar AR 15 Case is a unique case that combines two seemingly unrelated items – an electric guitar case and an assault rifle case. The product has two compartments, one for storing an electric or acoustic guitar, while the other stores their gun (AR-10s, AKs, etc.). The cases come in various sizes as per user requirements.

Why Choose A Guitar AR 15 Case?

There are several reasons why someone might choose a combined guitar/AR-15 carrying system:

  • Convenience – It's more convenient to carry both items at once rather than having separate cases.
  • Protection – Both guitars and rifles require high levels of protection during transport due to their delicate nature. Combining them into one protective carrying solution makes sense.
  • Security – By keeping everything together in one pack means fewer things go missing or misplaced by accident.
  • Style statement – Who said that practicality couldn't look good? Show others who's boss with this eye-catching accessory!

Things To Consider When Buying A Guitar Ar-15 Combo Carrying System

When selecting which model fits right for you, there are some crucial factors that should not be overlooked:


Make sure it fits! An ill-fitting case can cause damage when transporting firearms/guitars from place-to-place.


Cases made using impact-resistant materials such as ABS plastic provide maximum protection against sudden shocks or bumps while on-the-go; however lighter options may suit traveling musicians better.


When traveling, a sturdy case is essential to ensure the long-term protection of your gear. Look for cases made with high-quality materials that can withstand wear and tear over time.


The price for this product can vary depending on the brand and model you choose. Consider setting a budget before starting your search, but also bear in mind that it's worth investing in quality equipment.

Comparison of Guitar AR 15 Cases

There are several brands available when it comes to choosing the right Guitar AR 15 Case:

SKB Sports

SKB offers an excellent selection of guitar/AR-15 combo cases. They are durable, lightweight, and come equipped with TSA-approved locking systems making them perfect for air travel.

Cedar Mill Fine Firearms

Cedar Mill's guitar/ar-15 case is designed specifically to fit most standard-sized assault rifles while still accommodating all popular electric guitars on the market today.


A functional yet stylish solution like a Guitar AR 15 Case provides musicians/gun enthusiasts with convenience and peace-of-mind during transport from one place to another. The benefits include improved safety measures as well as easier access when traveling between gigs or ranges without having two separate carrying bags – streamlining everything into one pack!

So if you're looking for an innovative way to transport both musical instruments and firearms then invest in a top-quality product like this; combining practicality while keeping things looking good!


What is a guitar AR 15 case?

A guitar AR 15 case is a specially designed gun case that resembles the shape of a standard electric guitar. It is intended to provide discreet storage and transportation for an AR-15 rifle, while also keeping it protected from damage during transit. These cases are made with high-quality materials such as hard plastic or metal, ensuring they can withstand the rigours of travel.

The design of this type of gun case was initially developed by soldiers deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan who needed to transport their rifles in an inconspicuous manner. The unique design allows users to carry their weapon without drawing too much attention from possible prying eyes, especially when traversing public spaces like city streets and airports.

A guitar-shaped rifle carrying bag provides additional benefits beyond security; it also offers musicians with an easy way to store both their instrument and firearm together while on tour or at home.

How does one use a guitar AR 15 case?

Using a guitar-style rifle carrying bag is relatively simple. Firstly, you must ensure that your weapon fits comfortably inside the compartment provided for the trigger guard area at one end of most models available today.

Once you have inserted your weapon into its storage space within the casing, zip up any pouches or compartments containing padded areas where magazines might be stored securely so that all parts remain safe during transportation.

Next place any extra ammunition required safely away in another pocket on top if there's enough room left over after securing everything else inside tightly together before sealing up zips again fully closed so nothing falls out along routes traveled en route.

Is there anything specific I should look for when choosing a Guitar shaped Gun Case?

When selecting which brand and style best suit your needs as far as protecting firearms go whilst looking fashionable doing so – start by deciding what size firearm needs transporting first: then choose wisely based on durability (materials used), ease-of-use/transportation features (e.g. padded shoulder strap), and any other special features that may be required (such as TSA-approved locks).

Look for a guitar-shaped gun case with thick padding to protect your AR-15 from impacts or shocks during transport. The best cases will also feature reinforced edges, corners, and seams that are designed to withstand rough handling.

A good quality case should also be easy to carry around with you; the right-sized backpack straps can make all the difference when it comes time to carting your rifle through airport security checkpoints or walking down busy city streets.

Can I customize my Guitar AR 15 Case?

Yes! One of the great things about owning a guitar-style AR 15 carrying bag is being able to customise it however you like using patches, pins, stickers etc.

The majority of these cases come in plain colours such as black but there are now brands offering some wild patterns such as camo so if something more unique is desired then definitely take this into consideration before making a purchase choice.

Is it legal to use a Guitar shaped Gun Case for my firearm?

Yes! But always check local legislation first before purchasing anything gun related items since laws vary by country & state/province.

In most areas where firearms ownership is legal on private property – transporting weapons in an unobtrusive manner like using one designed specifically for its concealment purposes available on today's market has become increasingly popular over recent years and governments recognize this trend allowing them without issue. Just remember not everyone might share same opinion when seen out in public view though so stay mindful at all times especially near schools/public buildings etc..

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