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Maroon Berets in the US Army: The Elite Special Forces Unit You Need to Know About

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The Maroon Berets of the US Army are a group of highly skilled soldiers that specialize in airfield seizure, excavation, and other specialized operations. They are one of the most respected units in the entire military for their bravery and expertise. The maroon beret is a symbol of excellence and professionalism among U.S. paratroopers.

The history behind this elite unit stretches back to World War II when airborne divisions were first introduced into combat. Since then, they have been involved in numerous conflicts around the world where their skills were put to good use.

In this article, we will dive deep into who exactly these Maroon Berets are within the US Army and what makes them so special compared to other units within our armed forces. We will also take a look at some notable missions that they have participated in throughout history as well as discussing how they operate today on modern battlefields. So without further ado, let's get started!

Maroon Berets US Army: The Elite Special Forces Unit

The United States Army is home to some of the world's most elite soldiers. Among them are the highly trained and skilled members of the Maroon Berets, an elite special forces unit that specializes in high-risk missions both domestically and internationally. In this article, we will take a closer look at what it takes to become a member of this exclusive group, as well as its history and role in today's modern military.

What Are Maroon Berets?

Maroon beret is not just any hat worn by soldiers; it represents one of the U.S. Army’s most prestigious units – The 75th Ranger Regiment’s Regimental Reconnaissance Company (RRC), commonly referred to as "Maroon Berets." This highly-specialized unit was created to conduct reconnaissance missions deep behind enemy lines without detection.

Unlike other special forces units like Delta Force or Navy SEALs, becoming a member of the RRC isn't easy. It requires extensive training and experience in airborne operations, close-quarters combat tactics, urban warfare techniques among others.

History Of The Maroon Berets

The origins of maroon beret go back several decades when Rangers were tasked with conducting covert reconnaissance on enemy positions during World War II before Allied assaults began on occupied Europe.

In more recent years since WWII up until present day conflict zones such as Afghanistan or Iraq where U.S troops have been deployed for long periods has seen these special task force play crucial roles giving invaluable intelligence leading assaults against terrorist groups such al-Qaida & ISIS insurgents while also rescuing hostages held captive by extremists groups

Today's modern RRC traces its roots back to Vietnam era LRRP (Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol) teams which operated throughout Southeast Asia between 1965-1971.These small teams were responsible for gathering intelligence deep inside North Vietnamese territory resulting in numerous successful operations made possible by the information they provided. Since then, the unit has evolved to better respond to modern warfare and its complexities.

Maroon Berets Selection Process

The selection process for RRC is rigorous and intense, designed to weed out all but the most capable soldiers. It consists of several phases, each one more challenging than the last.

Before a soldier can even begin training for RRC selection, he or she must first be a member of 75th Ranger Regiment where they must complete Basic Combat Training (BCT) followed by Advanced Individual Training (AIT), which will teach them specialized skills essential for being in an elite Special Operations Force.

Once these prerequisites are met soldiers continue their journey with undergoing cultural awareness course before going on through basic airborne training at Fort Benning Georgia .Those who pass this phase will move onto Army Combat Diver Qualification Course which tests their ability to operate underwater while carrying equipment & weapons.

After that comes Survival Evasion Resistance Escape (SERE) School where candidates undergo extensive torture resistance/interrogation techniques as well wilderness survival tactics including extracting themselves from hostile territory covertly if needed.

Only then do candidates take part in Ranger Assessment and Selection Program known as RASP . This arduous 8-week course comprised of both mental & physical challenges that include long distance running , ruck marching with weight loads upto 65 pounds over rough terrain without sleep , navigational exercises under time constraints etc

Finally those few remaining who successfully completed all previous stages proceed into regimental reconnaissance company assessment consisting of final series gruelling tests like close quarter battle drills against heavily armed opposing forces using live ammunition amongst other high stress simulations.

Benefits Of Joining Maroon Berets Unit

Joining The Regimental Reconnaissance Company provides an opportunity unlike any other within U.S military forces : serving alongside some highly motivated individuals committed towards achieving common goals while also allowing you develop your own skills further whether it be in leadership or technical.

In addition to the personal development benefits, RRC members can expect to receive additional pay as well as having access to high quality training and equipment that isn't available to other soldiers within Army.

However, it is important for potential candidates considering this elite unit's selection process isn't easy with very few making the final cut.


The Maroon Berets are an elite unit of soldiers within the United States Army who specialize in reconnaissance missions deep behind enemy lines without detection. Their history traces back several decades and they have played crucial roles in conflicts around the world since their inception.

Becoming a member of this exclusive group is no small feat; it requires extensive training and experience in airborne operations, close-quarters combat tactics, urban warfare techniques among others .Those who make through all rigorous stages can benefit from being part of team that values teamwork while also providing them opportunities develop further skills required succeed not just military but also civilian life .


What are Maroon Berets in the US Army?

Maroon berets are a type of headgear worn by United States Army soldiers who have completed the Basic Airborne Course and advanced airborne training. These soldiers belong to the elite group of paratroopers and are part of units such as Special Forces, Ranger Regiment, and 82nd Airborne Division.

The maroon beret is not just a symbol of being an airborne warrior but also represents valor, courage, honor, and dedication. It signifies that these soldiers have undergone rigorous physical training using static line jumps from aircraft at low altitudes or free falls from high altitudes.

Members of this elite group refer to themselves as "Airborne" or "Sky Soldiers". The maroon beret has become a status symbol among these warriors who take pride in their unique skills sets that range from reconnaissance missions to direct action raids behind enemy lines.

How do you become eligible for Maroon Berets in the US Army?

To be eligible for Maroon Beret's designation within the U.S. army requires specialized combat training through its Jump School program conducted by Fort Benning's Maneuver Center Of Excellence (MCOE). Enlisted personnel must graduate from an intensive three-week Basic Airborne Course (BAC) that trains them on parachuting techniques before they can proceed with further Advanced Individual Training ((AIT)) courses including those provided by special operations schools.

After completing BAC graduates will receive their first pair of jump wings distinguishing them as qualified paratroopers after which they can attend other more complex courses like Rangers selection course or Green Beret Qualification course making them eligible for assignments with Special Operations Command at Fort Bragg North Carolina.

What does it take physically to qualify for becoming part of Maroons Berets in US army?

The requirements to earn your place among one elite corps like maroons beret include significant physical fitness levels which require intense cardio conditioning, strength exercises to build endurance and stamina, speed drills for agility training as well as developing specific combat skills.

The Airborne physical fitness test (APFT) is the minimum physical standard one needs to achieve. The APFT involves pushups, sit-ups and a two-mile run that must be completed within certain time frames based on age group.

For those who wish to further qualify for special operations roles like Green Berets or Rangers then they'll need to exceed these levels by attending additional courses that focus more on tactical skills in addition maintaining exceptional fitness levels.

What are the different units which include Maroon Berets?

Maroon beret qualified soldiers can be found throughout various units of the US Army including Special Forces Groups (Green Berets), Ranger Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division's 2nd Brigade Combat Team amongst others.

Special Operations Command with its headquarters at Fort Bragg NC provides support for many of these elite organizations by providing specialized equipment such as communications gear or weaponry needed for missions behind enemy lines.

What distinguishes Maroons Burets from other United States Army Paratroopers?

Maroon berets distinguish themselves from other paratroopers in several ways:

  • They have gone through advanced airborne training including low-level static line jumps and free falls
  • They are part of an elite group with unique skill sets that range from reconnaissance missions to direct action raids behind enemy lines.
  • They have shown outstanding performance during their Basic Airborne Course and Advanced Individual Training
  • Their headgear color signifies their distinction within the army hierarchy.

While all paratroopers undergo training required under Basic Airborne Course(BAC), Soldiers designated maroons beret completes an extra week-long course called Jumpmaster School where they learn how supervise jumping operations both inside aircraft & outside during parachute drops. Also after getting into a unit trained soldiers will participate in realistic joint exercises ranging from Jungle Warfare School across Panama Canal Zone to Alaska's Arctic Ranger School.

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