27 Oct '14, 3pm

New directive defines expanded authorities of DoD Intelligence UnderSec (Vickers)

On October 24, the Pentagon issued an updated version of DoD Directive 5143.01 defining the role of the Under Secretary of Defense (Intelligence), the Department’s principal intelligence advisor and manager of military intelligence programs. The new directive is about 30% longer than the 2005 version that it replaces. The differences between the two directives reflect changes in the global environment as well as in the intelligence mission, and in the role of the USD(I) in particular. Cybersecurity. Insider threats. Unauthorized disclosures of classified information. Biometrics. None of these terms and none of these issues were even mentioned in the 2005 edition of the DoD intelligence directive. But all of them and more are now part of the expanded portfolio of authorities and responsibilities of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, who also serves as Director...

Full article: http://fas.org/blogs/secrecy/2014/10/usdi-directive/