16 May '18, 12am

Immigration officials release Army chaplain’s husband facing deportation https://t.co/hSEquiC2Xm

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has granted a reprieve to allow a Fort Bragg Army chaplain’s husband, who was facing imminent deportation, to remain in country, their attorney said Tuesday. Sergio Avila-Rodriguez, the husband of Chaplain Tim Brown, an Army officer, was taken into custody by ICE on May 10 and Brown was notified he was going to be deported to his native Honduras, North Carolina TV station WRAL reported . At the time ICE cited Avila-Rodriguez’s initial illegal entry at the age of 7 and a subsequent driving while intoxicated conviction in 2015 as reason for removal, it told WRAL in a statement. Mattis: Services looking into military spouse deportations The secretary of defense wants to hear from units about how they are affected by fears of deportation. By: Tara Copp On Monday, however, ICE decided to release Avila-Rodriguez and allow him to continue ...

Full article: https://www.militarytimes.com/news/your-military/2018/05/...


Swedish army goat

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U.S. Soldiers Train Nigerian Army Troops

U.S. Soldiers Train Nigerian Army Troops

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Walking off the plane here, the air hits you like hot fumes from an open oven. Going south, the equator is a short bus rid...