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Red Dot Sights for AR 15: The Ultimate Guide

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Red dot sights for AR 15 are becoming increasingly popular among gun enthusiasts and hunters alike. These small but sophisticated devices make aiming and shooting at targets much easier, especially in low-light conditions.

If you're unfamiliar with red dot sights, they are essentially optical sighting systems that project a red dot onto a lens. This enables the shooter to aim quickly and accurately without having to align traditional iron sights or magnified scopes. Red dot sights also offer an unlimited field of view, allowing the user to maintain situational awareness while aiming at their target.

Whether you're using your AR 15 for hunting or tactical purposes, adding a red dot sight can greatly enhance your accuracy and overall shooting experience. In this article, we'll dive deeper into how these devices work, their benefits over other types of sighting systems on the market today, as well as provide recommendations on some of the best brands available in the market today. Keep reading to learn more!

Red Dot Sights For AR 15: A Comprehensive Guide

If you're an enthusiast of guns, specifically the AR-15 rifle, you'll know that its accuracy and precision are crucial when it comes to shooting. To achieve this perfection in hitting your target accurately and consistently, choosing the right sight is a must-have.

One such type of sight is a red dot sight. As the name suggests, it projects a small red dot on the target that works as an indicator for aiming. In this article, we will dive deep into everything there is to know about red dot sights for AR 15s.

What Is A Red Dot Sight?

A Red Dot Sight (RDS) uses an LED or laser technology to produce an illuminated reticle that's easy-to-see even in low-light situations. This type of optic can be used with both eyes open and provides fast targeting since aiming essentially requires just putting the illuminated reticle on your target.

Unlike other traditional optics like iron sights or scopes which have multiple markings and complexities involved while sighting your targets; RDS's simplified designs make them very user-friendly without compromising accuracy.

How Does It Work?

An RDS projects a small LED-generated light onto glass near your eye. The glass then reflects this light back towards you along with any images behind it creating what appears as a floating bright spot on top of what you're looking at through it – whether that's another room or downrange towards targets!

You simply look through its lens housing until this spot lines up over where bullets should go if fired correctly – at which point pull trigger confidently because now all firing angles are accounted for thanks solely due only these simple yet effective tools called "red dots"!

Benefits Of Using An RDS

There are several advantages to using an RDS:

  1. Speed & Accuracy: One significant advantage of using these types of optics is their speed when acquiring targets quickly while maintaining a high degree of accuracy. The illuminated red dot offers fast target acquisition, allowing for quick and accurate shots.

  2. Versatility: Red Dot Sights are versatile and can be used in all types of shooting scenarios. Whether you're hunting, shooting at the range or engaging targets in close quarters, an RDS will provide you with speed and precision ease.

  3. Easy to Use: RDS's simplicity makes them very user-friendly regardless of experience level or skill set. No matter if you’re a beginner shooter or seasoned professional; it’s easy to learn how to use one effectively!

Types Of Red Dot Sights

When it comes down to choosing an RDS for your AR-15 rifle, there are several different options available on the market today:

  1. Tube style sights – Often more durable than open ones due their more enclosed body construction but may have limited field-of-view (FOV);
  2. Open style sights – These offer larger FOVs while potentially sacrificing durability;
  3. Compact/miniature size sights – These smaller models offer light-weight designs that make them ideal options for your lightweight build;
  4. Reflex sight – This type reflects a reticle onto curved glass making targets easier even at extreme angles.

How To Choose The Right One For You?

Choosing the right red dot sight depends on many factors such as budget, usage scenarios, personal preferences amongst others. Here are some key things that should help guide you through this process:

  1. Price Point: While generally cheaper than other optics like scopes; prices vary based upon quality tiers from entry-level budget-conscious models up through premium grade brands;

  2. Reticle Type & Size: Different reticles suit different purposes so decide between open circle dots vs solid dots before making final decision;

3). Battery Life : Depending upon frequency length required duty cycles some battery life considerations include simple replacement batteries versus rechargeable ones which could save costs long term;

  1. Mounting Options: While various mounting options exist, it’s a good idea to double-check compatibility with your AR-15 before purchasing.


In conclusion, choosing the right red dot sight for your AR 15 rifle is crucial in attaining accuracy and precision. Red Dot sights offer speed, versatility, simplicity of use, and can be used in all shooting scenarios. With so many options available on the market today; take time researching what factors you prioritize most such as price point/type/size/battery life/mounting options etc., then choose accordingly!


What are red dot sights for AR-15?

Red dot sights for AR-15 is a type of optic that provides a bright, illuminated reticle to help shooters aim at their target quickly and accurately. The sight works by projecting an LED or laser-generated image onto the lens, allowing users to place the reticle directly on the target. This feature makes it easier for shooters to acquire targets quickly in low light conditions or fast-moving scenarios.

The primary advantage of using red dot sights on an AR-15 is its speed and accuracy over iron sights. Red dots provide a non-magnified view of your target while maintaining both eyes open, giving you better awareness of your surroundings and quick transition from one target to another.

When selecting a red-dot sight, there are various factors that you should consider such as durability, battery life, precision adjustment controls among other things. Look out for brands with proven track records such as Trijicon ACOG or EOTech HOLOgraphic Sights which have been used by military personnel worldwide.

What is MOA?

MOA (Minute Of Angle) refers to how far apart two points will be at 100 yards distance from each other relative angle measurement expressed in fractions e.g., 1/4 MOA (or .25 inches). In simpler terms; if you adjust the sighting system so that it moves one inch per click at 100 yards – it equates to four clicks being equaling one minute-of-angle adjustment (.25" per click).

Most scopes have windage (horizontal) and elevation (vertical) adjustments measured in minutes-of-angle increments; hence why understanding this concept is vital when making scope adjustments particularly when zeroing-in your rifle.

Why should I choose Red Dot Sights over Iron Sights?

Red Dot Sights offer numerous benefits over iron sights like increased speed targeting acquisition due primarily because they use simple reticles coupled with superior battery life. Red dots also have a better field of view with both eyes open, making it easier to track moving targets.

Another significant advantage is that they allow for faster target acquisition in low-light conditions, reducing the likelihood of missing your target due to poor sight visibility and light transmission. In simple terms – red dot sights will help you shoot more accurately and with greater speed.

Finally, if you're often shooting at distances beyond 50 yards or so (which many AR-15 owners are), it's essential to invest in good quality optics like red dot sights as they can improve your accuracy by allowing for precise windage and elevation adjustments.

What type of Red Dot Sight should I choose?

Choosing the best red dot sight depends on several factors like intended use criteria such as budget, reticle options available, durability among other things.

When selecting an optic for your AR-15 rifle consider choosing from reputable brands such as Aimpoint PRO or Vortex Crossfire II which offer excellent battery life coupled with durable construction. You'll want a model that offers enough brightness settings to enable easy adjustment between different lighting scenarios.

An adjustable brightness level is particularly important since most shooters operate under varying weather conditions where light intensity changes – having control over reticle illumination ensures maximum performance regardless of external factors.

Do I need a Magnifier when using Red Dot Sights?

The answer varies depending on how much precision shooting you plan on undertaking; generally speaking magnifiers aren't necessary because most high-quality red dot sights are already pretty precise when zeroed-in correctly.

However some users prefer magnifiers attachments which amplify their range capabilities especially when taking long-range shots beyond 200 yards distance where precision becomes crucially important.

If this sounds like something up your alley then investing in an affordable magnifier attachment may be worth considering although not necessary especially if cost is an issue.

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