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US should stop being manipulated by Pakistan: ex-Pentagon official

US should stop being manipulated by Pakistan: ex-Pentagon official

The US should stop being manipulated by Pakistan and cease all military and financial aid to the country, a former top Pentagon official has said. "As the first step, the Trump administration should suspend Pakistan's non-NATO ally status and cease military aid and assistance payments," Christopher D Kolenda, a Pentagon senior advisor from 2009-2014, said in an op-ed highlighting the Pakistan policy of duplicity in Afghanistan. "Let's stop being manipulated by Pakistan. It's time for the United States to restore dignity in its relationship with Pakistan," he said in the opinion piece published in The Hill. "The United States should be prepared to add more penalties if necessary," he said. "These actions will not compel Pakistan to turn against the Afghan Taliban," he added. Kolenda is currently an adjunct senior fellow at CNAS and a senior fellow at the Center for Global P...

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