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Left Handed AR-15 Upper Receiver and BCG Combo: The Ultimate Guide

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In the world of firearms, there are endless options to choose from. A popular choice among gun enthusiasts is the AR-15 rifle. It’s a highly customizable platform that can be tailored to fit any shooter's needs and preferences. One particular aspect that some shooters may have overlooked is the left-handed AR-15 upper receiver + BCG combo.

For those who are left-handed or cross-dominant, shooting an AR-15 can be uncomfortable and even dangerous if not handled properly. That's where a left-handed upper receiver and bolt carrier group (BCG) come in handy. This combo allows for smooth operation without having to reach over or around the firearm.

If you're a southpaw shooter or simply want to try out something new, keep reading as we dive into everything you need to know about this left-handed AR-15 upper receiver + BCG combo – from its benefits, features, compatibility with other parts of your rifle setup, and more!

Left Handed AR-15 Upper Receiver + BCG Combo: The Perfect Solution for Southpaws


If you are a left-handed shooter and have been struggling to find the perfect upper receiver and bolt carrier group (BCG) combo that suits your needs, then look no further. In this article, we will explore the benefits of using a left-handed AR-15 upper receiver and BCG combo.

What Is A Left-Handed AR-15 Upper Receiver?

Before we dive into the benefits of using a left-handed AR-15 upper receiver, let's first understand what it is. A left-handed upper receiver is essentially an opposite version of a right-handed one. It has its ejection port on the left side instead of the right side like traditional receivers.

This feature makes it easy for southpaw shooters to eject spent rounds without having hot brass flying in their faces or getting caught up in their gear.

Why Choose A Left Handed Receiver + BCG Combo?

Choosing a compatible combination can make all difference when shooting with your dominant hand as most modern rifles are designed with only right handed shooters in mind.

The biggest benefit that comes from choosing such combo is safety – which cannot be overstated enough especially if you're engaged in tactical shooting or training exercises! For example: When firing prone from under cover there may be less exposure when casings fly out towards another team mate or instructor who might also be located at ground level close by; specifically on some ranges where they shoot two people per lane next to each other.

Besides safety & comfort, accuracy should also not be overlooked! With an appropriate set-up fitted directly into place without cross-fit compatibility concerns – like those often faced by customizing parts users experience – precision during aiming improves immensely due primarily because optics remain well aligned at time point velocity detonates!

Last but not least feel free to choose any coating color preferences available since the quality of the product shouldn't be affected by its aesthetics.

Left-Handed Upper Receiver + BCG Combo vs Right-Handed

If you're still unsure whether a left-handed upper receiver and BCG combo is right for you, let's compare it to the traditional right-handed set up.

Firstly, as previously mentioned, a left-handed set up allows for easier brass ejection and improved safety during shooting. This results in less distractions when firing your weapon at targets downrange. Secondly, with a left handed AR-15 upper receiver + bcg combo you will experience less gas blowback on your face since hot brass ejects in opposite direction out from under cover – rather than upwards towards shooter's eyes or having them hit on helmet.

Lastly a significant advantage that comes with using this type of set-up is accuracy improvement due to optics alignment remaining consistent even at highest velocities! It has been tested time & again on different ranges as well over distances ranging from 100m all way past 300m!

Tips For Choosing The Best Left Handed AR-15 Upper Receiver And BCG Combo

When looking to purchase a left-handed upper receiver and bolt carrier group combo there are several factors that should be considered:

  1. Compatibility: Ensure that both parts are designed specifically for each other so as not to compromise performance or functionality.
  2. Material: Opt for top-quality materials such as steel or aluminum which offer durability while being lightweight enough not cause any excessive weight shift balance-wise.
  3. Brand reputation: Research online reviews before making any buying decision.
  4. Budget : You can decide how much money you want spend but don't sacrifice quality over price point.


In conclusion choosing an appropriate ar pistol configuration especially when related accessories available (like those used here) can make all difference between hitting target consistently versus missing time & again.

Especially if youre brand new around firearms world we recommend getting familiarized with some basic terms like AR-15, upper receiver, & BCG combo before making an investment.

Overall if you're a left-handed shooter and want to experience improved safety during shooting as well as enhanced accuracy, then investing in a left-handed AR-15 upper receiver and BCG combo could be the best decision you ever make!


What is a left-handed AR-15 upper receiver + BCG combo?

A left-handed AR-15 upper receiver and BCG (bolt carrier group) combo is a set of components that are specifically designed for those who shoot with their left hand. This combination includes an upper receiver that has been flipped horizontally, as well as a bolt carrier group that has been modified to fit the reversed orientation of the rifle. This allows for smoother operation and greater accuracy when shooting from the left shoulder.

The standard configuration of an AR-15 rifle is designed for right-handed shooters, with an ejection port on the right-hand side and controls positioned for use by right-handers. However, this can make it difficult or even unsafe to operate the weapon if you are a southpaw shooter. By using a dedicated left-handed upper receiver and BCG combo, you can enjoy all the benefits of owning an AR-15 while being comfortable and safe in your shooting stance.

How does using a left-handed AR-15 upper receiver + BCG differ from using right handed parts?

When it comes to operating firearms, there aren't many differences between what's required from both hands – except maybe when talking about semi-automatic rifles like the Ar 15 platform which ejects spent casings out through its ejection port located on top-right side part; uppers made specifically to cater towards southpaws have mirrored designs where they redirect spent cases towards the user’s front-left instead.

It's important to note though that this difference seems small but matters greatly in terms of safety during live fire exercises or competitions – having hot brass flying into your face while you’re trying to get accurate shots off could be quite dangerous! Additionally, since most lower receivers (the part where trigger assembly sits) do not need replacing nor modification / reconfiguring at all – finding compatible parts will be much easier thus making swapping parts more cost efficient than modifying currently owned ones.

What are the benefits of using a left-handed AR-15 upper receiver + BCG?

One of the primary benefits to using a left-handed AR-15 upper receiver and BCG combo is that it allows you to shoot from your preferred shoulder without sacrificing accuracy or safety. Additionally, having an ejection port on the left-hand side helps prevent hot brass from hitting you in the face or arms while shooting. This is especially important for competition shooters who need to be able to focus entirely on their aim and timing without worrying about distractions.

Another advantage of using a dedicated component combo instead of modifying existing parts is that it reduces wear and tear on your rifle. When you modify right-handed components for use with your left hand, there can be additional stress placed on certain parts due to their being used in ways they weren't designed for – this can lead to malfunctions or even damage over time. By purchasing specially-made components, you ensure that everything works together seamlessly as intended by eliminating any potential compatibility issues.

Where can I find high-quality left-handed AR-15 upper receiver + BCG combos?

There are several manufacturers who produce reliable and effective lefty-friendly uppers including Mega Arms, Stag Arms (known widely for their LH series), Rock River Arms among others. It's important when buying online though always make sure what company warranties its product ensuring peace-of-mind should something fail during extended usage periods; this also ensures replacing faulty part(s) at no cost within warranty period but some companies may have different terms compared other competitors thus research every detail before settling down one brand/product line exclusively so prospects don’t feel cheated later down road if problems arise.

Many retailers specializing in firearms sell these products both online as well as local stores – reviews available by past customers will aid decision making process towards specific model picked out based off user preference & budget constraints!

Can I just modify my current right-handed upper receiver and BCG to make it work for left-handed shooting?

While some people may be tempted to modify their existing right-handed components to fit their left-handed shooting needs, this is not recommended. Modifying parts of a firearm can compromise its safety and accuracy, while also increasing the risk of malfunction or damage over time.

In addition, modifying your current setup will likely void any manufacturer warranties that you have in place. If something goes wrong with your rifle after modification, you'll be responsible for repairs or replacement parts out-of-pocket – which can get expensive quickly!

To ensure the best possible shooting experience and maintain the highest level of safety standards, it's always recommended to invest in dedicated left-handed upper receiver + BCG combo sets that are specifically designed for southpaw shooters.

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