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Kabar US Army Knife: The Ultimate Military Weapon for Survival

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Kabar US Army knife, a name that strikes a chord with military enthusiasts and collectors alike. A tool designed to be versatile and reliable in various scenarios, the Kabar US Army knife has been serving the brave soldiers of America for over 70 years. Its ruggedness and durability make it stand out among other knives in its class.

This iconic knife features a 7-inch carbon steel blade that is razor-sharp, sturdy enough to withstand heavy use under extreme conditions. The handle is made from leather stacked with compressed spacers for an ergonomic grip to ensure maximum control during operation.

The Kabar US Army Knife has earned its place as one of the most recognizable fixed-blade knives around the world, with many stories about how it saved lives on battlefields or helped outdoorsmen survive harsh wilderness environments. In this article, we will delve deeper into what makes this legendary piece so unique and explore everything you need to know about owning one yourself. So come along as we take you through an exciting journey into the world of Kabar US Army Knives!

Kabar US Army Knife: The Ultimate Survival Tool

When it comes to survival gear, few items are as essential as a reliable and durable knife. And if you're looking for a knife that is specifically built for tough outdoor conditions, then the Kabar US Army Knife might just be the perfect tool for you. In this article, we'll take an in-depth look at what makes this knife so special and why it's worth adding to your collection.

What is the Kabar US Army Knife?

The Kabar US Army Knife is a fixed-blade knife that was originally designed for military use during World War II. Since then, it has become one of the most popular knives among outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists alike. The knife features a 7-inch blade made from high-carbon steel with a flat grind and clip point design.

One of the standout features of this knife is its sturdy construction. The blade is full tang, which means that it extends all the way through the handle for maximum strength and durability. Additionally, both sides of the handle are made from stacked leather washers with grooves in between them to provide extra grip.

Comparing Kabar US Army Knife with Other Knives

When comparing knives on their quality alone there are certain things you should keep in mind like:

  • Blade Material
  • Blade Length
  • Handle Material
  • Weight

Let's compare some other famous knives used by campers or hikers along these criteria with our very own KABAR us army knive.

KA-BAR vs Morakniv Companion Heavy Duty

Morakniv Companion Heavy Duty has been quite popular among campers since its release due to lightweight yet solid build quality.
But compared against KABAR us army knive mora falls short due having shorter blade length (4 inches) which make sit less versatile while cutting or chopping stuff.
Mora also weighs only around 4 ounces compared to KABAR's 11.2 ounces which might matter for some campers as a heavier knife provides more control while cutting or chopping.

KA-BAR vs Gerber StrongArm

Gerber StrongArm is another popular choice among campers and hikers due to its full tang construction and diamond-texture rubber handle.
While it comes up short against KABAR us army knive in terms of blade length (6.8 inches) yet weighs less than KABAR with only 7.2 ozs.
However, the quality of steel used in Gerber is inferior compared to Kabar US Army Knife.

Benefits of Using a Kabar US Army Knife

There are several benefits that come with choosing the Kabar US Army Knife as your outdoor survival tool:

  1. Durable Construction: As mentioned earlier, this knife is built tough and designed to withstand heavy use without breaking down.

  2. Versatile: The blade design allows for multiple uses such as chopping wood or prying open cans making it an ideal survival tool.

  3. Minimal Maintenance: Due to high-quality materials used in building this knife maintaining it becomes very easy just requires sharpening every now & then thus saving time on cleaning so you can focus on other things during your camping trip.

  4. Iconic Design: With over 70 years of history behind its design, owning a Kabar US Army Knife means owning a piece of American military history that has been trusted by professionals for generations.

Tips for Using Your Kabar US Army Knife

If you decide on using this knife here are helpful tips ensuring safe usage:

  • Always keep the blade sharp enough
  • Oil/Storing should not be neglected after each use
  • It’s always better if you practice few moves before heading out even if have prior experience
  • Be careful when handling any type task requiring force


In conclusion, there are many knives on the market that claim to be "the ultimate survival tool," but few can match up to the Kabar US Army Knife in terms of durability, versatility, and quality. Whether you are a seasoned outdoorsman or just looking for a reliable knife for your next camping trip, this knife is definitely worth considering. With its iconic design and trusted performance in even the toughest conditions, it's no wonder why so many people choose the Kabar US Army Knife as their go-to survival tool.


What is a Kabar US Army Knife?

The Kabar US Army Knife is a fixed blade knife that has become an icon in the world of knives. It was designed specifically for use by soldiers in the United States military during World War II and ever since then it has been used by soldiers, hunters, campers and outdoor enthusiasts around the world.

The knife features a 7-inch long high-carbon steel blade that is both sharp and durable. The handle of the knife is made from leather rings which are compressed together, making it comfortable to grip even when wet or slippery. The overall length of this knife measures at 11-7/8 inches.

One unique feature about this knife is its black coating on both sides which helps prevent reflection from sunlight while being used in combat or hunting situations. This makes it less likely to be detected by enemies or animals when you are using it out in nature.

Overall, if you need a reliable and sturdy fixed blade for your outdoor adventures or survival situations – look no further than the Kabar US Army Knife.

How do I sharpen my Kabar US Army Knife?

Keeping your kabar us army knife sharp can make all difference when using outdoors -and learning how to sharpen one properly isn’t hard either! But before we dive into specific techniques let's talk about what material would work best with your kabbar us army knive: You'll need at least two types of stones like an Arkansas stone (medium grit) and coarse diamond grit stone.

To begin sharpening process first clean any dirt away from blades surface with warm water & soap then rinse well until completely dry before setting up on workstation where there will be good lighting as well as solid support surface such as table top so not cause vibrations while working over edge grinding progressions

Start first with diamond gritstone; Hold angle guide against cutting edge right above point where relief starts giving enough clearance between angle guide tip and blade edge. Then place diamond gritstone along the knife cutting edge and make sure that it is properly aligned with the angle guide. Next, use a sweeping motion to sharpen the blade for 10 to 15 strokes per side until you can feel an even burr all along its length.

Next switch on your medium-grit Arkansas stone: The method of using this one is similar however make sure angle guide tip rests over top point of relief so we don't lose critical temper during honing process. Hold the same angle as before while repeating sweeping motions, alternating angles until both edges have been sharpened evenly.

Is it legal to carry a Kabar US Army Knife?

The laws surrounding carrying knives can vary depending on region or country but in general owning kabar us army knife should not be a problem since they are sold commercially online & in stores without any restrictions -as long as you don't plan taking them into restricted areas like courtrooms or airports.
Some states may have specific laws regarding length of blades so do check before purchasing especially if planing any longer than usual size kabar us army knives.

However, when traveling with your Kabar US Army Knife, it is important to follow transportation regulations closely. For example -in some regions large fixed blades must be packed inside checked luggage only instead of hand-carried onboard flights.

How do I maintain my Kabar US Army Knife?

To keep your kabbar us army knive looking new and functioning at its best there are few things you need be aware off:

-Keep leather handle clean by wiping down regularly with cloth dampened in mild soap solution; after dried add small amount mineral oil (or other suitable oils) onto area which helps keep moisture out preventing further cracking from repeated exposure

-Always store away separately from other metal tools like hammers or wrenches etcetera as they could damage delicate cutting surface

-Regularly wipe down entire knife (blade & handle) with clean dry rag to remove any moisture which could cause rust

-Lastly, lubricate moving parts like hinge area by adding small amount of oil onto pivot pin

What are some common uses for a Kabar US Army Knife?

The kabar us army knife has been used in variety of ways over the years. Here are few examples:

  • As a survival tool when hiking or camping in wilderness ,this versatile knife can be used to cut through branches, prepare food, light fire (using ferrocerium rod and striker), create shelter (by cutting out stakes from nearby trees)

  • For hunting purposes – the large blade makes it easy for hunters to skin game animals such as deer or elk without dulling its edge too quickly.

  • In tactical situations where weapon called bayonet is not available; The large size, durability and sharpness make this an ideal choice among military personnel who need reliable cutting tools during combat operations.

Overall if you’re looking for a strong durable blade that can withstand harsh conditions – there’s no better choice than the Kabar US Army Knife.

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