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Original US Army Dog Tags: A Historic Symbol of Military Identity

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Original US Army dog tags are an essential part of military history. These metallic rectangular pieces are considered a critical identification tool by the United States Armed Forces, and they play an important role in preserving memories of soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the country.

Military dog tags have undergone various changes since their inception during World War I, but these iconic symbols remain an integral aspect of modern warfare. Today, they consist of two identical pieces that contain essential information such as name, blood type, and religious preference. They serve as a crucial link between soldiers and medical staff during emergencies when immediate medical treatment is needed.

Are you interested in learning more about original US Army dog tags? If so, continue reading this article to discover how these small metal plates have become such a significant symbol for American soldiers over the years.

Original US Army Dog Tags: A Symbol of Service and Identity

If you are a military enthusiast, then you know how important it is to preserve the rich history of the United States Armed Forces. One iconic symbol that represents this legacy is the original US Army dog tags.

These small metal plates contain critical information about soldiers, including their name, Social Security number, blood type, and religion. The use of dog tags dates back to World War I when personal identification became essential in ensuring timely medical treatment on battlefields.

In this article, we dive into everything there is to know about original US Army dog tags. From their history and design to their significance today.

History of Dog Tags

The first use of dog tags can be traced back over 100 years ago during World War I when troops needed a way for quick identification on battlefields. These early versions were made from aluminum or silver and contained basic information such as name and rank.

However, it wasn't until World War II that standardized issued dog tags with specific categories like date of birth were introduced by the U.S government under regulation AR 40-75 in March 1941. Since then every service member has been required by law to wear them at all times while deployed overseas in areas such as war zones or contingency operations even up until today's modern era where technology has advanced so much further than our oldest wars would have ever believed possible at that time!

What Are Original US Army Dog Tags Made Of?

The materials used for original US army dogtags include stainless steel or nickel-plated brass which makes them resistant against rusting due to exposure moisture (blood) making them ideal for combat conditions where soldiers are exposed constantly wet environments like jungles or swamps – these elements can quickly deteriorate other metals like aluminum which was used earlier but not anymore since WW2-era regulations took effect making corrosion-resistant stainless steel mandatory instead!

Another advantage with these materials is that they are lightweight which makes them easier to wear around the neck all day without causing discomfort or fatigue.

What Information is on Original US Army Dog Tags?

The information contained on original US army dog tags remains the same as it did during WW2 – The following categories are printed onto each tag:

  • Name
  • Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Branch of Service and Blood Type

This crucial information would help identify soldiers in case of injury, death or when a soldier was missing. Religion used to be part of the information included but this was dropped from military dog tags after WWII due to concerns that enemy forces could use religious affiliation against captured American soldiers.

How Are Original US Army Dog Tags Worn?

Original US army dogtags come in pairs with one tag attached by a chain around your neck while you keep the second chained near your body at all times. The reason for having two identical plates is so that if one gets lost or damaged then there will always be another available for identification purposes.

Over time, many different styles and designs have been created – including black silencers which soften any noise made by metal hitting metal while moving about — these were introduced during Vietnam War-era specifically for stealth operations since noise can easily give away location compromising an entire mission even before it begins!

Why Are Original US Army Dog Tags So Important Today?

The tradition of wearing original us army dog tags has not faded away even though technology has advanced significantly over time. In fact, most members still prefer having their own set as a reminder and symbolizes their service history.

These small pieces of metal carry stories about every soldier who wore them into harm's way throughout history; from World War I up until now where they serve as reminders what our country stands and fights for daily – freedom & democracy!

Additionally, Children might appreciate owning something tangible connected with their family members who served in military conflicts overseas especially if those relatives never made it back home.


Original US army dog tags remain a powerful symbol of service and identity. These small plates of metal contain important information about soldiers while serving as a reminder to the sacrifices made by those who served in our armed forces.

Whether you are a collector or just curious about military history, understanding the significance and history behind original US Army dog tags will allow you to appreciate their value even more.


What are original US Army dog tags?

Original US Army dog tags are identification tags that have been used by the United States military since World War I. The purpose of these tags is to identify soldiers who have been killed or injured in combat, so their families can be notified. The first set of dog tags was made from aluminum and included basic information such as name, rank, serial number, and branch of service.

Today's modern military dog tag system has evolved over time with changes made to the format and material used. However, they still serve the same purpose – to provide important identification information for members of the military.

If you're interested in owning a piece of American history or want a unique gift for a collector or veteran friend/family member; purchasing an original set could make an excellent choice.

How do I know if my army dog tag is authentic?

There are several ways to determine if your army dog tag is authentic:

  1. Look at its characteristics-There were slight variations between different periods/branches/soldiers which collectors use as guides when verifying authenticity.
  2. Check its weight- Originals were heavier than most replicas because they were typically stamped out rather than cast.
  3. Consider engravings- Hand-stamped engraving on originals may not always be perfect like machine-made ones seen on replicas.
  4. Inspect corrosion-A certain degree can indicate age but significant rust/corrosion will likely mean it's fake

Bear in mind that there are many reproductions available that attempt to replicate originals' appearances closely (some better than others), so being vigilant before buying one could save you from wasting your money on a fake!

Can civilians purchase original US Army Dog Tags?

Yes! Civilians can purchase real-deal U.S army Dog Tags through online auctions/sites dealing with vintage militaria dealers/brokers/vendors etc., who specialize in selling war memorabilia items among other things. These tags are a historical item and may be bought as souvenirs, collectibles, or gifts.

However, it is important to note that purchasing items which were originally issued to military personnel without their permission may be considered illegal in some jurisdictions- so checking local laws & regulations prior would be wise.

What information is included on an original US Army Dog Tag?

Original US Army dog tags typically include the following information:

  1. Name (last name followed by first name and middle initial)
  2. Service number
  3. Blood type
  4. Religious preference

Some variations have been seen where other details such as Branch of service (e.g., Army /Navy), Tetanus inoculation dates or even medical conditions might feature too.

The reason behind listing blood type was so hospitals could quickly carry out transfusions if needed during times when there were no electronic records available for soldiers.

It's worth noting that these details – particularly religious preference- could differ over periods/branches of service/personal preferences etc.

What makes original US Army Dog Tags unique?

Original U.S army dog tags are unique because they serve as a link to history while also holding great personal significance for those who served our country in difficult times.

In addition, each tag contains specific identifying information about the soldier wearing them and acts as a connection between individual soldiers and their families back home; therefore providing relief knowing that should something happen on duty- they will always find themselves identified properly.

Furthermore: As time has gone by since its inception during WWI till now -original dog tags have undergone numerous modifications/changes over time to adapt with modern warfare needs while still retaining its core purpose serving those brave men/women who serve this nation bravely!

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