29 Jan '14, 7am

Hindus and Sikhs paid for their ‘sins’ during 1984 riots – Salman Khurshid via @defencepk

Rig Vedic said: ↑ Please leave Hindus out of this. This was an issue between the Sikhs and the Congress mobs, which were lead by non-Hindus like Jagdish Tytler. Hindu organizations like the RSS did do their best to save Sikhs from Congress mobs. Click to expand... Thank you for posting that ....its always been the RSS and later BJP that have protected Dharmic religions since 1947, some times even from itself. This protection and help has been there during both natural and unnatural calamities. It was 'secular' congressmen and their christian leaders who set up the massacre of sikhs in 1984 or recent Attack on Assamese in other parts of India. Salman Krushid as a muslim leader has clearly mentioned that his constituents i.e. the Indian muslims got satisfaction from the killing of Hindus and Sikhs. There is nothing 'out of context' here.

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