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Maximizing Firepower: The Ultimate Guide to Using a Drum Mag AR-15 556

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If you're a gun enthusiast, or someone who follows the latest trends in firearms, then you've likely come across the term "drum mag AR 15 556." This phrase refers to an accessory that is used with the popular AR-15 rifle platform. But what exactly is a drum mag? And why is it so popular among gun owners?

Without giving too much away about this fascinating topic, it's important to first understand some basic concepts. The "AR" in AR-15 stands for "Armalite Rifle," which was the original manufacturer of this firearm back in 1959. Since then, many different companies have produced their own versions of this rifle design, and it has become one of the most widely-used rifles around.

As for what makes a drum mag unique – well, you'll just have to keep reading to find out! In this article we'll delve into all aspects of drum mags for AR-15s chambered in .556mm/.223 caliber rounds. From their history and development to how they work and why they're so useful on the range or during tactical situations – we've got you covered!

Drum Mag AR 15 556: The Ultimate Guide

If you are a gun enthusiast, then you know how important it is to have the right magazine for your firearm. And when it comes to AR-15s, drum magazines are becoming increasingly popular. In this article, we will dive deep into drum mag AR 15 556 and everything you need to know about these magazines.

What is a Drum Magazine?

A drum magazine is a type of high-capacity firearm magazine that can hold more rounds than traditional box magazines. It gets its name from its cylindrical shape and can be made of various materials such as plastic or metal.

Unlike traditional box magazines that sit flush with the rifle's body, drum mags extend below the receiver because they have a large capacity for ammunition storage.

The size and weight of the extended round capacity may not be ideal in all situations; however, if you want more firepower without having to reload frequently during target shooting or tactical engagements, then drum mags might just be what you need.

Why Choose A Drum Mag For Your AR-15?

Drum mags offer several benefits over traditional box magazines:

  1. Extended Ammo Capacity: As mentioned earlier,the most significant advantage of using a drum mag on your AR-15 rifle is its extraordinary ammo capacity. Some models allow shooters to carry up to sixty-rounds in one single load out! This means less time spent reloading during training sessions or shooting competitions.

  2. Reduced Reload Time: With standard thirty-round (30rd) boxes usually used with an ar 556 rifle model requiring frequent mag changes due to limited round capacities; swapping them out at speed requires skill honing – which takes both time & practice under stress conditions like those experienced in actual combat environments or self-defense situations at home!

  3. Enhanced Firepower: Because there's no need for constant reloads often required by smaller-capacity magazines, a drum mag allows you to sustain an uninterrupted stream of suppressive fire for longer periods.

  4. Ideal For Range Usage: Drum mags are perfect for target shooting or range practice sessions because they reduce reloading times and keep shooters focused on their targets.

  5. Tactical Advantages: In tactical situations, such as combat or home defense, having a higher round capacity can provide an advantage that could be the difference between life and death. With the AR-15 being one of the popular firearms in these settings, many gun owners prefer using drum mags to ensure they have enough firepower when needed most.

Types Of Drum Mags

There are several types of drum magazines available for your AR 556 rifle:

  1. Single-Stack Magazines: These drum magazines have a single row where bullets stack up and down. They're usually smaller than double-stack mag models but still offer significant ammunition storage capacities ranging from forty rounds (40rd), fifty (50rd), all the way up to sixty-rounds (60rd).

  2. Double-stack Magazines: Unlike single-stack models with one column stacked bullets lengthwise; double-stacks feature two columns side by side providing more ammo holding capacity compared to single stacks. Their added width is noticeable when attached beneath rifles' receivers but does not affect handling performance significantly since they do not protrude further downwards than other types we've discussed earlier.

3)Quad Stack Magazines: As its name suggests quad stacks hold four rows of cartridges in their cylindrical body! They're larger than both previous magazine types, which means that they might weigh more too – dependent upon what material construction was used during production. They typically come in 60-100 Round Capacities!

Comparing Drum Mags To Traditional Box Mags

Now let's take a look at how these bad boys fair against traditional box mags:

Ammo Capacity

Drum Magazine: Holds more rounds than traditional box magazines. For example, the standard thirty-round (30rd) AR-15 mag versus sixty rounds in a drum mag – that's double the ammo capacity!

Box Magazine: Standard thirty-round capacity is ideal for those who prefer lighter loads or want to move around with less weight.

Reload Time

Drum Magazine: Reduced reload times due to high-ammo capacities which means less time spent changing mags.

Box Magazine: Frequent reloading can hinder your shooting skills and may result in lost opportunities if there are any engagements during combat situations.

Weight & Size

Drum Magazine: Larger size and increased weight make it bulkier than traditional box magazines; however, this isn't always a disadvantage since most shooters mount their rifles on tripods or bipods when engaging targets from afar rather than holding them steady by hand while firing repeatedly.

Box Magazine : Box mags have a lightweight design that makes them perfect for quick movements since they don't weigh down your rifle too much when engaged in combat situations where mobility is key.

Tips To Consider When Using A Drum Mag

  1. Train With It: Spend some time training with your drum magazine before using it at the range or during tactical engagements as there will be slight differences between handling compared to traditional mags. By getting familiarized on how these longer grips work will help you transition better between both types of firearms without causing unnecessary delays like fumbling around trying to reload!

  2. Be Prepared: Always prepare extra ammunition just-in-case as these extended-capacity drums often require more maintenance & cleaning after each use compared – especially so If being used under harsh environments like desert terrain conditions where sand & dust can easily accumulate inside – potentially causing malfunctions mid-use!

3)Choose Wisely: Choose a trusted brand and model for reliability purposes, avoid cheap knock-offs
since they're prone-to-jamming frequently leading to severe malfunctions during use.


Drum Mag AR 15 556 is an excellent investment for those who want more firepower without having to reload frequently. They're perfect for target shooting and range practice sessions as they offer extended ammo capacity, reduced reload time, enhanced firepower, and tactical advantages in combat or home defense situations. With different types of drum mags available on the market today, choosing the right one can be a challenge; thus it's always best to consider factors like weight & size before purchasing any particular model!


What is a drum mag for AR-15 556?

A drum magazine for an AR-15 chambered in 5.56 NATO is a high-capacity ammunition feeding device that can hold up to 100 rounds of ammunition and resembles the shape of a traditional drum. It has become increasingly popular among gun enthusiasts due to its ability to provide higher capacity than traditional magazines, which usually only hold between 10 and 30 rounds.

The unique design of the drum magazine allows it to feed cartridges into the chamber continuously without requiring frequent reloads, making it useful in situations where rapid fire and large shooting volume are required, such as during combat or tactical training exercises.

It's important to note that they're not legal everywhere. Before making any purchase or considering usage, consult federal laws about firearm regulations within your region.

How does a Drum Mag work on an AR-15 .556 rifle?

Drum magazines function by holding more rounds within their rotating cylinder-like construction. When placed inside an AR-15 chambered in .556 NATO caliber, each round feeds into the weapon via gravity from above with each trigger pull until all cartridges have been expended.

When properly loaded with ammunition (usually through individual loading ports), spring tension ensures reliable feeding operations for every shot taken while firing your weapon equipped with this type of magazine.

One downside when using these mags is increased weight and complexity which can lead them being fully loaded longer than other types before needing put down due fatigue.

Are there any benefits over regular mags when using Drum Mags on Ar -15 rifles?

Yes! There are several notable advantages provided by utilizing such magazines over those traditionally designed; including but not limited too:

  1. Increased Capacity: Most standard-capacity rifle magazines range from ten-rounds-to-thirty-rounds depending on make/model/manufacturer/etc., whereas most drums can store up-to one-hundred bullets at once.
  2. Reduced Reload Time: With a higher-capacity magazine, the shooter spends less time reloading and more time shooting on target.
  3. Longer Shooting Duration: The ability to shoot longer periods without interruption of having to reload.
  4. Fun factor- many gun enthusiasts simply enjoy using these high-capacity magazines for their weapon.

Are there any downsides when using Drum Mags on an Ar -15 rifle?

Although there are advantages, it's important to acknowledge their disadvantages such as:

  1. Weight – A fully loaded drum magazine is significantly heavier than traditional magazines which can make your firearm harder to handle especially for those who don't have much experience with firearms.
  2. Malfunction risk – Because of its complex design and the amount of cartridges it holds; the risk of malfunction goes up compared with traditionally designed mags.
  3. Cost – These types of magazines come at a premium compared with regular ones meaning if you're considering purchasing one (or multiple), expect them costly.

With that being said, make sure you have enough practice handling your weapon prior use in real situations or even at a range.

Where can I buy Drum Mags for my AR-15 556?

Nowadays, purchasing firearm parts and accessories is relatively common both in-store or online depending where you live in certain regions.

Websites like offer extensive product catalogs ranging from OEM factory parts all-the-way-to after-market custom components and accessories including drum mag options chambered-in .556 NATO caliber among other calibers as well! Additionally popular retailers like Magpul are known within this industry too!

Prior purchase just remember depending where you live certain regulations may apply so consult local laws beforehand just be safe than sorry!

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