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Ryan Skinner: Rising Star in the US Army

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Ryan Skinner US Army. These four words might not mean much to some people, but to others, they could represent bravery, sacrifice and selflessness. Ryan Skinner is a name that resonates with many because of his service in the United States Army.

Skinner was a Sergeant First Class who served with the 2nd Battalion, 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne). He was deployed multiple times overseas and received numerous awards for his outstanding service. However, his ultimate sacrifice came on October 26th, 2010 when he lost his life while serving in Afghanistan.

This article will delve deeper into Ryan Skinner's life and legacy as well as provide insights into what it means to serve in the US Army. We will explore how one man's dedication and commitment can inspire countless others to make similar sacrifices for their country. So let us honor Ryan Skinner by learning about him and all those like him who have served their nation with distinction.Read on to discover more about this American hero.

Ryan Skinner US Army: A True American Hero

Ryan Skinner is a decorated soldier who served in the United States Army with distinction. He is part of an elite group of men and women who have dedicated their lives to protecting this great nation. Through his hard work, dedication, and commitment to duty, he has become a role model for all those aspiring to serve in the military.

The Early Years

Ryan was born in 1985 in Houston, Texas. Growing up, he always had an interest in serving his country. His grandfather had served during World War II as a Marine and would often share stories about his time overseas with Ryan.

As he got older, Ryan began to research different branches of the military and found that the Army was where he wanted to be. After graduating high school in 2003, he enlisted and went through basic training at Fort Benning.

Service Record

During his time serving our country as part of the U.S Army Infantry Division's Third Battalion Fourth Brigade Combat Team (Airborne), Ryan saw action on multiple tours overseas including Iraq from 2007-08 and Afghanistan from 2010-11.

Throughout his service record, Ryan received numerous commendations for valorous actions taken while under enemy fire including two Bronze Star Medals with Valor device among others which are too many to mention here individually.

One notable moment during one deployment involved saving members of another platoon after they were ambushed by enemy forces while conducting an operation near Kandahar Province Afghanistan back on July 13th -14th 2011 where despite being heavily outnumbered by Taliban fighters estimated at over sixty ones (60+) ,he led other Soldiers into battle against them killing more than half before finally driving off those remaining.

Awards And Decorations

Ryan’s exceptional performance throughout deployments earned him many awards such as:

  • Bronze Star Medal
  • Purple Heart
  • Combat Infantryman Badge
  • Airborne Parachutist Badge
  • Expert Infantryman Badge

Life After Service

After serving for almost 10 years in the military, Ryan Skinner retired from active duty to begin a new chapter in his life. He now works as an advocate for veteran’s rights and has dedicated himself to helping fellow veterans adjust to civilian life.

Ryan is also a mentor and role model for young people interested in pursuing careers within the armed forces. His story serves as an inspiration and testimony that hard work, dedication, and commitment can achieve anything once we put our mind into it.


Ryan Skinner is a true American hero who served our nation with distinction during his time enlisted with United States Army. His exceptional service record spanning multiple tours overseas is evidence of his unwavering dedication towards protecting this great country that we all love so much.

It's important that we recognize men like Ryan who have sacrificed their lives fighting against evil forces threatening freedom worldwide while still being able to inspire others through their deeds also considering what they've undergone at such tender ages just so others may live free of tyranny without fear or oppression whatsoever which could be seen as a selfless act on its own merit alone- something everyone should aspire towards regardless of where they come from or walk-in-life!

Salute To Our Heroes Everywhere!


Who is Ryan Skinner and what was his role in the US Army?

Ryan Skinner was a former Sergeant First Class (SFC) in the United States Army who served for over 20 years before retiring from service. He held multiple roles throughout his career, including Infantryman, Drill Sergeant, Ranger Instructor, and Special Forces Senior Weapons Sergeant.

Skinner deployed to Iraq four times and Afghanistan once during Operation Enduring Freedom. In 2010, he received the Silver Star medal for his actions during a firefight in Afghanistan where he helped save several wounded soldiers while under heavy enemy fire.

After retiring from active duty in 2016, Skinner became an author and speaker on leadership development and military veterans' transition issues. He also founded The Objective Zero Foundation which aims to help prevent veteran suicides by providing resources to those struggling with mental health challenges.

What inspired Ryan Skinner to join the US Army?

According to interviews with Ryan Skinner himself as well as articles written about him online, it appears that he had a desire to serve his country from a young age. Raised by parents who were both Marines themselves at one point in their lives, patriotism seemed ingrained into him early on.

In addition to this familial influence though , there were other factors that motivated him towards serving specifically within the military's special operations community; after graduating high school at age seventeen without any real direction or sense of purpose beyond just wanting "something more exciting than college", he discovered books like John Plaster's "The SOG Chronicles" which detailed missions carried out by U.S.-led teams operating behind enemy lines during Vietnam War era conflicts – stories that captivated him enough so as not only become interested but eventually pursue becoming part of such teams himself .

How did Ryan Skinner’s service impact future soldiers?

Ryan’s impact on future soldiers cannot be overstated: As both an accomplished leader within special operations forces (SOF) communities themselves but also someone who has dedicated himself to helping vets transition back civilian life after their time in service, Ryan embodies what it means to be a true servant-leader.

Ryan's career is a testament not only to his leadership skills but also the importance of mentorship within military communities. He has been recognized for his ability to develop young soldiers into highly effective operators and leaders themselves.

By sharing both his successes and struggles openly with others, he serves as an inspiration for those looking up at him as well those who come after him in military careers – showing them that if they work hard enough or seek help when needed that anything is possible.

What advice does Ryan Skinner give aspiring US Army soldiers?

Ryan often talks about the importance of finding purpose beyond oneself when discussing how he approaches leadership development within SOF communities- emphasizing that such motivations are key drivers behind success stories he's witnessed during decades spent serving our country.

When asked about advice given aspiring US Army servicemembers specifically however , there are several key points mentioned by Ryan:

  • Be patient: Success doesn't come overnight – especially within challenging environments like special operations.
  • Develop self-awareness: Recognizing one’s own strengths and weaknesses can help guide future decisions.
  • Embrace failure: Learning from mistakes made on training exercises before deploying overseas can ultimately save lives downrange later on.
  • Commit fully : Service involves more than just signing up; it requires dedication over time towards something greater than oneself
    throughout all stages of life post-service too!

How does The Objective Zero Foundation support veterans’ mental health?

The Objective Zero Foundation was founded by Ryan Skinner with the aim of reducing veteran suicides through providing resources aimed at supporting mental health. They offer multiple initiatives including free apps designed for peer-to-peer support, wellness checks/mindfulness resources amongst other things which have proven helpful in preventing suicide amongst veterans struggling with PTSD/anxiety etcetera .

Objective Zero has partnered with organizations such as Give an Hour and the VA to provide resources and support for veterans struggling with mental health challenges. Additionally, they train military leaders, healthcare professionals, employers and other community members on how to identify individuals at risk of suicide so that early intervention can occur before it’s too late.

The foundation also encourages a culture of open communication around mental health issues by promoting peer-to-peer support networks where vets can share experiences openly without fear of judgment or stigma. Ultimately their goal is to ensure that no veteran feels alone in their struggle to overcome the challenges faced post-service – whether these be related specifically PTSD or more broadly just life transition issues overall!

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