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Great. so pleased for Carl Carl Prine Wins National Award for Military Series: By: Dave

Carl Prine, a Tribune-Review investigative reporter, has won the 2012 Joseph Galloway Award for Distinguished Reporting on the military from the national Military Reporters & Editors organization. Prine, 45, won the prestigious award for “Wounded Warriors,” a series of stories in February 2011 that detailed inadequate care given wounded U.S. troops returning home from Afghanistan and Iraq at about three dozen Warrior Transition Units nationwide. Based on nine months of investigation, the series revealed shoddy facilities; bureaucratic red tape in providing mental health and medical care; officials evading responsibility for problems with delivering care; and expenditures of money on useless clothing and high-end office space. Prine, a Marine and Army veteran, last month received the national American Legion Award in Indianapolis for the series. Trib photographer Justin Mer...

Full article: http://smallwarsjournal.com/blog/carl-prine-wins-national...


Dr. Mahathir wins the Rafik Hariri Award

Dr. Mahathir wins the Rafik Hariri Award

dinmerican.wordpress.com 29 Sep '12, 2pm

Dr. Mahathir wins the Rafik Hariri Award for Leadership, Statesmanship, and Good Governance by [email protected] NEW ...

RIP Capt Carl Manley, RM.

mod.uk 26 Sep '12, 10am

He died at Bagram Air Force Base from what are believed to be natural causes. Captain Manley, aged 41, was a Royal Marines...

7400 Series IC 7402

7400 Series IC 7402

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