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Left Handed AR 15: The Ultimate Guide for Southpaw Shooters

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Left Handed AR 15 is a term that has gained popularity among gun enthusiasts and military personnel. In the world of firearms, an AR-15 rifle is one of the most popular semi-automatic rifles available in the market. However, this weapon is primarily designed for right-handed shooters which can be a major issue for lefties.

Thankfully, firearm manufacturers have responded to this problem by offering specialized versions of the AR-15 rifle that cater specifically to left-handed shooters. These Left Handed AR 15 rifles come equipped with ambidextrous features such as charging handles and safety selectors making them easier and more comfortable to use for southpaws.

In this article, we will take an in-depth look at Left Handed AR 15 rifles – their history, what makes them different from traditional models, their pros and cons along with various other pertinent details you need know before purchasing one. So if you're a leftie looking for a high-quality semi-automatic rifle or just interested in learning more about these unique firearms – read on!

Left Handed AR-15: Everything You Need to Know

If you are a left-handed shooter, finding the right firearm can be quite challenging. Fortunately, there are firearms designed specifically for left-handed individuals. One such firearm is the Left Handed AR 15. In this article, we will take a closer look at what makes this rifle ideal for southpaw shooters.

What is an AR-15?

The AR-15 is a lightweight semi-automatic rifle that has gained popularity among gun enthusiasts and sport shooters alike due to its versatility and accuracy on the range. It was originally designed as a military weapon but has since been modified into various configurations for civilian use.

What Makes an AR-15 "Left Handed"?

A "left handed" or LH version of an AR 15 simply means that it has been modified so that all of the controls are configured to suit left handed shooters. This includes modifications like ambidextrous charging handles, safety selectors on both sides of the receiver, and magazine release buttons located on either side.

Benefits of Owning a Left Handed Ar 15

  1. Enhanced Safety
    As mentioned earlier in this article, one significant benefit of owning a left handed Ar 15 is enhanced safety features which allow southpaws to operate their rifles more efficiently without compromising their natural reflexes.

  2. Increased Comfort
    For years now, many southpaw marksmen have had no choice but to adapt when shooting with traditionally right-oriented guns by trying awkward positions or using gear requiring additional costs which may not always be effective during critical times; however with LH versions available they get comfortability from having access via dedicated controls positioned conveniently.

3.Improves Accuracy
Shooting accuracy will also improve because users can safely remain in position while operating every lever naturally instead fumbling around adjusting themselves just before taking aim again thus reducing time gaps between shots fired unnecessarily slowing down progressions during shooting practice sessions.

Tips for Left Handed AR 15 Owners

  1. Practice Makes Perfect
    Just like with any other firearm, it is essential to practice regularly to improve your accuracy and proficiency. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the unique features of your LH Ar 15 so that you can shoot comfortably without compromising on safety.

  2. Choose the Right Accessories
    While LH versions of AR-15s come ready-to-use, there are numerous accessories that you may want to consider investing in such as left-handed scopes and slings designed specifically for southpaw shooters for added comfortability which can shorten learning curves by reducing unnecessary challenges faced while adapting new firearms equipment setups.

  3. Maintenance
    Maintaining a firearm is crucial if you want it to last long and function well reliably whenever needed most during critical times; ensure all parts are cleaned thoroughly after use even if they were not used heavily but still had contact thus reducing risks related rust accumulation which will eventually lead into malfunctions, stoppages & worse damages jeopardizing overall performance levels over time especially when left unchecked.


If you're a left-handed shooter looking for an ideal firearm then look no further than the LH Ar 15 rifle! With its enhanced safety features, increased comfortability levels compared with typical right-oriented guns plus improved shooting accuracy thanks equally distributed control levers placed conveniently around receivers making them readily accessible at all times regardless of whether firing from under or opposite shoulder positions this rifle doesn't disappoint despite being relatively young on market hoping this guide helps find what you need in terms better equiping yourself as a southpaw gun enthusiast today!


What is a left-handed AR 15?

A left-handed AR 15 is a rifle designed specifically for left-handed shooters. The standard version of the AR-15 rifle, like most firearms, was designed with right-handed shooters in mind. This means that the gun's ejection port, safety selector switch and charging handle are all on the right-hand side of the receiver.

However, since around 10% of people are lefties – and many more prefer to shoot rifles from their non-dominant shoulder – there has been an increasing demand for firearms that cater to this market. Left handed guns have become increasingly popular as they provide a much-needed alternative option for southpaws who want to enjoy shooting without having to adapt their style or stance.

A typical Left Handed AR 15 will have all controls swapped over so they're accessible by your dominant hand

Why should I buy a left-handed AR-15?

If you're looking for an alternative option as a Southpaw shooter then purchasing A Left Handed Ar-15 can be very beneficial. If you happen to be Lefthanded or cross-dominate when it comes time t shoot but if your gun has only RH controls then shooting can become quite uncomfortable due too improper ergonomics which may cause malfunctions such as jams or misfires.

The layout on any firearm plays an essential role in how comfortable it is while firing; if you find yourself repeatedly adjusting your grip position during live fire drills due too awkward handling or discomfort caused by improper ergonomics this can lead up too missed opportunities during competitions/dangerous situations out in the field .

Additionally owning A Left Handed Ar-15 will help ease any unwanted stress caused by constantly adapting amongst Right Hand Controls leading towards faster reaction time and increased accuracy whilst maintaining comfortability throughout use

Can I convert my existing right handed AR-1 into a left handed one?

Yes its possible to convert your existing right-handed AR-15 into a left-handed one. You have the option of buying a Left Handed Upper which will give you access to LH controls; or you can choose too go for A Complete LH Conversion Kit which consists of switching over most internal components and parts.

However, it's worth noting that this process can be quite technical and may require some experience with firearms modification in order to perform correctly. It's always recommended that any modifications made too firearms should be performed by a professional or experienced gunsmith

Are there any downsides to using a left-handed AR-15?

As with anything, there are both pros and cons when it comes to using A Left handed Ar 15.

One major downside is cost – purchasing A Complete Lh Conversion Kit for an existing RH AR-15 can be quite expensive (depending on kits available) . The other issue is availability: not all manufacturers produce Lefthanded Ar – 15 models so it may take some time before finding one that suits your needs

Additionally working on the flip side although shooting from offhand positions such as prone/sitting/kneeling/etc doesn't pose much issues due too rearward ejection ports; however normal forward ejection ports could possibly pose problems during rapid sequence firing leading towards reduced reliability/ increased malfunctions

Overall if youre looking for better comfortibility as someone who shoots lefthandedly then owning A Left Handed Ar — 5 would greatly benefit eliminating unnecessary discomfort and increasing accuracy during live fire drills/shooting competitions alike.

What accessories are available specifically designed for left-handed shooters?

There are many accessory options available specifically designed for southpaws including
Ambidextrous Safety Selector Switches,
LH Charging Handles
Flip-Up Sights

however its worth noting these accessories do not replace complete conversion kits nor do they make up completely For Proper Ergonomics Designed Specifically For Southpaw Shooters, But they can improve comfort level and experience when shooting RH firearms.

Additionally, many AR-15 manufacturers offer a variety of left-handed models that come with LH controls as standard – so you may not even need to purchase additional accessories if you opt for one of these models.

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