18 Jun '16, 5pm

نشرت هذه الخطة في الدورية العلمية للقوات المسلحة الأمريكية https://t.co/F8OQAjqM3f ولكي يتمكنوا من إشعال هذه

It seems more practical and less of a terrible bloodshed that Kurds gain autonomous status in each of Turkey, Irak and Iran, preserving their culture and national specificities. I don't know why Mr Peters is so soft on Israel, it is universally known that the expansionist belligerent state of Israel is at the root cause of the injustice and expropriation of the Palestinian People. The Bible counts do not objectively legitimize the theft of Palestinian Land, and should not, However Mr Peters recommendation for an Israeli withdrawal to 1967 frontiers is positive. I do not find appropriate to strip Syria of the coast band, leaving a great Nation without reach to the Mediterranean and give this coastal strip to Lebanon who already have a 200 Km sea front, and given that majority of Lebanon Mouhafazats were historically attached to Syria and Palestine. I am surprised that the A...

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