30 May '16, 7pm

Zack Matthews & @QuentinGainz on #ActiveDuty | 100% #MILITARY #STUD! 50%OFF or 3 Days for $1

Zack Matthews & @QuentinGainz on #ActiveDuty | 100% #MILITARY #STUD! 50%OFF or 3 Days for $1

I can tell you right off the bat that this one's goin' down in the books! It's just about as hot as it gets when you have veteran squad leader, Quentin Gainz, paired up with a more recent favorite, Zack Matthews. Once Claude gives the go-ahead, the boys spend a couple minutes loosening up and fattening their cocks. Once the clothes come off, Zack takes initiative and leans over for a mouthful of Quentin's beautiful dick. We know Quentin and we know that when he gets the urge to suck cock, there ain't nothin' stopping him. After a few minutes, Quentin already wants to switch in order to get Zack's throbbing dong between his lips. The guys move naturally into some passionate, slow-and-deep kissing. Gosh, these guys know how to smooch! This is something we get to see multiple times here, and each time they kiss seems to be more sensuous. Well this turns out to be too much exc...

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Video: Cerys Matthews Records Music Video Inside Electric Cars

Video: Cerys Matthews Records Music Video Insid...

electriccarsreport.com 29 May '16, 7am

Electric cars are so refined and quiet, you can record a song in one. Cerys Matthews’ new song Float On Down To Monte Carl...