29 Oct '13, 5pm

Today in #USNavy history USS Fulton, the 1st American steam powered warship, was launched

, a 2455-ton (1450 tons displacement) center-wheel steam battery, was built at New York City to a design prepared by Robert Fulton, who called her "Demologos". Intended as a heavily-armed and stoutly-built mobile fort for local defense, she was launched in late October 1814, while the War of 1812 was still underway. The ship was completed in 1815 as Fulton , named in honor of her designer, who had died in February of that year. After running trials under steam power, she was delivered to the Navy in June 1816. Other than a single day of active service a year later, when she carried President James Monroe on a cruise in New York Harbor, Fulton was laid up or, after 1825, employed as a floating barracks at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. She was destroyed by a gunpowder explosion on 4 June 1829. Sometimes called "Fulton the First", she was the first steam-powered vessel built for th...

Full article: http://www.history.navy.mil/photos/sh-usn/usnsh-f/fulton.htm