30 Nov '15, 9pm

EUCOM lifts travel restrictions on Paris, Brussells https://t.co/ZWWFHixFYe

EUCOM lifts travel restrictions on Paris, Brussels The U.S. European Command has lifted the travel restrictions for Paris and Brussels that were imposed in the wake of recent Islamic State terrorist attacks in those cities, defense officials said. Check out this story on Militarytimes.com: http://militari.ly/1HAZJgj

Full article: http://www.militarytimes.com/story/military/2015/11/30/eu...


WILLER会員 300万人突破キャンペーン https://t.co/ox8sktDYTM

travel.willer.co.jp 02 Dec '15, 1am

東京⇔大阪2,800円〜などWILLER EXPRESSの高速バス全路線をSALE価格 で販売! ※12/9・12/10・12/11に分けて午前11:00に販売開始