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Maximizing Efficiency: The Benefits of an Extended Mag Release AR-15

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The extended mag release AR-15 is an upgrade that many gun enthusiasts look for when customizing their weapons. This modification enhances the speed and efficiency of magazine changes, making it an important addition for those who use their AR-15s in competition or during high-pressure situations. The extended mag release allows users to quickly drop empty magazines and replace them with full ones, without having to compromise on their grip or sight picture.

When it comes to firearms, every small detail matters – and the extended mag release AR-15 definitely falls into that category. Its design allows for easy manipulation of the magazine catch with just a flick of a finger, which can make all the difference in critical moments where every second counts. For gun owners who prioritize performance over style alone, this modest upgrade can make all the difference between hitting a target and missing it.

If you're someone who values precision shooting or simply wants your firearm to perform at its best possible level – then you might want to dive deeper into what makes this accessory so important! Keep reading as we explore everything there is to know about using an extended mag release AR-15 properly – from installation tips down-to-earth advice on why you should consider one today!

Extended Mag Release AR-15: Upgrading Your Rifle's Performance

If you're an avid shooter, you know that changing the magazine on your rifle quickly and efficiently is key to improving accuracy and performance. That's why many AR-15 owners choose to upgrade their rifles with an extended mag release.

An extended mag release is a simple modification that replaces the standard mag release button on your AR-15 with a larger or longer one. This small change makes it easier for shooters to drop their empty magazines and reload faster, which can be especially crucial in competitive shooting scenarios or self-defense situations.

Benefits of Using an Extended Mag Release

Apart from being able to swap out mags more easily, there are a few other advantages of using an extended mag release in your rifle:

Faster Reloads

One of the main benefits of using this type of upgrade is faster reload time. With the larger button, it’s easier for shooters’ fingers — even when wearing gloves —to hit the switch without having to fumble around looking for it.

Increased Control

Another advantage is better control over how fast one ejects old magazines from their gun. A bigger button provides better leverage than smaller ones do resulting in quicker ejection speed if required.

Improved Comfort

For those who spend long hours at ranges practicing target acquisition as well as rapid fire drills; magnified releases also improves comfort during long periods use thus avoiding hand fatigue due gripping onto small buttons.

Popular Brands Offering Extended Mag Releases

There are various brands available in today’s market offering high-quality extended mag releases for AR-15 rifles:

Brand Description
Strike Industries Offers both aluminum & polymer versions
Aero Precision Simple design making installation process easy
Geissele Automatics Known primarily known precision triggers but extensive line up mags

Each manufacturer has its own unique design and features to consider that fit the specific needs of individual shooters.

Installing an Extended Mag Release

Installing an extended mag release is a relatively simple upgrade, and something that most gun enthusiasts can do themselves with nothing more than a few basic tools.

Before you start installing, ensure your rifle is unloaded and all parts are in good condition. Follow the steps listed below:

  1. Remove the lower receiver from your AR-15
  2. Push out the standard mag release button
  3. Assemble new extended mag release into place
  4. Reassemble lower receiver back into rifle

It's important to note that before installing any aftermarket parts onto your firearm; check local laws to make sure it complies with regulations within area jurisdictions.


In conclusion, upgrading to an extended mag release for your AR-15 can be a quick solution when aiming for quicker reloads during competitive environments or self-protection scenarios.
When choosing which brand suits best according shooting style preferences and budget plays vital role in making right decision.
The installation process could not be simpler; but precautionary measures should always be taken ensuring safety protocol whilst handling firearms.

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What is an extended mag release for the AR-15 and why would I need one?

An extended magazine release, also known as a mag catch or mag button, is a modification to the standard AR-15 rifle that allows for easier and quicker magazine changes. The standard mag release on an AR-15 requires the shooter to break their grip in order to press it and drop the magazine. This can be cumbersome during high-stress situations or competitive shooting events where speed is critical.

The extended mag release extends further out from the receiver of your rifle allowing you to reach it with minimal movement while keeping your trigger hand fully engaged on your firearm's grip, thus enabling quicker reloading times which can give you an advantage over competitors.

In competition shooting such as 3-gun matches or USPSA matches where stages are timed, every second counts so having any edge in terms of time saved will give you leverage over other shooters.

For tactical use by law enforcement officers or military personnel who rely on their guns for self-defense purposes, faster reload times could mean life-saving moments when they are faced with sudden threats.

How do I install an extended mag release onto my AR-15?

Installing an extended magazine releases into your Ar-15 typically doesn't require much technical knowledge nor does it take much time if done correctly. However we strongly recommend seeking help from a licensed gunsmith If this is something new to you.
Here are some basic steps involved:

  1. Unload your firearm: before beginning any modifications ensure that there's no live ammunition present in all chambers of
    your firearm
  2. Remove existing Mag Release Button: Use punch tool along with hammer tap gently towards opposite side pushing existing button out.
  3. Press spring against body.: Once removed slide backplate off and remove old spring carefully without losing tiny pins inside
  4. Install new Mag Release Button: Place new button into allotted slot while holding down spring using jeweler pliers
  5. Reinstall Backplate: Ensure that the spring is installed in the correct direction and reassemble backplate with tiny pins

It's important to note that if you don't feel confident doing this yourself, it's always better to get assistance from an experienced gunsmith.

Can I use any extended mag release button or do I need a specific one for my AR-15?

There are different types of extended mag releases available in the market, and not all of them are compatible with every AR-15 model. Some companies make extended magazine releases specifically for certain models of AR-15s while others make universal ones.

Before purchasing an extended magazine release button, make sure you read up on your rifle's specifics. You can consult your manual or manufacturer website to find out which accessories fit perfectly on their respective rifles.

It's also worth noting that depending on where you live some states have banned modification parts so be sure to check state regulations before making any purchases.

How does an extended mag release affect my accuracy when shooting?

The simple answer is – it doesn't! An Extended Magazine Release has no impact whatsoever on your firearm’s accuracy when shooting. It only impacts how quickly and efficiently shooters can change magazines during high-pressure situations such as competition events or self-defense scenarios.

Accuracy depends mostly upon other factors like good marksmanship skills along with good quality ammunition , proper sighting system etc., These variables remain unaffected by whether there’s an Extended Mag Release Button installed or not

So rest assured knowing that installing a new magazine catch will not impact your firearm's overall performance in terms of firing rounds accurately; instead, it will give you more control over reloading times allowing faster transition between shots!

Are there any downsides to using an Extended Mag Release Button?

While installing a new Mag catch might seem like an excellent idea giving added benefits we must weigh its possible disadvantages too :

Firstly since most people use their trigger finger to actuate the mag release during a magazine change, there is a risk that the shooter might accidentally hit the button while firing. It's crucial to train yourself appropriately so you don't inadvertently press the catch while shooting.

Secondly, it's important to note that some extended mag releases may be incompatible with certain types of magazines or lower receivers. If you purchase an extended magazine release without proper research, this could lead to wasted time and money.

Lastly in some states modifying firearms is illegal by law and can result in fines or imprisonment – it’s essential for anyone considering making such modifications consult their state laws before proceeding.

Overall if used correctly and under proper guidance an Extended Mag Release Button enhances your firearm handling capabilities allowing quicker reloads giving shooters advantages over competitors or threats at hand!

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