31 Jan '13, 7pm

@fredrikschulte baserar sin uppfattning om #SvFM på data som tillhör krigshistorik ej #föpol

The values showcased below are all considered for the final GFP ranking recognized as the "Power Index" (abbrv: "PwrIndx"). Several values (not shown nor disclosed) are added into the GFP formula to determine exact placement in the final GFP ranking. PwrIndx scores are judged on a perfect value of "0.0000" with the United States leading the way with a PwrIndx score of "0.2461". Bonuses and penalties are added to each nation as needed while landlocked countries (ex: Austria) are not penalized for lack of a standing

Full article: http://www.globalfirepower.com/country-military-strength-...