30 Dec '12, 8pm


« Quick Suggestions on Buying an AR | Main | At last -- a mixer for your breakfast snort [CharlieBrown'sDildo] » December 30, 2012 Harry Reid, We're "Real Close" To Just Throwing In The Towel. McConnell: Maybe Joe Biden Can Help UPDATE: Senate GOP Cave On Chained CPI Why would anyone think Reid and Obama want a deal ? They are on the verge of total victory. The GOP's only messaging argument is, the Democrats are meanies . Mitch McConnell has a brillialnt idea! Call Joe Bidden for help . McConnell came to the Senate floor and announced he’d reached out directly to the White House for help shortly after Democratic aides said negotiations between McConnell (R-Ky.) and Reid (D-Nev.) had suffered a “major setback.” Reid said he was stepping back from the talks to allow McConnell and Biden to work. In his floor remarks, McConnell said he had delivered his latest offer to Democra...

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